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[00:00.00]Lesson 28 ;
[00:01.47]alien['eili㥮n] ;n.外国人,外星人 a.外国的,外国人的;   陌生的;性质不同的,   不相容的
[00:02.62]We shouldn't ignore others' opinions just because they are alien to our own ideas. ;我们不是因为别人的想法 与我们的截然不同就忽视 他人的意见.
[00:06.73]assault[㥮's⺌:lt] ;n./vt.攻击,袭击
[00:07.76]Lately there have been violent assaults in Jerusalem ;近来在耶路撒冷常常爆发 暴力冲突
[00:10.31]between the Israelites and Palestinians. ;在以色列人与巴勒斯坦人 之间.
[00:13.31]bandage['b㘚ndid䅟] ; n.绷带 vt.用绷带绑扎
[00:14.38]The surgeon bandaged up the injured head of the player ;外科医生把那个球员受伤 的头部包扎起来,
[00:16.88]and the player dashed back into the field again. ;球员又冲回了球场.
[00:19.27]bribe[braib] ;n.贿赂,行贿赂 vi.向…行贿,买通
[00:20.21]The French minister was accused of having taken bribes in the amp3s deal. ;那个法国的部长被指控 在武器交易中接受了 贿赂.
[00:23.95]clip[klip] ;n.夹子,回行针;弹夹,   弹仓;剪报,电影片断
[00:24.53]clip[klip] ;vt.(用夹子,回行针)   夹住,扣住;剪,修剪;   消减,缩短
[00:24.98]Soon the guard on the train came and clipped our tickets. ;不久列车员走过来给我 们剪了票.
[00:27.61]We were relieved that we made it. 我们终于赶上了火车, 大家松了一口气. ;
[00:29.91]colonial[k㥮'l㥮uni㥮l] ;a.殖民地的
[00:31.35]The Latin American and African people have successfully fought against colonial rule. ;拉丁美洲和非洲人民成功 地进行了反对殖民统治的 斗争.
[00:35.62]decimal['desim㥮l] ;a.十进位的 n.小数
[00:36.65]The decimal system is based on the number 10 and is universally adopted. ;十进位制基于数字10, 在全球被广泛地采用.
[00:41.09]dignity['digniti] ;n.庄严,端庄;尊严,高贵
[00:42.24]Athough she is very poor,she has not lost her dignity. ;她虽然很穷,但没有失 去她的尊严.
[00:45.44]A man's dignity depends not upon his wealth or rank but upon his character. ;人的真正价值不在财富 或地位,而在他的品质.
[00:50.29]drastic['dr㘚stik] ;a.严厉的,极端的;   激烈的,迅猛的
[00:51.48]The members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization ;上海合作组织的成员国
[00:53.91]are detemp3ined to take drastic measure to combat terrorism. ;决心采取果断措施打击 恐怖主义.
[00:57.11]erupt[i'r⺧pt] ;vi.(火山等)喷发,(岩   浆等)喷出;(战争,危   机等)爆发,突然发生
[00:58.06]The volcano in a Philippine island erupted after years of domp3ancy. ;那座菲律宾岛上的火山 在沉睡多年后剧烈活动 起来.
[01:01.92]ferry['feri] ;n.渡船 vt.渡运
[01:02.87]The mother has to ferry her children to and from sports, ;那位母亲每天都开车接 送孩子往返于运动场、
[01:06.03]parties,schools,etc.in her car. ;晚会和学校等等.
[01:08.82]fling[fli㭎] ;vt.(用力地)仍,掷,丢 n.尽情欢乐的一阵,   一时的放纵
[01:09.73]Don't fling your clothes about on the chair;hang them up. ;别把衣服乱扔在椅子上, 把它们挂起来.
[01:12.85]grim[grim] ;a.讨厌的;严酷的,无情的
[01:13.76]The little girl was frightened into crying by his grim smile. ;他的狞笑把小女孩吓得 哭起来.
[01:17.91]handicap['h㘚ndik㘚p] ;n./vt.障碍,妨碍
[01:19.88]It is said that ;有人说,
[01:20.54]the level of a society can be seen from one nation's attitude toward the handicap. ;一个社会的文明程度可以 通过其对于残障人士的态 度反映出来.
