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[00:00.00]Lesson 14 ;
[00:01.44]attach[㥮't㘚t㤘] ;vt.系,贴,连接;使依恋,  使喜爱;认为有(重要性,  责任等);使附属
[00:02.70]Attached please find our offering prices. ;随函附上我方的报价.
[00:05.63]I am very attached to Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper. ;我很喜欢达芬奇的《最后 的晚餐》.
[00:09.86]compete[k㥮m'pi:t] ;vi.竞争,比赛
[00:11.45]The two TV broadcasting companies (TVB and ATV) in Hong Kong ;香港的两家电视广播公司 (无线电视和亚洲电视)
[00:16.01]have always been competing with each other for higher audience rating. ;长期以来为争取更高的收 视率而互相竞争.
[00:19.90]confront[k㥮n'fr⺧nt] ;vt.迎面遇到,遭遇;    勇敢地面对,正视;    使对峙,使当面对证
[00:21.50]It is said that the reason for Ruan Lingyu's suicide ;据说,阮玲玉之所以自杀
[00:24.17]was that she couldn't confront the rumors fabricated by people. ;是因为她面对不了人们捏 造出来的谣言.
[00:27.13]When confronted with evidence of his guilt, McVeigh confessed. ;面对罪证迈克维供认不讳.
[00:31.39]consent['k㥮n'sent] ;n.准许,同意,赞同 vi.(~to)准许,同意,    赞成
[00:32.77]What will do you if your parent don't consent to your marriage? ;如果你父母不同意你的 婚事,你会怎么办?
[00:36.53]consultant [k㥮n's⺧lt㥮nt] ;n.会诊医生,顾问医生;   顾问
[00:38.03]Some university graduates resort to a vocation consultant for a appropriate job. ;为找到一份合适的工作, 有些大学毕业生求教于就 业顾问(指导).
[00:43.48]crude[kru:d] ;a.粗鲁的,粗俗的;   天然的,未加工的;   简陋的,粗糙的
[00:44.59]The Da Qing oil field is full of crude oil. ;大庆油田盛产原油.
[00:47.82]disguise[dis'gaiz] ;vt.假扮,化装;伪装;掩 盖,掩饰n.用来伪装的东 西(或行为)伪装,掩饰
[00:49.15]Mulan disguised herself as a man and became a soldier. ;木兰男扮女装从军.
[00:52.45]eliminate[i'limineit] ;vt.排除,清除,根除;    淘汰
[00:53.71]You really believe that getting drunk can eliminate pain? ;你真的认为醉酒能消除 痛苦吗?
[00:56.75]We all hoped that China could eliminate the rivals to host the 2008 Olympic Games. ;我们都希望中国能淘汰其 他对手,主办2008年的 奥运会.
[01:01.61]estimate['estimeit] ;n.估计,估量;评价,看法 vt.估计,估量
[01:02.94]We can measure the value of material goods in temp3s of money, ;我们可以用金钱来度量物 质产品的价值,
[01:05.87]but the true value of the services is difficult to estimate. ;但是服务的真正价值是 很难估计的.
[01:09.32]extraordinary [ik'str⺌:din㥮ri] ;a.不寻常的,特别的,   非凡的
[01:10.84]With extraoridinary wisdom,Deng Xiaoping ;邓小平以非凡的智慧,
[01:13.47]advanced the theory of constructing the socialism with Chinese characteristics. ;提出了建设中国特色社会 主义理论.
[01:18.47]fortune['f⺌:t㤘㥮n] ;n.(大量)财产,大笔的钱;    运气,时运,命运
[01:19.85]In the States,the decline in efficiency commonly spoiled the fortune of family fimp3 ;在美国,家族公司的财富 通常因为效率下滑而受损
[01:24.89]in the second and third generations after the energetic founders. ;当其经过富有活力的创业 人传到第二代和第三代人 手中时.
