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  • AS IT IS

  • 描述地点的形容词从句

    2020-12-04 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Imagine you are watching a movie in English. Perhaps it is a musical, such as Mary Poppins Returns.Well maybe all those things
    That you love so
    Are waiting in the place

  • 马来西亚一个组织教难民读书写字

    2020-12-02 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    From VOA Learning English, this is the Education Report.It could be a picture from any English language classroom. A piece of paper with English letters hangs on the wall. A teache

  • “大流行”当选韦氏词典2020年度词汇

    2020-12-01 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Two major dictionary publishers have chosen pandemic as the 2020 word of the year.Merriam-Webster and Dictionary.com both declared their choices on Monday.Merriam-Webster said its

  • 北美空防司令部将追踪圣诞老人

    2020-11-30 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Children around the world can rejoice. Santa Claus will follow his yearly path and give presents to good children everywhere this Christmas. The worldwide pandemic will not interfe

  • 'The Californian's Tale,' by Mark Twain

    2020-11-28 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Editor's Note: This is a weekly multimedia series of American short stories for English language learners. Each story has video, audio, a quiz, and a lesson plan for teachers. Hop

  • If and Whether, Part 2

    2020-11-27 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Today, we continue our discussion about "if" and "whether." Both words are conjunctions that can sometimes be used in place of each other.The word "whether" shows that there are tw

  • 保护小组成员让野生和圈养的美洲豹交配

    2020-11-26 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    A project in Argentina is using a new model in animal conservation to grow the jaguar population in the country's northern forests. The conservation group Rewilding Argentina brou

  • 什么是堆肥?如何开始呢

    2020-11-24 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    From VOA Learning English, this is the Health & Lifestyle report.Improvements to the world around us can sometimes result from actions taken by individuals. For example, take compo

  • 南大西洋岛创造了巨大的海洋保护区

    2020-11-23 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Tristan da Cunha is an island in the South Atlantic Ocean with only 245 permanent residents. Those residents have declared a marine protection area three times the size of Britain

  • 大麻合法化在美国持续增长

    2020-11-22 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    The 2020 election led to more American states legalizing marijuana.Among the states voting to legalize marijuana for recreational use were South Dakota, New Jersey, Arizona and Mon

  • 'A Piece of Red Calico,' by Frank Stockton

    2020-11-21 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Editor's note: If you are tired from doing year-end gift shopping, relax and think about the poor man in this story.Our story today is called "A Piece of Red Calico." It was writt

  • If and Whether, Part 1

    2020-11-20 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Have you ever been unsure about when to use "if" and when to use "whether"? If so, you are not alone. There is a reason these words can be tricky: They are sometimes interchangeabl

  • 《黑豹》反派迈克尔·B·乔丹当选2020人物杂志最性感男士

    2020-11-19 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    People magazine has named actor Michael B. Jordan as its 2020 Sexiest Man Alive.Jordan is best known for his critically praised performances in the films Fruitvale Station, Creed a

  • 美国各州为全国最大规模的疫苗接种做准备

    2020-11-18 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Public health officials across the United States are preparing for the biggest vaccination effort in U.S. history.That is because they are likely to approve within weeks a vaccine

  • 随着冠状病毒改变工作生活 商务旅行的未来不明朗

    2020-11-15 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Brian Contreras represents the worst fears of the profitable business travel industry.Contreras is an account executive at an American technology company. He is used to traveling o

  • 动词和短语

    2020-11-13 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    You may have heard or read news stories about the recent elections in the United States. The voting ended last Tuesday, November 3. That night and in the days that followed, Americ

  • 研究表明大猩猩在拥挤的森林里变得更暴力

    2020-11-12 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Gorillas are very social animals -- up to a point. Crowded areas can make silverbacks more violent, scientists say.Silverbacks are adult male mountain gorillas that often have a wh

  • 图片可以帮助你保留词汇

    2020-11-11 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Suppose you are listening to a program in English and hear the word "borrow." You have heard this word many times but forget its meaning. So, you look up the equivalent word in you

  • 拉尼娜天气预计将持续到2021年

    2020-11-09 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    The United Nations weather agency says a continuing weather event places some countries at risk of weather-related problems.The World Meteorological Organization, or WMO, predicts

  • 如何写一封好的电子邮件

    2020-11-08 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Email is one of the most important ways through which we communicate. It has become part of most everyone's day-to-day life.Writing a good email can mean the difference between so

  • 尼泊尔对外国登山者重新开放

    2020-11-07 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Nepal says it is reopening to foreign visitors seeking to climb and trek the country's famous mountains.The country has been closed to foreign visitors for the past seven months b

  • Past Ability: Could, Was Able To, Managed To

    2020-11-06 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Imagine that you are interviewing for a job you really want. Most of the questions are in your native language, but the job will require you to use some English. So, the employer a

  • 现在越来越多的日本人爱上纹身

    2020-11-05 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    Shodai Horiren got her first tattoo on a trip to Australia nearly 30 years ago. Now, she is tattooed from head to foot. She even has tattoos on the skin on her head.Horiren is one

  • 数字技术:提高你的技术技能

    2020-11-03 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    From VOA Learning English, this is the Health & Lifestyle report.If you asked me to name the top life lessons of 2020, my list would likely include these words: Technology skills a

  • 养活休斯顿的饥民需要每天100万英镑

    2020-11-02 所属栏目:AS IT IS

    The line of cars waiting to receive boxes of food from the Houston Food Bank can be up to a kilometer long.Based in the state of Texas, the organization is the country's largest f

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