[01:24.97]Being small in a basketball match is a handicap. ;在篮球比赛中,个子 小吃亏.
[01:28.26]jerk[d䅟㥮:k] ;vt.使猝然一动,猛拉 vi.猝然一动 n.猛拉,急推
[01:29.29]Hearing my name mentioned,I instinctively jerked my head back. ;听到有人说我的名字,我 出于本能猛地回过头来.
[01:32.95]lofty[l⺌:fti] ;a.高傲的,傲慢的;崇高的   高尚的;高耸的,极高的
[01:33.85]The Japanese invasion of Asian countries was carried out ;日本对亚洲国家进行了 侵略,
[01:36.96]under the false lofty propaganda of emancipating them from colonialism. ;在把亚洲人民从殖民主义 手中解放出来的虚伪崇高 的宣传之下.
[01:41.45]marshal['ma:㤘㥮l] ;n.元帅,最高指挥官
[01:42.48]It is often said ;常言说,
[01:43.55]a marshal is made on the white bones of thousands of average soldiers. ;一将功成万骨枯.
[01:47.16]mutter['m⺧t㥮] ;vt./n.轻声低语,     小声抱怨
[01:48.19]He was muttering on the telephone so I asked him to speak more clearly. ;他打电话声音很低,因此 我让他说得清楚些.
[01:52.10]overthrow [婠_uv㥮'⺮r㥮u] ;vt./n.打倒,推翻
[01:53.41]To provide enough manpower for ever- growing northern factories ;为了给北方日渐扩大的工 厂提供足够的劳动力,
[01:56.99]slavery in the southern states had to be overthrown. ;南方的奴隶制必须推翻.
[01:59.95]That was what ignited the American Civil War. ;那是美国南北战争的 原因.
[02:02.78]overwhelm [婠_uv㥮'welm] ;vt.(感情上)使承受不了    使不知所措;    征服,制服
[02:04.01]In last week's semi-final,the Manchester United overwhelmed Liz by 4-0 ;在上周的半决赛中,曼 联队以4比0击败利兹队.
[02:09.07]pearl[p㥮:l] ;n.珍珠,珠状物
[02:10.01]In the early morning, you can see pearls of dew glistening on the grass. ;晨曦初露的时候,可以看 到露珠在草上闪烁.
[02:13.51]He who would search for pearls must dive below. ;欲寻珍珠就要潜到水里. (不入虎穴,焉得虎子.)
[02:17.12]petty['peti] ;a.小的,琐碎的,不重 要的,气量小的,心胸狭 窄的
[02:18.31]Our oversight of petty details in the contract caused us considerable. ;由于忽视合同中的细节, 我们亏损不小.
[02:22.51]premium['primj㥮m] ;n.保险金;奖品,赠品,   额外津贴 a.高级的,优质的;   售价高的
[02:23.57]Famp3ers are offered a premium for organically grown vegetables. ;农民以有机方式种植蔬菜 而获得津贴.
[02:26.94]propaganda [妏r⺌p㥮'g㘚nd㥮] ;n.宣传
[02:28.01]There has been a good deal of propaganda about the dangers of drunk driving. ;关于酒后驾驶的危害已 做过大量宣传.
[02:31.30]romance[r㥮u'm㘚ns] ;n.爱情小说,传奇故事
[02:32.37]The film Roman Holiday is a romance between a princess and a journalist. ;电影〈罗马假日〉讲的是 一个公主和一个记者的爱 情故事.
[02:36.52]sober['s㥮ub㥮] ;a.未醉的,有节制的;   严肃的,持重的;   (颜色等)素淡的
[02:37.75]A more sober life is advisable to an unrestrained one. ;有节制的生活肯定比 放纵的好.
[02:41.61]surpass[s㥮:p?s] ;vt.超过,优于,多于;    超过…的界限
[02:42.81]Though we thought that we might lose in the first round,the result surpassed our hopes. ;尽管我们认为可能在首轮 即遭淘汰,结果比所期望 的要好.
[02:46.87]tariff['t㘚rif] ;n.关税,税率;(旅馆,   饭店)价目表,收费表
[02:47.70]There is a very high tariff on jewelry. ;宝石类的税率很高,
[02:49.87]That's why imported jewelry is so expensive. ;因此进口宝石很贵.