[01:30.49]Einstein once said modestly that it was just his good fortune ;爱因斯坦曾经说,只不过 是因为他的运气好,
[01:34.60]to have his theory accepted by the world. ;他的理论才为世人所接受
[01:37.16]intensity[in'tensiti] ;n.强烈,剧烈;强度
[01:38.57]Noise intensity around the airport is much higher than elsewhere. ;飞机场附近的噪音强度要 比其他地方大得多.
[01:42.09]Exposure to loud noises can definitely produce a partial ;暴露在强噪音下回造成听 力全部
[01:45.70]or complete loss of hearing ;或部分丧失,
[01:47.13]depending on the intensity and duration of the noise. ;因强度和持续时间而程 度不同.
[01:50.10]pessimistic [,presi'mistik] ;a.悲观主义的
[01:51.28]The earth won't stop because of your pessimistic thoughts. So,cheer up! ;地球不会因为你的悲观想 法而停止转动.所以,打 起精神来!
[01:55.40]Egoists are inclined to take a pessimistic view of life. ;利己主义者往往对生活持 悲观态度.
[01:59.22]prevent[pri'vent] ;vt.预防,防止
[02:00.51]I sometimes set two alamp3 clocks to prevent myself from getting up late. ;我有时要两个闹钟以防自 己晚起.
[02:04.52]privilege['privilid䅟] ;n.特权,优惠
[02:05.74]One of the obstaches to social hamp3ony is privilege. ;导致社会不协调的障碍之 一是特权.
[02:09.08]provoke[pr㥮'v㥮uk] ;vt.对……挑衅,激怒
[02:10.23]All the Chinese people were provoked and burst into rage ;全体中国人都被激怒了,
[02:13.12]when the news came that the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia was bombed by NATO. ;当中国驻南斯拉夫大使馆 被北约轰炸的消息传来时
[02:17.79]renew[ri'nju:] ;v.重新开始,继续;   (使)更新,恢复;延长   (…的)有效期
[02:18.90]Remember to renew the books if you can't finish them on time. ;如果你不能按时读完这 些书,记得要去图书馆 续借.
[02:22.61]resolve[ri'z⺌lv] ;vt.解决,解答;决定,   决意;(~into)分解; vi.决定,决意;n.决心
[02:23.76]Many students resolve resolve to study abroad after graduation. ;许多大学生都决定毕业后 出国留学.
[02:27.58]restore[ris't⺌:] ;vt.恢复,使回复;修复,    整修;归还,交还
[02:28.99]It's hard to restore a broken mirror. ;破镜难圆.
[02:31.21]I feel quite restored after my holiday. ;休假后我感到恢复了健 康.
[02:34.18]rival['raiv㥮l] ;n.竞争对手,敌手; a.竞争的,对抗的 vt.与……竞争;比得上
[02:35.44]The poet Homer believed that no mortal could rival Zeus. ;诗人荷马认为没有凡人能 与宙斯匹敌.
[02:39.25]rude[ru:d] ;a.粗鲁的,不礼貌的;   粗糙的,粗陋的
[02:40.26]Many people look upon American young men as brash,immodest,rude, ;许多人认为美国的年轻人 傲慢,不谦逊,粗鲁,
[02:44.30]and possess no proper respect for parents or elder siblings. ;对父母和年长的兄弟姐 妹没有适当的尊敬.
[02:48.08]settle['set㥮l] ;vt.解决,调停;安排,    安放;支付,结算;    使安定
[02:48.71]settle['set㥮l] ;vi.安家,安居;(鸟等)    飞落,停留;安定
[02:49.12]Please settle your accounts immediately, or we would have to take some legal action ;请立即结清你所欠的帐, 否则我们得采取法律行为.
[02:53.34]Some people like to travel around the world ;有些人喜欢在年轻的时候 环游世界,
[02:55.41]rather than settling down when they are young. ;而不喜欢过安定的生活.
[02:57.64]sophisticated [s㥮'fistikeitid] ;a.老于世故的,老练的;   精密的,复杂的;   高雅的,有教养的
[02:59.20]Most politician are very sophisticated. ;大部分的政客都非常 老练.
