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[22:03.01]What fun to see a brood of ducks walking on the sand beach! ;看到一窝小鸭在沙滩上行 走的情景,多么有趣呀!
[22:06.57]cluster['kl⺧st㥮] ;n.(果实,花的)串,簇;   (人、物的)群 vt.群集,丛生
[22:07.73]Whenever Beckham appeared,there would be a cluster of fans surrounding him. ;只要贝克汉姆一出现, 总会被大量球迷簇拥.
[22:11.37]clutch[kl⺧t㤘] ;vt./vi.抓紧,抓握
[22:12.44]A drowning man will clutch at a floating straw. ;一个即将被淹死的人会连 一根漂浮的稻草也要抓住 的.
[22:15.30]denote[di'n㥮ut] ;vt.意思是;是…的标志    表示
[22:16.37]It is a universal fact in the world that a smile often denotes pleasure. ;在全世界,微笑常意味 着愉快.
[22:20.38]descent[di'sent] ;n.下降,下倾;血统,世袭
[22:21.42]So far three Americans of Chinese descent have won Nobel Prizes. ;到目前为止,有三位华裔 美国人获得了诺贝尔奖.
[22:25.47]discriminate [di'skrimineit] ;vt.区别,辨别;    有区别地对待,歧视
[22:26.59]The law discriminate between accidental and intentional killing. ;以外杀人和故意杀人在 法律上是有区别的.
[22:30.10]Nowadays in most countries every nationality is equal, at least in law; ;目前,在大多数国家,至 少在法律上各个民族是平 等的,
[22:35.24]no one is discriminated against. ;没有一个民族被歧视.
[22:37.38]displace[di'spleis] ;vt.取代,代替
[22:38.46]I don't want to be displayed in your heart by that young fool. ;我才不原意那个幼稚的小 傻瓜取代我在你心中的地 位.
[22:41.44]dwell[dwel] ;vi.居住
[22:42.31]Let bygones be bygones.Don't dwell on the past too much. ;让过去的事情成为过去 吧,不要沉湎于过去.
[22:46.19]enroll[in'r㥮ul] ;vi.入学;加入 vt.招收,吸收
[22:47.27]Gong Li wanted to enroll in the Depart- ment of Sociology at Beijing University, ;巩俐想入北京大学社会学 系学习,
[22:51.45]but it caused an aversion from the academic circle. ;却引起知识界的反感.
[22:54.47]expend[ik'spend] ;vt.花费,消费
[22:55.66]Cindy Crawford expends most of her incomes on all sorts of luxuries. ;辛迪.克劳芙把她大部分 的收入用在奢侈品上.
[22:59.43]foresee[f⺌:'si:] ;vt.预见,预知
[23:00.67]If Wang An had foreseen that personal computers would be so popular, ;要是王安预见到个人电脑 会如此普及,
[23:04.89]he would be making a lot of money now. ;他今天就发大财了.
[23:07.12]handbook['h㘚ndbuk] ;n.手册,便览
[23:08.36]Before you start this new stereo,you have to read through this handbook. ;使用这台新的音响前, 一定要仔细阅读使用手 册.
[23:14.15]immune[i'mju:n] ;a.免疫的,有免疫力的
[23:15.23]It seems no one is immune to vanity,just as no one can survive without food. ;在我看来,没有人能免于 虚荣心的影响,正如没有 人可以不吃东西而生存.
[23:19.90]ivory['aiv㥮ri] ;n.象牙,象牙色
[23:21.02]A university student taking a part-time job,in the words of some, ;大学生做兼职,用一些人 的话说,
[23:24.58]is walking out of the ivory tower. ;就是走出象牙塔.
[23:27.68]latitude['l㘚titju:d] ;n.纬度,回旋余地
[23:29.17]Climates differ widely in different areas in a country covering a wide range of latitude ;在一个跨多个纬度的国 家,气候差异很大.
[23:34.34]misery['miz㥮ri] ;n.痛苦,苦恼,苦难
[23:35.62]One who hasn't suffered any misery in his life will not mature. ;一个在生活中没有经历 磨难的人,不容易变得 成熟.
[23:40.05]Misery loves company. ;[谚]同病相怜,同忧相救.
[23:42.20]perfume[p㥮'fju:m] ;n.香水,香气
[23:43.77]"Chanel N 5" is a very expensive French perfume. ;“夏奈尔5”是非常昂贵 的法国香水.
[23:47.12]plea[pli:] ;n.恳求,请求;   抗辩,辩护
[23:48.11]It was ridiculous ;这真是荒唐
[23:49.27]that the Japanese man who killed 12 school boys entered a plea for not guilty. ;那个杀死12个小学生的 日本男人恳求无罪,
[23:53.20]plead[pl:d] ;vi.恳求,请求
[23:54.27]Is it justifiable ;你认为是否站得住脚呢
[23:55.52]if a young man pleads for himself on account of his youth and simplicity? ;如果一个年轻人以自己年 少单纯而恳求无罪.
[23:59.28]timely['taimli] ;a.及时的,适时的
[24:00.56]The timely rain after a long time of drought will certainly bring on the crops. ;久旱之后的这场及时雨肯 定会有助于作物的生长.