[02:52.34]token['t㥮uk㥮n] ;n.信物,纪念品
[02:53.41]When people meet,they shake hands as a token of friendship. ;人们相逢的时候,握手以 表示友谊.
[02:56.41]tribute['tribju:t] ;n.贡品;颂词,称赞
[02:57.48]The government paid tribute to Dr. Sun Yatsen ;为表达对孙中山先生的 敬意,
[02:59.86]by naming the city in which he was born after him. ;政府把他出生的城 市命名为中山市.
[03:02.08]wrinkle['ri㭎kl] ;n./vi.皱纹,使起皱纹
[03:03.06]Many moisturizers claim to be anti- wrinkle. ;很多润肤霜都声称是 抗皱的.
[03:05.86]At the mention of the so-called brilliant scheme,she wrinkled her nose in disdain. ;听了那所谓的妙计之后, 她皱鼻子表示不屑.
[03:12.43]Lesson 29 ;
[03:15.31]agony['㘚g㥮ni] ;n.(极度的)痛苦,创伤
[03:16.30]When he was told that he scored 59 in the CET Band 6,he was in an agony of remorse. ;当被告知大学英语6级考 试得了59分的时候,他 处于极端悔恨之中.
[03:21.60]bleak[bli:k] ;a.没有希望的,凄凉的;   荒凉的
[03:22.42]The future of a fimp3 will be very bleak indeed if it can't devise new products. ;一个公司如果不能设计 出新产品,那它的前景 就非常暗淡.
[03:26.57]bog[b⺌g] ;n.沼泽 v.使陷入困境;   使陷入泥沼
[03:27.35]Cathathy Pacific's talks with the pilots ;国泰航空与飞行员们进行 的谈判
[03:29.35]got bogged down on the question of the pay rise. ;在关于增加工资的问题上 陷入僵局.
[03:31.79]caution['k⺌:㤘㥮n] ;n.小心,谨慎;警告 vt.警告,劝…小心
[03:32.77]You should exercise extreme caution when driving in the rain. ;在雨中开车要极为小心.
[03:36.14]chorus['k⺌:r㥮s] ;n.合唱团;合唱;合唱曲;   齐声 vt.齐声说,随声附和
[03:37.25]The papers all chorused the praises of the ;各报不约而同地颂扬
[03:39.45]positive suggestions of the government. ;政府积极性的建议.
[03:41.49]denial[di'nai㥮l] ;n.否认;拒绝,拒绝给予
[03:42.56]The government issued a fimp3 denial of the rumor. ;政府正式发表声明, 对传闻加以否认.
[03:45.27]detach[di't㘚t㤘] ;vt.(~from)拆卸,    使分开,使分离
[03:46.21]Don't detach yourself from reality. ;不要脱离实际.
[03:48.76]domain[d㥮u'mein] ;n.(活动,思维等)领域,   范围;领地,势力范围
[03:49.91]In the domain of letters, ;在文学界,
[03:51.14]it is notoriously known that writers tend to disparage each other. ;文人相轻是人所共知、 臭名在外.
[03:54.76]endurance[in'dju㥮r㥮ns] ;n.忍耐力,持久(力),   耐久(性)
[03:56.12]Long distance runners need great endurance ;长跑运动员需要有很大 的耐力,
[03:58.25]while running short distance calls for explosive force. ;跑短途就需要爆发力.
[04:01.25]extract[iks'tr㘚kt] ;vt.提出,抽出;   提取,提炼;摘录,抄录 n.摘录,选段;   提出物,精,汁
[04:02.16]She read me a few extracts from her own new novel ;她把她自己的新小说念 了几段给我听,
[04:04.93]and asked me to make comments on them. ;要我说我的看法.
[04:06.80]flutter['fl⺧t㥮] ;vi.(鸟)振翼,飞行;飘动  飘扬,(心脏等)快速跳动 n.紧张,激动不安
[04:07.83]A white bird fluttered its wings on the grass trying to shake off the rain. ;一只白色的小鸟在草地上 拍打着翅膀,试图抖落 雨水.
[04:11.65]The red flags on the city tower are fluttering in the wind. ;城中塔楼上的红旗在风中 飘扬.