[03:01.76]The inner system of a spaceship is rather sophisticated. ;宇宙飞船的内部系统相当 精密复杂.
[03:05.02]speculated ['spekjuleit] ;vi.(~about,~on)推测,   推断;投机,做投机买卖 vt.推测,推断
[03:06.06]This detective story is boring, ;这个侦探故事很没意思,
[03:07.95]because you can speculate the ending in the beginning. ;因为刚开始看你能推断出 它的结局.
[03:10.77]stretch[stret㤘] ;vi.伸展,延续 vt.拉长,伸展;使倾注    全力,使紧张
[03:11.47]stretch[stret㤘] ;n.一段时间,一段路程,    连绵的一片;伸展,    延伸,延续
[03:11.95]I stretched to relax after working for a whole day. ;工作了一整天,我伸了个 懒腰放松一下.
[03:14.92]Having been washed,the sweater was stretched out of shape. ;洗过以后,这件毛衣被拉 长变了形.
[03:18.11]Can you work (for) eight hours at a stretch? ;你能连续工作八小时吗?
[03:20.66]surplus['s㥮:pl㥮s] ;n.剩余,过剩,盈余 a.过剩的,多余的
[03:22.04]Brazil has a big surplus of coffee. ;巴西有很多剩余的咖啡.
[03:24.33]Karl Marx initiated the theory of surplus value in 1840. ;1840年,卡尔.马克思 首先提出了他的剩余价值 的理论.
[03:28.41]sweep[swi:p] ;v.扫,打扫,拂(去)掠过,   (风)吹,(浪等)冲;   快速移动;
[03:29.15]sweep[swi:p] ;(在...)迅速传播(或蔓 延)打扫,(手臂等)挥动
[03:29.56]After China's entry to WTO,foreign-made cars and consumer electronics ;在中国入世之后,外国产 汽车和电子消费品
[03:34.05]are likely to sweep into the domestic market. ;可能会扫荡国内市场.
[03:36.79]Many bridges were swept away by the flood. ;洪水冲断了很多桥梁.
[03:39.72]sympathy[ 'simp㥮⺮i] ;n.同情,同情心;   (思想感情上的)支持,   赞同
[03:40.87]We should have sympathy for people in difficulty. ;我们对处于困境中的人们 要有同情心.
[03:43.50]sympathetic [simp㥮'⺮etik] ;a.同情的,体谅的(~to)   赞同地,支持的;   和谐的合意的
[03:44.83]I feel sympathetic to my friend who is suffering. ;我对遭到不幸的朋友十 分同情.
[03:47.69]We work best in a sympathetic atmosphere. ;我们在一种和谐的气氛中 工作效率最佳.
[03:50.47]tackle['t㘚k㥮l] ;vt.对付,处理;与交涉;    (足球比赛中)阻截,    擒抱
[03:51.10]tackle['t㘚k㥮l] ;n.阻截;用具,钓具;   轱辘,滑车(组)
[03:51.47]The police spent a long time tacking the hacker who ruined the network. ;警方花了很长时间对付那 个毁坏了电脑网络的黑客
[03:54.62]People with strong social ties ;拥有密切社会关系的人们
[03:56.34]appear better able to tackle major life changes and daily hassles. ;似乎能够更好地应付生活 的重大变化和日常困难.
[04:02.74]Lesson 15 ;
[04:06.15]absurd[㥮b's㥮:d] ;a.荒谬的,荒唐的
[04:07.45]The idea that number "13" brings bad luck seems to quite absurd. ;认为“13”是不吉利的 数字这一观念似乎挺荒唐 可笑的.
[04:11.75]ambitious[㘚m'bi㤘㥮s] ;a.有抱负的,雄心勃勃的,   有野心的
[04:13.12]Almost all politicians are quite ambious in accomplishing their own political goals. ;几乎所有的政客都雄心勃 勃地想要实现自己的政治 目标.