[24:04.90]transit['tr㘚nsit] ;n.运输,载运
[24:06.02]The letter he sent to his girl got lost in transit ;他寄给女朋友的信在运输 途中丢失,
[24:08.71]and it didn't reach her until 50 years later. ;过了50年才到达她的 手上.
[24:11.27]tug[t⺧g] ;n.拖船 vt.用力拖
[24:12.02]Adventure tugs at the heartstrings of youth. ;冒险活动强烈扣动青年人 的心弦.
[24:14.62]vicious['vi㤘㥮s] ;a.恶毒的,凶残的
[24:15.95]Crime leads to prison, which leads to unemployment, which leads to crime. ;由罪犯而入狱,入狱而 失业,失业而犯罪.
[24:19.79]It is a vicious cycle. ;这是恶性循环.
[24:21.37]yell[jel] ;n.号叫,叫喊
[24:22.19]At the football match between China and Japan,we yelled together for our team. ;在中日足球比赛上,我们 为我们的球队大喊加油.
[24:27.98]Lesson 27 ;
[24:31.29]axis['㘚ksis] ;n.轴,中心线
[24:32.45]At the end of World War Two,the Axis Power lost the war to the Allied Powers ;第二次世界大战结束的时 候,轴心国被同盟国打败
[24:36.42]including USA,USSR, Britain,China,France, etc. ;(同盟国)包括美国、 苏联、英国、中国和法国 等.
[24:41.63]barren['b㘚r㥮n] ;a.(土地)贫瘠的,荒芜的
[24:42.63]The famp3ers have taken strenuous pains to turn the barren land into productive fields ;农民们历尽艰辛把贫瘠之 地变成了多产的良田.
[24:47.34]beforehand [bi'f⺌:h㘚nd] ;ad.事先,提前
[24:48.66]Before the summit talk between the two Korean states, ;在朝鲜北南双方领导人 会晤之前,
[24:51.15]officials from both sides had got everything ready beforehand. ;两国的官员已经事先做 好了一切准备.
[24:54.54]cereal['si㥮ri㥮l] ;n.(加工而成的)   谷类食物
[24:55.57]The diet of a nomp3al, healthy person should regularly include dairy products,meats, ;一个正常健康人的饮食应 该包括乳制品、肉类、
[24:59.91]fruits and vegetables, and cereal products. ;水果蔬菜和谷类食物.
[25:03.18]clasp[kl㘚:sp,kla:sp] ;vt.抱紧,握紧;扣紧
[25:04.51]Julia Roberts clasped the Oscar Award in her hands,as if fearing it would be snatched away ;茱莉亚.罗泊茨把奥斯卡 奖紧紧握在手里,好像担 心有人会抢走它似的.
[25:09.43]divine[di'vain] ;a.神的,天赐的
[25:10.42]To err is human:to forgive,divine. ;人非圣贤,孰能无过; 宽以待人,神亦不逮.
[25:13.36]doctrine['d⺌ktrin] ;n.主义,教条
[25:14.47]Not confined by doctr- ines,the so-called fifth-generation movie directors ;这些第五代电影导演们不 拘泥于教条,
[25:18.16]have shot some breathtaking films. ;拍摄了一些令人叹为观止 的电影.
[25:20.31]eloquent['el㥮kw㥮nt] ;a.雄辩的,有说服力的
[25:21.42]Martin Luther King's eloquent speeches have moved men throughout the U.S. ;马丁.路德.金雄辩的 演讲感动了全美国的人,
[25:25.35]to join in the anti-racism movement. ;大家都投入反种族歧视 运动中去.
[25:27.96]facilitate [f㥮'siliteit] ;vt.使便利,便于
[25:29.16]The new underground railway will facilitate the journey to all parts of the city. ;新的地下铁路将为去城市 各处提供方便.
[25:34.00]It is really terrific. ;地铁真好.
[25:35.65]flatter['fl㘚t㥮] ;vt.向…谄媚,奉承
[25:36.73]Most inferiors flattered their superiors ;大多数下级都奉承上级,
[25:39.04]with an exception of Mr.Parkson. ;惟有派克逊先生例外.
[25:41.36]gamp3ent['ga:m㥮nt] ;n.(一件)衣服
[25:42.68]Dongguan city of Guangdong province swamp3s with a lot of joint ventures, ;广东省东莞市有许多合 资企业,
[25:46.49]a lot of which are gamp3ent factories. ;当中有不少是服装厂.
[25:48.76]gorgeous['g⺌:d䅟㥮s] ;a.华丽的,绚丽的;极好的
[25:49.92]Yoyo Ma's gorgeous techniques in playing the cello have earned him admiration ;马友友拉大提琴精湛的技 艺给他带来人们的羡慕,
[25:53.64]and thunderous applauses. ;还有阵阵雷鸣般的掌声.
[25:55.26]knob[n⺌b] ;n.球型把手,球形柄
[25:56.29]Be sure not to turn that knob.It is for emergency braking. ;千万别转动那个球形手 柄.那是供紧急刹车用 的.
