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  • What Is the 'Zero Article'?

    2019-02-22 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Wow, I sure do love cats! I suppose I didn't know how much until my social media service informed me I had "liked" eight pictures of cats this week. Maybe I should get a cat &ndas

  • Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Likely to Be Sent to ‘Supermax’ Prison

    2019-02-21 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Joaquin ‘El Chapo' Guzman has a record of breaking out of prisons. The head of an illegal drugs organization escaped from two high-security Mexican prisons before being capt

  • 传统的巴勒斯坦服饰成为政治抗议的手段

    2019-02-20 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    A traditional dress worn by Palestinian women was not the kind of clothing one would expect to become a sign of political expression.The brightly colored, embroidered woman's dres

  • 美国人谈论唐纳德·特朗普是不是太多了?

    2019-02-19 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    In the months before the 2016 presidential election in the United States, American psychologist Laurie Helgoe grew increasingly concerned. She worried a little about the campaigns.

  • 花园屋顶有利于人与环境

    2019-02-18 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Water is a necessity of life. Rain, especially, helps plants grow and stay green. But too much rain -- especially in cities -- can lead to flooding. That can cause waste water syst

  • 尼日利亚妇女对抗闪亮皮肤运动

    2019-02-17 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Many women around the world use skin-lightening beauty products in an effort to improve their looks.The World Health Organization, or WHO, reports that the country with the highest

  • Also, Too and As Well

    2019-02-16 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Today on Ask a Teacher, a reader from Brazil asks about two common adverbs. Here is his question:Question:Hello from Brazil! Teacher, could you explain to us how and when to use "a

  • Under, Below, Beneath and Underneath

    2019-02-15 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    The middle of February is winter here in Washington, DC. I walked outside this morning and the temperature was below freezing! And I made the mistake of wearing light clothing. So

  • 尼日利亚选举:年轻选民与老候选人

    2019-02-14 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Two men in their 70s are candidates in the Nigerian presidential election on Saturday. Yet half of the country's registered voters are young people between 18 and 35 years of age.

  • 土耳其下令逮捕与葛兰有联系的人

    2019-02-13 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Reports from Turkey say the government has launched one of its largest operations against people suspected of supporting Muslim clergyman Fethullah Gulen.State media say Turkish of

  • 美国小镇枪击案一年之后

    2019-02-12 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    "Parkland Strong" and "MSD Strong" signs can still be found all over the Florida town where 17 people were killed in a school shooting last year.The attack on February 14, 2018, at

  • 美国计划在圣公园附近出售石油租约

    2019-02-11 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    In March, United States officials will move forward with plans to sell leases for oil and gas exploration in two states: New Mexico and Oklahoma.The leases include land near the Ch

  • 美国社区开始重新考虑使用电击枪

    2019-02-10 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Warren Ragudo died after two Taser shocks by California police seeking to end a family argument.Ramzi Saad died after a Taser shock by police during a dispute between Saad and his

  • 单词重音规则第2部分

    2019-02-09 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    You may remember last week's program, in which I talked about rules of English word stress for two-syllable words. If you missed that program, take a few minutes to read and liste

  • 形容词的词序是什么?

    2019-02-08 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Hi, everyone. How's your day going? This morning, the Metro was loud, hot and crowded...again. And the train driver kept stopping and starting so I lost my footing and bumped into

  • Woman Brings New Attention to Sanctuary Movement

    2019-02-07 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Rosa Gutierrez Lopez was frightened when immigration officials told her she had to leave the United States by December 10, 2018.The 40-year-old undocumented immigrant from El Salva

  • 印度世界上第一个太阳能机场不断扩大

    2019-02-06 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    People flying into India's southern city of Cochin may see numerous solar panels around Cochin International Airport. But they may not know that the airport was the first in the w

  • 为什么埃博拉病毒还在刚果蔓延?

    2019-02-05 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    The Ebola outbreak in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo is moving toward Goma, a city of 1 million people.The United Nations says nearly 2,000 people are being prepared to d

  • 伊拉克搜寻被盗文物

    2019-02-04 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Before Islamic State militants were forced from Iraq in 2017, they stole thousands of ancient artifacts. Most are still missing.Now, an international team of archaeologists is work

  • 许多印尼年轻人或放弃大选投票

    2019-02-03 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Indonesia is preparing for presidential elections. The voting will take place in two months.Younger Indonesians are showing signs of dissatisfaction with the country's political e

  • 单词重音规则第一部分

    2019-02-02 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    In English, syllable stress is hugely important for communication. The word "stress" here means saying part of a word louder and holding the sound a little longer than other parts.

  • 给予和接受赞美

    2019-02-01 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    In the country of Japan, being told that your face is small is very high praise for a woman. In Russia, if someone tells you that you look like a cucumber, it means that you look h

  • 联合国:海水淡化厂危害环境

    2019-01-31 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    A recent United Nations report has found desalination harmful to the environment. Desalination is the process of removing salt from seawater for use by humans and in agriculture.Al

  • 美情报局否认特朗普对朝鲜伊朗的观点

    2019-01-30 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    America's national intelligence chief says North Korea is unlikely to give up all of its nuclear weapons. The statement contradicts President Donald Trump's claim of progress on

  • Little Boy Found in Woods Says He ‘Hung Out’ with Bear

    2019-01-29 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    A 3-year-old boy who was lost in the woods for two days is now safe at home with his family. But Casey Hathaway told his rescuers that he was not alone in the rainy, freezing cold

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