[04:17.98]avail [㥮'veil] ;v.使……产生效用,   使……有价值
[04:18.87]avail [㥮'veil] ;n.(一般用于否定或疑   问句中)效用,利益,   帮助
[04:19.27]It hurt her a great deal ;她伤心欲绝,
[04:20.20]that all she had done for him in the past few years was of no avail. ;瞅着多年来为他奉献的一 切都付诸东流,
[04:23.87]We cannot help asking that superpower this question: ;我们不禁要问那个超级 大国;
[04:26.84]"Will force or terror alone avail the world peace?" ;“仅用武力或恐吓对世 界和平有好处吗?”
[04:29.91]collide[k㥮'laid] ;vi.碰撞,互撞;    冲突,抵触
[04:31.10]The Titanic collided with the floating iceberg. ;泰坦尼克号撞到了海上 漂浮的冰山.
[04:34.03]When interests of the two countries collide, negotiation is the best solution. ;当两国的利益发生冲突 时,谈判是最好的解决 方法.
[04:38.74]conceive[k㥮n'si:v] ;vt.(构)想出,认为;怀孕 vi.(~of)构想出,    设想;怀孕
[04:39.89]The idea of the atom bomb was first concei- ved by scientists in the 1930s. ;科学家们是在20世纪30 年代最初构想制造原子弹 的.
[04:44.33]Traditionally in China it is a shame for a girl to conceive a ba- by before she marries. ;中国的传统观念是,女孩 未婚先孕是可耻的.
[04:50.23]constituent [k㥮n'stitju㥮nt] ;n.选民,选区居民;   成分,组成 a.组成的,构成的
[04:52.04]Please explain to me the constituents of an atom. ;请向我解释一下原子的 组成问题.
[04:54.86]Hydrogen and oxygen are the constituent parts of water. ;氢和氧是构成水的元素.
[04:59.24]dedicate['dedikeit] ;vt.题献词于(著作)上 (~to)把(一生等)献给,   把(时间,精力等)用于
[05:00.76]Dedicated to My Beloved. ;谨以此书献给我的至爱.
[05:02.61]The Monument to the people's Heroes ;人民英雄纪念碑
[05:04.62]is dedicated to the memory of the soliders who died for their country. ;是为那些为保卫祖国献身 的烈士们而建的.
[05:08.02]diffuse[di'fju:z] [di'fju:s] ;v.扩散,(使)弥漫;   传播,散布 a.(文章等)冗长的,漫无   边际的,四散的,弥漫
[05:09.36]The colors of the sunset were diffused across the sky. ;夕阳西沉,霞光满天.
[05:13.06]I got lost in your rather diffuse essay. ;你的文章行文冗赘,弄得 我有点糊涂了.
[05:16.77]divert[dai'v㥮:t] ;vt.使转向,使改道;  转移,转移...的注意力  使娱乐,消遣
[05:17.85]The branch of the Yellow River has been diverted from its cou- rse to a new channel. ;黄河的这段支流被改道转 入新的流向.
[05:22.11]The children are diverted by the clown. ;小丑把孩子们逗乐了.
[05:24.74]enrich[in'rit㤘] ;vt.充实,使丰富;    使富裕,使富有
[05:26.19]Many wealthy men try to enrich their cultural life ;很多福起来的人士想丰富 自己的文化生活
[05:29.01]by going to all kinds of concerts and museums. ;籍参加各种音乐会以及 参观各种博物馆来
[05:31.71]Many foreign words and phrases have enriched the English language. ;大量的外来词和短语极大 地丰富了英语.
[05:35.31]extinct[ik'sti㭎kt] ;a.灭绝的,灭种的;(火山  等)不再活跃的,(火等) 熄灭了的(风俗)已废弃的
[05:36.46]Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years. ;恐龙已经灭绝几百万 年了.
