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  • 闪电与风:西海岸的火灾是如何变得如此严重

    2020-09-23 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    The lightning began in the skies over Northern and Central California one weekend in mid-August. It landed on grassy areas and vineyards.The U.S. National Weather Service warned th

  • 蜜蜂帮助妇女渡过新冠大流行期

    2020-09-22 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    From VOA Learning English, this is the Health & Lifestyle report.Everyday activities – how we work, how we study, how we play -- keep us connected not only to other people bu

  • 新冠病毒改写了政治竞选的规则

    2020-09-21 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Madeleine Dean, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, describes herself as a "big hugger."But there is no hugging or handshaking with Dean this year as she seeks to keep h

  • 罗莎·帕克斯的家在意大利展出

    2020-09-20 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Italy is the new home for the house where American civil rights icon Rosa Parks lived after her historic bus boycott. The small, old building can be seen in the central courtyard o

  • Rappaccini’s Daughter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Part One

    2020-09-19 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Our story today is called "Rappaccini's Daughter." It was written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. We will tell the story in two parts. Here is Kay Gallant with the first part of our story

  • 什么是强化代词?

    2020-09-18 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Imagine you are watching an American film or television show - a mystery, for example. You hear one of the actors say the following words:"I myself am going to Boston..."You might

  • 新冠疫情期间教社交与情感技能的重要性

    2020-09-16 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    For Bryant Atencia, the social and emotional well-being of his students is more important than his lesson plans.The coronavirus pandemic has affected students and their families in

  • 流媒体服务与环境

    2020-09-15 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    A new study suggests that streaming services can lead to higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Researchers say the results depended, in part, on which technology was being use

  • 大学城担心学生不会被纳入美国人口普查

    2020-09-14 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    The coronavirus health crisis has had an unexpected effect on an event that happens once every 10 years in the United States: the U.S. census.For example, Betsy Landin was listed b

  • 韩朝夫妇如何处理文化与语言的差异

    2020-09-13 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    A year ago, Kim Seo-yun gave some very important personal information to her South Korean love interest.She had fled North Korea about 10 years earlier.Kim provided the information

  • 最小阻力线

    2020-09-12 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Our story today is called "The Line of Least Resistance." It was written by Edith Wharton. Here is Larry West with the story.Mister Mindon returned home for lunch. His wife Millice

  • 理解过去分词

    2020-09-11 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Every language has its own way of saying something happened in the past, is happening now or will happen in the future. As you know, English does this through verb tenses.Most Engl

  • 美国南部推动邦联学校更名

    2020-09-09 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Trude Lamb is a top cross country runner at Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler, Texas. But the name on her sports jersey, she says, is a sharp reminder of a man "who didn't believ

  • 苏联神经毒剂与俄罗斯政客疾病有关

    2020-09-06 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Novichok is a deadly nerve agent that left Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny in a coma. It also nearly killed a former Russian spy and his daughter in 2018.Novichok was

  • 'Benito Cereno,' by Herman Melville, Part Three

    2020-09-05 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    We present the last of three parts of the short story "Benito Cereno." It was written by Herman Melville.As we told you in earlier parts of our story, rebel slaves seized the ship

  • 三个有用的短语表达

    2020-09-04 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    In a recent Everyday Grammar report, we explored phrasal expressions. Phrasal expressions are groups of words that take on a special meaning. This meaning is different from what th

  • 繁荣还是萧条?加密贷款的疯狂世界

    2020-09-01 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    It sounds like a bet you cannot lose. You lend money to a borrower who provides collateral of higher value than the loan, and then you earn interest of about 20 percent. What could

  • 大选后美国对朝政策将如何演变?

    2020-08-31 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    America's two main presidential candidates have expressed different ideas about policy toward nuclear-armed North Korea.President Donald Trump has expanded the U.S. relationship w

  • 越来越多韩国人喜欢度假

    2020-08-30 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    At this time last year, Yoon Seok-min, his wife Kim Hyo-jung and their two children traveled to the Philippines, Vietnam, and Guam. They were considering a trip to the Hawaiian Isl

  • 'Benito Cereno,' by Herman Melville, Part Two

    2020-08-29 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    We present the second of three parts of the short story "Benito Cereno." It was written by Herman Melville.Last week, we told how African slaves on a Spanish ship rebelled in seven

  • 英语中表达遗憾的三个短语

    2020-08-28 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Can you think of something recent that you wish you had done differently? I can.Last weekend, I decided to paint my living room walls a new color. But the green I chose was a huge

  • 试试这些活动来练习英语口语

    2020-08-26 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Have you ever recorded yourself on an electronic device while speaking English? If so, what kinds of things did you notice?Recording yourself gives you the chance to listen to and

  • 墨西哥针对垃圾食品发布禁令

    2020-08-25 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Several Mexican states have proposed or approved bans on junk food sales to children. The country has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity as well as a high rate of death

  • Myanmar Activists Disapprove of UN's Proposed Park

    2020-08-24 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Farmer May Cho Win has been working on the same land for over 10 years.When the 28-year-old heard that a conservation project would include her farmland, she wondered how she and h

  • Amazon Continues to Burn in 2020, Even after Promises to Save It

    2020-08-23 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    One year ago, Brazilian officials discovered a fire burning in the forest around the town of Novo Progresso. It was the first big blaze in the Amazon's dry season.In the weeks tha

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