[04:14.57]gamble['g㘚mbl] ;v.赌博,打赌;投机,冒险
[04:15.43]You shouldn't gamble with your future.Get yourself fully prepared! ;你不应该拿你的前途作 赌注,孤注一掷.你得 做好充分准备.
[04:19.05]heir[⺶㥮] ;n.继承人
[04:19.91]Richard was his father's only heir,as he had no brothers or sisters. ;理查德是他父亲的惟一 继承人,因为他没有兄 弟姐妹.
[04:24.22]hemisphere['hemisfi㥮] ;n.地球的半球,   大脑的半球
[04:25.42]The Northern Hemisphere is the part of the world north of the equator, ;北半球是地球赤道以北的 部分,
[04:28.70]and the Southern Hemisphere is south of the equator. ;南半球是赤道以南 的部分.
[04:31.54]inject[in'd䅟kt] ;vt.注射(药液),    给…注射;投入,引入
[04:32.61]With the arrival of the new young staff,we hope to inject new life into our business ;随着新的年轻员工到来, 我们希望使我们的业务 工作充满朝气.
[04:37.25]knit[nit] ;vt.编结,编织;使紧密   地结合,使紧凑;皱紧,   皱(眉)
[04:38.24]I will knit a scarf for my husband.He will surely love it. ;我要给丈夫织一条围巾, 他一定会喜欢.
[04:41.85]lunar['l(j)u:n㥮] ;a.月的,月球的
[04:43.04]Last week we witnessed the first lunar eclipse in the new century. ;上周我们观看了新世纪 第一次月食.
[04:46.54]It was memorable. ;很有纪念意义.
[04:48.18]mobilize['m㥮ubilaiz] ;vi.动员起来 vt.动员,调动,鼓动
[04:49.33]We are in great danger we must mobilize all our friends. ;我们正处于严重的危险 之中,必须把我们的朋友 都动员起来.
[04:52.66]mump3ur['m㥮:m㥮] ;vt./n.小声说话;小声  抱怨,咕哝;(微风,流水)  发出连续而低沉的声音
[04:53.65]The river is flowing peacefully,as if mump3uring a never- ending story. ;小河静静地流淌着,好像 低声叙述着一个永远没有 尽头的故事.
[04:57.96]optimism['⺌ptimiz㥮m] ;n.乐观主义,乐观
[04:59.40]One who believe in optimism can find much more ;一个乐观的人每天可以 从生活中获得更多快乐.
[05:01.78]pleasure and delight in everyday life. ;一个乐观的人每天可以 从生活中获得更多快乐.
[05:03.63]pedal['pedl] ;v.踩踏板,骑车;脚蹬 n.踏板,踏脚
[05:04.50]She managed to pedal her bicycle slowly up the hill and was highly praised. ;她设法骑车着自行车慢慢 上了山,受到大家高度赞 扬.
[05:08.73]purity['pju㥮riti] ;n.纯净,纯洁,纯正
[05:09.84]The purity of his Putonghua has made us forget he is a foreigner. ;他的普通话极为纯正, 我们竟然忘了他是外国 人.
[05:13.49]quiver['kwiv㥮] ;vi./n.颤抖,发抖,抖动
[05:14.44]She was panic-stricken You could feel the quiver in her voice. ;她惊恐万状,你可以感受 到她的声音在颤抖.
[05:18.38]relay[ri'lei;'ri:lei] ;vt.传送,传达;中继,传播 n.接力赛;中继转播
[05:19.54]In a comprehensive sports meet such as the Olympics, ;在如奥运会这样的综合性 运动会上,
[05:22.53]relay races are among the most thrilling. ;接力赛是最扣人心弦的 项目之一.
[05:25.25]stagger['st㘚g㥮] ;vi.摇晃,蹒跚 vt.使吃惊;使错开,    使交错 n.蹒跚,踉跄
[05:26.52]Nothing can stagger her ardent belief in her husband. ;没有什么可以动摇她对 丈夫坚定的信任.
[05:29.36]stereo['steri㥮u] ;n.立体声 a.立体声的
[05:30.51]Nowadays most electronic audio systems are in stereo. ;现今大部分的电子音频 系统都是立体声.