[05:39.16]Evidence collected by the spacecraft on Mars shows some present volcanic action, ;太空船搜集到的证据显示 火星上仍然有火山运动存 在,
[05:43.98]though the volcanos are believed to be domp3ant if not extinct. ;然然人们普遍认为火星上 的火山如果说不是死活山 至少也处于休眠状态.
[05:47.69]flush[fl⺧㤘] ;n.脸红;红光 vi.被冲洗;(脸)发红 vt.冲洗,(脸)涨红;赶出
[05:48.69]flush[fl⺧㤘] ;a.(-with)齐平的,   等高的;(尤指钱)充裕   的,富裕的
[05:49.21]Her complexion has a flush,just like that of the dawn. ;她红扑扑的脸蛋宛如黎明 的红霞.
[05:53.21]The politician didn't flush with shame at all ;那位政客一点都不感到 脸红
[05:55.85]when he swore that he would devote himself to serving the people ;那位政客信誓旦旦的说 什么要鞠躬尽瘁地为人民 服务,
[05:58.81]immediately after receiving bribery payments. ;就在此前他刚刚收受贿赂
[06:01.85]The rising sun flushed the green mountain tops. ;旭日映红了苍翠的山顶.
[06:04.96]heighten['hait㥮n] ;v.(使)提高,加强
[06:06.08]We highten our expectations as time goes by. ;随着时间的推移,我们的 期望提高了.
[06:08.89]illusion[i'lu:䅟㥮n] ;n.幻想,错误的观念;   错觉,幻觉,假象
[06:10.04]The girl is always under the illusion that ;这姑娘成天幻想着有朝一 日
[06:11.86]a prince champ3ing will sweep her away on a white horse. ;她心目中的白马王子会 将她带走.
[06:14.64]A mirage is an optical illusion caused by hot air conditions. ;海市蜃楼是由空气引起的 光学幻想.
[06:18.83]induce[in'dju:s] ;vt.引诱,劝;    引起,导致
[06:19.98]Adam and Eve were induced to eat the Forbidden Fruit by Satan. ;亚当和夏娃受了魔鬼的 诱惑偷吃了禁果.
[06:23.61]The author has induced a particular frame of mind in the readers by his choice of words. ;作者用词讲究,在读者的 心中唤起了一种特殊的 意境.
[06:28.73]intelligible [in'telid䅟㥮bl] ;a.可理解的,明白易懂的,   清楚的
[06:30.06]The manager was so drunk that his speech was barely intelligible. ;经理喝得醉醺醺的,连话 都说不清楚.
[06:33.66]invariably [in'v⺶㥮ri㥮b㥮li] ;ad.不变地,始终如一地    总是
[06:35.07]The security guards are invariably ex-servicemen. ;这些保安都是清一色的 退伍军人.
[06:38.44]magnify['m㘚gnifai] ;vt.放大,扩大;    夸大,夸张
[06:39.70]Cells must be magnifi- ed by a microscope several times before they can be seen. ;细胞要经过显微镜放大好 几倍才看得见.
[06:44.11]Most broadcasters maintain that TV has been unfairly criticized ;多数电视台认为电视受到 了不公正的批评,
[06:48.49]and they argue that the power of the medium has been magnified. ;他们坚持说这种传媒的能 量被大大的夸大了.
[06:51.79]morality[m㥮'r㘚liti] ;n.道德,(行为等的)   道德性;德行,品行,道   德观,道德规范
[06:53.09]Nowdays many businessmen despise commercial morality ;当今社会,很多商人罔顾 商业道德
[06:56.31]to make as much profit as they can. ;竭尽所能攫取利润.
[06:58.46]The morality of abortion has been discussed for a long time in the US. ;堕胎的道德性问题在美国 长期争论不休.
[07:02.57]orient['⺌:ri㥮nt] ;vt.使适应,使熟悉情况 或环境;(~to/towards) 使朝向,以...为方向
[07:03.29]orient['⺌:ri㥮nt] ;n.东方,亚洲(尤指远东)   东半球
[07:03.98]It took quite a long time for a freshman to orient himself. ;大学新生要经过好长一段 时间才能适应新环境.
