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  • VOA Special English 节目安排表

    2009-02-19 所属栏目:英语听力

    VOA听力收听地址: http://www.hxen.com/englishlistening/voaenglish/REPORT(前)及FEATURE(后)每天内容安排:周一:Development Report(发展报道)/ This Is America (今日美国)周二:Agriculture Report(农

  • VOA Special English 节目简介

    2009-02-19 所属栏目:英语听力

    美国之音(以下称VOA)的英语节目,按播音速度可分为两种:Standard English (标准英语)和 Special English(特别英语)。Special English 又叫“慢速英语”,是VOA 专为全世界非英语国家初学英语的听众安排的一种

  • 典型英语面试应对方法

    2009-02-18 所属栏目:求职英语

    "work experience" is the type of work you've done in the past. If you haven't started working yet you can say "Right now I'm still a student." or "I'm a recent grad and Ihaven't started working y

  • 如何巧妙询问面试结果?

    2009-02-18 所属栏目:求职英语

    每个求职者在面试过后,都希望能尽快知道自己是否被录用。但是如果迟迟没有得到结果,那么最好就要打个电话过去问问清楚了。I’m just calling to follow up on the status of the Personnel Manager.

  • 如何利用网络进行英语学习?

    2009-02-18 所属栏目:英语学习方法

    互联网的确为英语学习提供了很多方便,但是互联网的时代也是个信息爆炸的时代,我们到底应该怎么使用互联网来更好的学习英语呢?* 首先要记住,学习一门语言是个渐进的过程,不可能一夜学成。* 尽早确定你学习的客观

  • 究竟要听多少英语听力材料?

    2009-02-12 所属栏目:英语听力

    量的问题-听多少才够? 听写系统使用教程新闻词汇天天学[听写攻略] 十大方法听懂英语新闻


  • 如何提高英语学习效率?

    2009-02-12 所属栏目:英语学习方法

    许多英语学习者都有一个同感:当学习达到一定程度后,要再上一个层次似乎变得非常困难,常有一种事倍功半的感觉,而且,不同英语水平的人要“更上” 不同的“一层楼”时,都会遇到这个具有共性的问题。究其原因,没有

  • Million dollar baby《百万美元宝贝》精讲之三

    2009-02-11 所属栏目:看电影学英语

    Download影片对白Frankie Dunn: Yeah, I know, Hogan. Your guy's the champ, so we don't split fifties. But if I don't see 40%... Look, you call me back when it's 60-40, or don't call me back at all.

  • Million dollar baby《百万美元宝贝》精讲之二

    2009-02-11 所属栏目:看电影学英语

    Download影片对白Priest: Bye.Woman: Goodbye.Frankie Dunn: Hey, Father, that was a great sermon. Made me weep.Priest: What's confusing you this week?Frankie Dunn: Oh, it's the same old one God, three

  • Million dollar baby《百万美元宝贝》精讲之一

    2009-02-11 所属栏目:看电影学英语

    Download影片对白Crowd: You got him! You got him!Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris (Voice-over): Only ever met one man I wouldn't want to fight.Man: I can't stop that.Frankie Dunn: Here. Get out of here, you u

  • The princess diaries《公主日记》1 精讲之六

    2009-02-11 所属栏目:看电影学英语

    Download影片对白CLARISSE: I've been thinking about it a great deal and the truth is I think you'd make a very fine princess. You know, people think princesses are supposed to wear tiaras, marry the

  • The princess diaries《公主日记》1 精讲之五

    2009-02-11 所属栏目:看电影学英语

    Download影片对白 SUKI: It was just last night that San Francisco's own little princess partied at the beach but what started out as innocent fun soon turned into allegedly too much fun. This is Suk

  • The princess diaries《公主日记》1 精讲之四

    2009-02-11 所属栏目:看电影学英语

    Download影片对白 GUPTA: The phone's ringing off the hook.MIA: What?! Oh!O'CONNELL: Mia, your mother's on her way.GUPTA: Gupta. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. The queen is coming to Grove High School.SUK

  • The princess diaries《公主日记》1 精讲之三

    2009-02-11 所属栏目:看电影学英语

    影片对白 MICHAEL: Lilly, the car's here!LILLY: I’m coming!MICHAEL: Thanks for the ride. Thank you.MIA: Hey. What?LILLY: Michael, don't always think you can get a ride with us so- Oy. Who destroyed

  • The princess diaries《公主日记》1 精讲之二

    2009-02-11 所属栏目:看电影学英语

    Download影片对白CHARLOTTE: Miss Amelia, welcome.MIA: Hi.CHARLOTTE: Straight ahead to your left. Her Majesty is ready for you in the library.CLARISSE: Charlotte, take notes, will you? Amelia, circle sl

  • The princess diaries《公主日记》1 精讲之一

    2009-02-11 所属栏目:看电影学英语

    Download影片对白SPEAKER: School tours are on Saturday, young lady.MIA: I'm here for a meeting with my grandmother.SPEAKER: Name?MIA: Clarisse Renaldi.SPEAKER: Oh. Please come to the front door.MIA: T

  • 出糗:在国外吃牛排的搞笑经历

    2009-02-11 所属栏目:英语口语


  • 商务交际英语口语亮点集锦

    2009-02-10 所属栏目:英语口语

      I ve heard so much about you.
      Long time no see.
      You ve had a long day.Youve had a long flight.

  • 外国人嘴边的短句精选

    2009-02-10 所属栏目:英语口语

      Thousand times no! 绝对办不到
      Don’t mention it.没关系,别客气。
      Who knows! 天晓得
      It is not a big deal!没什么了不起
      How come。..怎么回事,怎么搞得
      Easy does it.慢慢来

  • 去卫生间的多种英语口语表达

    2009-02-10 所属栏目:英语口语


  • 谈谈听歌学英语的好与坏

    2009-02-09 所属栏目:英语听力

    很多老师喜欢在课上播放流行的英文歌曲,许多英语专业课也设置有听英文歌曲的环节,而听歌学英语真的有效吗?听歌学英语有两大不足:1 学不到对话和写作用语;
    2 学不到日常交流时的语气和节奏。当然,听歌学英语并

  • 含糊其辞 英语中表达不准确的词

    2009-02-09 所属栏目:英语口语

    很多时候,我们需要给别人一个回答,但是我们自己也不太确定。所以就要用到一些表示模糊的话(Vague Expressions),让人家了解一个大概的情况。下面是一些比较常用的表达:
    There are about 600 people working in

  • 地道美语口语常用短句

    2009-02-09 所属栏目:英语口语

      come on. 不要这个样子啦!
      原句:Don’t be like that.
      It’s all Greek to me. 我全不懂。
      原句:I don’t understand.
      I’ve had it. 糟了(吃饱了)。
      原句:I’ve had enoug

  • From the earth to the moon《从地球到月球》精讲之五

    2009-02-09 所属栏目:看电影学英语

    Download影片对白Alan Bean: Maybe we weren't dignified enough to be heroes. It wouldn't matter. 'Cause we were the second mission to land on the moon. History's ultimate anticlimax. But somehow, I

  • From the earth to the moon《从地球到月球》精讲之四

    2009-02-09 所属栏目:看电影学英语

    Download影片对白Emmett: Now, you fellas all know what we're doing here, right?Neil Armstrong: Think so.Emmett: Justshootin' the shit. Informal. No big deal.Coffee klatch, kind of stuff we can cut in

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