[05:34.00]symmetry['simitri] ;n.对称(性);匀称,整齐
[05:35.15]China's ancient buildings had a special preference for symmetry. ;中国古代建筑对对称有 着特殊的偏好.
[05:39.05]theft[⺮eft] ;n.偷窃,失窃
[05:40.16]I reported the theft of my wallet to the police. ;我向警察报告了钱包的 失窃.
[05:42.67]underestimate [婠knd㥮r'estimeit] ;vt.低估;对…估计不足  n.估计不足,低估
[05:44.11]Those who underestima- te the intelligence of the rivals will come to grief. ;低估竞争对手智慧的人会 大吃苦头的.
[05:47.81]veil[veil] ;vt.遮盖,厌世 n.面纱,面罩;遮盖物
[05:48.83]Some people veiled their crafty nature under the mask of loyalty. ;有些人在忠诚的外表下 掩藏着奸诈的本性.
[05:52.25]wallet['w⺌lit] ;n.皮夹子,钱包
[05:53.11]A government which makes the wallets of its citizens bulge ;一个让老百姓饱满起来的 政府
[05:56.02]with money is bound to be popular. ;肯定会受到欢迎的.
[05:59.81]Lesson 30 ;
[06:02.97]agreeable [㥮'gri(:)㥮bl] ;a.令人愉快的,惬意的;   (欣然)同意的,乐意的
[06:03.92]Finding her a very agreeable woman, ;我发现她是个和蔼可亲的 女人,
[06:05.83]I couldn't understand why people talked evil of her. ;真不明白为什么别人说她 的不是.
[06:08.78]basement['beism㥮nt] ;n.地下室
[06:09.89]In Canada,many houses have basements. ;在加拿大,很多房子都有 地下室.
[06:12.65]cherish['t㤘eri㤘] ;vt.珍爱,珍视;爱护,    抚育;抱有,    怀有(想法,希望)
[06:13.84]We never cherish any unrealistic fancies about those desperate criminals. ;我们对那些亡命的罪犯从 来不抱任何不切实际的幻 想.
[06:17.99]circus['s㥮:k㥮s] ;n.马戏,马戏团
[06:19.14]Watching circus animals play tricks of all types ;观看马戏团的动物表演
[06:21.68]is among the children's favorite programs. ;是孩子们最热爱的节目 之一.
[06:23.99]commemorate [k㥮'mem㥮reit] ;vt.纪念,庆祝
[06:25.18]Every year millions of people visit the monument ;每年有数百万人参观这座 纪念碑
[06:27.69]that commemorates those who died in the war. ;纪念战争死难者的纪念碑
[06:29.74]courtesy['k㥮:tisi] ;n.谦恭有礼;   有礼貌的举止(言词)
[06:30.89]It is an indication of courtesy to greet others we know when we meet them. ;见到认识的人时向他们打 招呼是一种礼貌的表现.
[06:34.67]dismay[dis'mei] ;n.失望,气馁 vt.使失望,使气馁
[06:35.74]Philadelphia 76 felt dismayed at being defeated for the third time in one mouth. ;费城76 人队对于本队一 月之内第三次被击败沮丧 不已.
[06:40.67]enlighten[in'laitn] ;vt.启发,开导
[06:41.86]TV programs should enlighten the audience as well as entertainment. ;电视节目既要使观众得 到娱乐也要使他们得到 启发.
[06:45.44]fellowship ['fel㥮u㤘ip] ;n.伙伴关系,交情;   团体,协会;   (研究生的)奖学金
[06:46.47]I enjoy cordial fellowship with people. ;我喜欢与人真诚交往.
[06:49.10]fraud[fr⺌:d] ;n.欺诈,诈骗;骗子
[06:50.12]People who tell your future by means of a pack of cards are frauds. ;用一叠纸牌为你占卜未来 的人都是骗子.
[06:53.66]graze[greiz] ;vi(牛羊等)吃青草 vt.放牧
[06:54.69]The sun was shining brightly and cattle were grazing in the field. ;阳光在明晃晃地照耀着, 牛在地里吃着草.
[06:57.89]haunt[h⺌:nt] ;vt.(鬼魂)常出没于;    (思想,回忆等)    萦绕在心头,缠绕 n.常去的地方
[06:58.79]Mr.Thompson is going to sell the old castle because it is haunted. ;汤普森先生打算卖掉那座 古堡,因为它闹鬼.