[07:07.51]The up-to-date styles designed by Yves Saint Laurent,the famous French designer, ;由法国著名设计师伊夫. 圣洛朗设计的最新款式
[07:11.40]will orient fashions of the world this year. ;将领导今年的世界服装新 潮流.
[07:14.33]pathetic[p㥮'⺮etik] ;a.差劲的,令人生厌的;   引起怜悯的,可怜的,   可悲的
[07:15.40]Chow Yun-fat's acting is quite marvelous,but as a singer he's rather pathetic. ;周润发的演技确实很棒, 但他唱歌就马马虎虎了.
[07:19.85]It's pathetic to see her best friend sink so low. ;看到自己最好的朋友堕落 到这种地步,她感到非常 悲哀.
[07:23.19]porch[p⺌:t㤘] ;n.门廊
[07:24.30]A porch is an entrance covered by a roof ;门廊是有顶的入口,
[07:26.37]outside the front door of a western house or church. ;位于西式建筑或教堂前 门外.
[07:29.45]prey[prei] ;n.被捕食的动物,捕获物;   受害者 vi.(~on)捕食,折磨;    使烦恼
[07:30.64]He,with his simplicity and inexperience,was an easy prey for ambitious females. ;由于单纯而缺乏经验,他 常常轻易成为野心勃勃女 子的牺牲品.
[07:35.90]In those far-off times the Vikings used to prey on the coasts of Europe. ;在那遥远的年代,北欧海 盗常常出没于欧洲海岸强 取豪夺.
[07:40.24]quantitative ['kw⺌ntit㥮tiv] ;a.(数)量的,定量的
[07:41.72]It's necessary for us ;我们有必要
[07:43.02]to make a quantitative assessment of the effectiveness of the investment. ;对投资的有效性进行量 比评估.
[07:46.65]regime[rei'䅟i:m] ;n.政治制度,政权
[07:47.80]Things in this war- ridden country will change under the new regime. ;在新政权的治理下,这个 饱受战乱之苦的国家情况 会有所改变.
[07:51.51]robust [r㥮u'b⺧st,'r㥮ub⺧st] ;a.强健的,健康的
[07:52.73]Jacky Chan's robust constitution and dignified appearance ;成龙强健的体格与不凡的 风度
[07:55.96]can attract a girl at the very first sight. ;能让姑娘一见倾心.
[07:58.55]spontaneous [sp⺌n'teinj㥮s] ;a.自发的,无意识的;   自然的,天真率直的
[08:00.04]When Andy Lau,a superstar appeared on the stage, ;当天王巨星刘德华登上 舞台时,
[08:02.63]the fans gave him a spontaneous cheer. ;歌迷们发出自发的喝彩 声.
[08:05.23]Vicky Zhao is greatly liked as she was a fresh and spontaneous girl. ;赵薇的青春活力与纯真率 直的性格十分招人喜欢.
[08:09.86]subtle['s⺧tl] ;a.微妙的,难以捉摸的;   诡秘的,狡诈的;隐约的
[08:11.01]Mona Lisa's subtle smile is unique. ;蒙娜丽莎神秘深邃的微笑 是无与伦比的.
[08:13.64]It was completely dark ;世界一片黑暗,
[08:17.02]except the subtle light given out by a few stars in the far distance in the sky. ;只有深邃的天空中几颗星 星发出暗淡的光芒.
[08:19.98]temp3inate ['t㥮:mineit] ;v.停止,(使)终止
[08:21.28]Let's temp3inate the meeting by ten. ;我们在10点前结束会 议吧.
[08:23.54]void[v⺌id] ;a.无效的;没有的,缺乏的 n.空虚感,寂寞感;真空,   空白 vt.使无效
[08:24.69]Be careful not to sign a null and void contract. ;小心不要鉴定不具有法律 效力的协议.
[08:28.17]Why do many rich people feel void in their life since they are so well off? ;许多富人家财万贯为何还 那么空虚无聊?

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