[25:59.81]marble['ma:bl] ;n.大理石
[26:00.84]Marble,because of its beauty and hardness,is often used to build things meant to last. ;由于大理石美丽坚固, 常被用来建造经久的 东西.
[26:05.80]messenger['mesind䅟㥮] ;n.送信人,信使
[26:07.00]Though taking no secret missions, ;尽管没有接受秘密使命,
[26:08.86]these artists have actually become messengers between the two countries. ;这些艺术家们实际上成了 两国的使者.
[26:12.22]odor['㥮ud㥮] ;n.气味
[26:13.25]The unspeakable odor clung to the room,and we couldn't find its source. ;一股难以形容的气味充 斥着房间散不出去,而我 们找不到其来源.
[26:16.81]paradise['p㘚r㥮dais] ;n.天堂,乐园
[26:18.09]In China Hangzhou and Suzhou are often known as "the Paradise on Earth". ;在中国,苏州和杭州常 被称为“人间天堂”.
[26:22.56]patent['peit㥮nt] ;n.专利(权)
[26:23.76]As this invention is protected by patent right, ;这项发明受专利权保护,
[26:26.20]no one is allowed to copy or use it without pemp3ission. ;谁都不能在未经许可的 情况下复制或者使用它.
[26:29.21]perish['peri㤘] ;vi.毁灭,消亡
[26:30.21]The Italian city of Bombay perished in a violent volcanic eruption. ;在一次猛烈的火山爆发 中,庞贝这座意大利城 市被毁灭了.
[26:34.05]practicable ['pr㘚ktik㥮bl] ;a.可行的,适用的
[26:35.42]Those fantastic ideas of his are just not practicable.don't be misled by them. ;他的那些胡思乱想不可 行.不要被误导了.
[26:40.55]queer[kwi㥮] ;a.奇怪的,异常的;   不舒服的
[26:41.50]Madonna has a strange way of attracting her audience. ;麦当娜很会吸引听众,
[26:44.29]At times,she might give out a queer laugh. ;有时她只是简单地怪笑 几声.
[26:46.88]reciprocal [ri'sipr㥮k㥮l] ;a.相互的,互惠的
[26:48.24]Although I gave him many presents,I had no reciprocal gifts from him. ;虽然我给他很多礼物, 但我没有收到过他给 我的礼物.
[26:52.13]revolve[ri'v⺌lv] ;v.旋转
[26:53.29]The ancient Egyptians thought the sun revolved round the earth ;古代埃及人认为地球运 转,
[26:56.06]but still predicted eclipses. ;却竟然能预测日月蚀.
[26:58.25]safeguard['deifga:d] ;vt.维护 n.预防措施,保证条款
[26:59.37]It goes without saying that the sole duty of the amp3y ;不言而喻,军队的唯一 职责
[27:01.93]is to safeguard national independence and state sovereignty. ;就是维护民族独立和国 家主权.
[27:05.32]shatter['㤘㘚t㥮] ;vi.使粉碎,使破灭
[27:06.23]Ronaldo's last-minute goal shattered the fond dream of the AC Milan to tie the game. ;罗纳尔多最后一刻的进 球打碎了AC 米兰的取得 平局的美梦.
[27:11.94]slaughter['sl⺌:t㥮] ;vt./n.屠杀,杀戮,屠宰
[27:13.06]The panic of mouth and foot disease ;口蹄疫的恐慌,
[27:14.94]caused the British government to slaughter millions of cattle. ;使英国政府屠杀了数百 万头牲口.
[27:17.90]solo['s㥮ul㥮u] ;a./ad.单独的(地) n.独奏(曲),独唱(曲),   独舞
[27:19.26]In a ballet perfomp3ance.I'd like to watch a solo rather than a group dance. ;在芭蕾舞演出中,我更 喜欢看独舞而不爱看 集体舞.
[27:23.03]symphony['simf㥮ni] ;n.交响乐,交响曲
[27:24.06]In a symphony show,an audience may feel a variety of mixed feelings. ;在一场交响乐音乐会中, 听众会产生各种复杂的 情怀.
[27:27.78]trigger['trig㥮] ;vt.触发,引起 n.枪的扳机;   引起反应的行为
[27:28.82]The new recruit accidentally triggered his rifle ;那个新兵无意中扣发了 他步枪的扳机,
[27:31.22]and the bullet went through a flying eagle. ;子弹竟然射中了一只飞行 中的老鹰.
[27:33.49]unanimous[ju:n㘚nim㥮s] ;a.全体一致的,   一致同意的
[27:34.65]The country is unanimous in its support of ;全国一致支持
[27:36.41]the government's policy to reduce the deficit. ;政府消减赤字的政策.
[27:39.34]yoke[j㥮uk] ;n.牛轭;束缚,枷锁 vt.结合,连结
[27:40.17]With efforts from the doctor and his loving family, ;在医生和充满爱心的家人 的帮助下,
[27:42.53]the youngster has freed himself from the yoke of drug addiction. ;那个少年摆脱了毒瘾 的控制.
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