[07:02.49]This pub used to be one of my uncle's favorite haunts. ;这家小酒店是我叔叔常 去的地方之一.
[07:05.90]innumerable [i'nju:m㥮r㥮bl] ;a.无数的,数不清的
[07:07.34]In the universe,there are innumerable stars and other cosmic substances. ;在宇宙中,有数不清的 星星与其他宇宙物质.
[07:11.78]legitimate [li'd䅟itimit] ;a.合法的,法律认可的; vt.使合法
[07:13.01]Legitimate business transactions are under the protection of the law. ;合法的商业交易受法律 的保护.?
[07:16.42]lounge[laund䅟] ;n.休息厅,休息室 vi.(懒洋洋地)倚,躺;     闲逛,闲荡
[07:17.53]Ronaldo had to lounge his days off in agony ;罗纳尔多只好痛苦而懒 散地打发日子,
[07:20.04]when he was wounded in a bloody football match with Juventus. ;在一场与尤文图斯之间的 火暴球赛中受伤以后.
[07:23.00]majesty['m㘚d䅟isti] ;n.(M-)陛下;   雄伟,壮丽
[07:24.07]Every citizen should acknowlede the majesty of the law. ;每个公民都认可法律至高 无上的权威.
[07:27.27]nourish['n⺧ri㤘] ;vt.养育,喂养;    怀有(希望)
[07:28.38]No matter how bad things are,we should always nourish a hope in our mind. ;无论事情多么糟糕,我们 心里都要满怀希望.
[07:31.96]pasture ['p㘚st㤘㥮] ['p?st㤘㥮] ;n.牧场 vt.放牧
[07:33.15]This pasture can no longer carry such a large number of cattle and sheep. ;这块草地再也不能供养那 么多牛羊了.
[07:36.52]petition[pi'ti㤘㥮n] ;n.请愿书,申诉书 v.(向…)请愿,   正式请求
[07:37.67]The villagers all signed a petition asking for a hospital to be built. ;村民们都在请愿书书上签 名要求建一所医院.
[07:41.41]plaster['pl?st㥮] ;n.灰浆,灰泥;石膏;膏药 vt.在…上抹灰泥
[07:42.64]When we went to see him,Malcolm's right leg was in plaster from a collision. ;我们去探望马尔科姆的 时候,他的右腿还包着 石膏,那是撞车造成的.
[07:47.24]plateau['pl㘚t㥮u] ;n.高原;(上升后的)   稳定时期(或状态)
[07:48.60]As a rule,one makes rapid progress at the beginning and then it reaches a plateau. ;通常,一个人开始的时候 进步神速,以后就进入平 稳时期.
[07:52.75]racket['r㘚kit] ;n.喧嚷,吵闹;   敲诈,勒索;   (网球等的)球拍
[07:53.70]The boys are making a hell of a racket downstairs.Tell them to be quiet. ;楼下的男孩子太吵了. 要他们安静点.
[07:57.39]rectify['rektifai] ;vt.纠正,修复
[07:58.50]Bill Clinton did all his best to rectify the situation, ;克林顿尽力修复他 的处境,
[08:01.26]but Hillary was in no mood to reconcile. ;而希拉里却不愿和解.
[08:03.89]slogan['sl㥮ug㥮n] ;n.标语,口号,广告语
[08:05.12]Shouting slogans alone will never get things done.What we need is down-to-earth efforts. ;光喊喊口号本身做不成 任何事情.我们需要的是 脚踏实地的努力.
[08:10.17]savage['s㘚vid䅟] ;a.残暴的;未开化的 n.野蛮人,粗鲁人 vt.(狗等)乱咬;激烈抨击
[08:11.78]Is a civilized man who kills his fellows with guns ;现代人用枪射杀同类
[08:15.39]less savage than a primitive man killing animals with bows and arrows? ;比原始人用弓箭捕杀动物 文明吗?
[08:18.64]straightforward [streit'f⺌:w㥮d] ;a.正直的,坦率的;   易懂的,简单的
[08:20.12]They took a straight forward route to the beach and you didn't avoid detours. ;别人去海边取直道, 而你却走了弯路.

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