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[00:00.00]Lesson 37 ;第三十七课
[00:01.99]activate ['㘚ktiveit] ;vt.使活动起来,    使开始起作用
[00:03.19]The cardiac pacemaker is used to activate the heartbeat ;心脏起博器是用来激活 心脏跳动的,
[00:05.86]when the patient is suffering from a serious shock. ;在病人严重休克时.
[00:08.63]adjacent [㥮'd䅟eis㥮nt] ;a.临近的,毗连的
[00:10.03]Guangdong Province is adjacent to Hunan Province. ;广东省与湖南省交界.
[00:13.48]automation [婠]:t㥮'mei㤘㥮n] ;n.自动化(技术),   自动操作
[00:14.93]Automation means the methods and machines that make industry mo- re and more automatic, ;自动化指的是使工业生 产日益自动化的方法或 机器,
[00:19.29]esp. by means of electronic controls. ;尤指通过电子控制.
[00:22.30]batch[b㘚t㤘] ;n.一批,一组,一群;   一批生产量
[00:23.38]Every year migratory birds fly to Kunming in batches to survive the winter. ;每年有成批的候鸟飞到 昆明来越冬.
[00:28.94]casualty['k㘚䅟u㥮lti] ;n.伤亡人员,死伤者;   受害者
[00:30.35]In Iran-Iraq war,both sides incurred heavy casualties. ;在两伊战争中,双方均 遭受惨重伤亡.
[00:33.95]catastrophe [k㥮't㘚str㥮fi] ;n.大灾难,灾祸
[00:35.18]The Tangshan earthquake in 1975 was a catastrophe. ;1975 年的唐山大地震 是一场灾难.
[00:38.95]cavity['k㘚viti] ;n.洞,穴,龋洞
[00:40.24]There is a cavity in one of my teeth;it makes me terribly painful. ;我有颗牙齿上有个洞, 疼死我了.
[00:44.13]census['sens㥮s] ;n.人口普查,统计
[00:45.25]In March 2001 the Chinese government announced the result of the fifth census. ;2001 年3月中国政府公 布了第五次人口普查的 结果.
[00:50.09]coverage['k⺧v㥮rid䅟] ;n.覆盖范围;新闻报道
[00:51.09]CCTV has an overall coverage of 90% of the mainland area ;中央电视台已覆盖大陆 90%
[00:55.30]by means of satellite telecommunication. ;通过通讯卫星.
[00:57.47]deficiency [di'fi㤘㥮nsi] ;n.缺乏,不足;   缺点,缺陷
[00:58.50]In spite of mental deficiency,Zhouzhou can conduct a large orchestra. ;尽管弱智,但洲洲却能够 指挥大型管弦乐队.
[01:02.39]It's really a miracle. ;这真是个奇迹.
[01:04.21]deficit['defisit] ;n.赤字,亏空,亏损
[01:05.50]The financial deficit of the USA is now even more serious than Japan. ;美国现在的政府赤字比 日本要严重得多.
[01:10.01]eccentric[ik'sentrik] ;a.古怪的,怪僻的;离心的 n.古怪的人,怪僻的人
[01:11.09]I'm afraid I cannot learn to speak Italian ;我想我一辈子也学 不会意大利语,
[01:13.07]because I cannot pronounce the eccentri -c trill sound no matter how hard I try. ;因为我怎么也发不出那古 怪的颤音,
[01:17.51]Mars,Venus and the other planets move in eccentric orbits. ;火星、金星及其他行星沿 不正圆的轨道运行.
[01:21.39]eclipse[i'klips] ;v.(月,日)食,遮掩  (天体的)光;使失色 n.(月,日)食;(地位,名   誉的)消失,黯然失色
[01:22.55]A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the moon. ;当月球从地球和太阳之间 穿过时就会发生日食.
[01:26.37]Many actors go into eclipse after death. ;许多演员死后声名衰退.
[01:29.30]fascinate['f㘚sineit] ;vt.强烈地吸引,迷住
[01:30.62]The changing vivid colors of the sunset fascinated the eye. ;日落时变化多端的色彩使 人看得入迷.
[01:33.86]It is a universal social problem ;这已成为一个普遍 的社会问题.
[01:35.79]that many teenagers are fascinated with video-games. ;许多青少年沉醉于电子 游戏,
[01:38.41]gasp[g㘚sp] ;n.喘息,喘气 vi.喘息,喘气 vt.喘着气说出(或发出)
[01:39.15]An asthmatic patient coughs so much that he keeps gasping for breath. ;哮喘病人咳嗽得很厉害, 以至于不停地喘气.
[01:42.88]hail[heil] ;n.冰雹;欢呼,呼喊 vt.以欢呼迎接
[01:43.75]In summer hail sometimes falls and damages the crops. ;夏天有时下冰雹,使农作 物受到损害.
[01:46.74]The crowd hailed the actress with joy. ;人群高兴地向那位女演 员欢呼.
[01:49.09]ideology [aidi'⺌l㥮d䅟i] ;n.思想(体系),   思想意识
[01:50.47]As modern university students,we should be opposed to the feudal ideology. ;作为当代大学生,我们应 该反对封建思想.
[01:55.38]kit[kit] ;vt.装备 n.成套工具(或用品);   成套元件
[01:56.34]A fighter plane carries a kit of lifesaving appliance ;歼击机飞行员带有整套 的救生设备.
[01:59.40]when he bails out the fighter plane. ;歼击机飞行员跳伞时
[02:01.36]latent['leit㥮nt] ;a.潜在的,不易察觉的
[02:02.34]The evils latent in the most promising contrivances are prov- ided for as they arise ;最有希望的发明当它们问 世时就带着潜在的邪恶.
[02:07.73]magnitude['m㘚gnitju:d] ;n.重要性,重大;巨大,   广大;大小,最值
[02:09.14]It is an affair of the first magnitude for government of various levels ;是各级政府的头等大事
[02:12.57]to strictly carry out the policy of family planning. ;严格执行计划生育政策.
[02:15.52]The magnitude of traffic flow of Guangzhou is greatly increasing these years ;广州的车流量这几年猛增
[02:20.11]obscene[㥮b'si:n] ;a.淫秽的,下流的;   可恶的,可憎的
[02:21.77]The editors of the film,Women in Pavilion ;电影《庭院里的女人》的 编剧
[02:24.17]cut several scenes containing obscene language. ;删除了几个含有淫秽 语言的场景.
[02:26.94]peel[pi:l] ;vt.剥皮,剥壳; vi.剥落,脱皮; n.(水果等)皮,外皮
[02:27.69]It is said that the apple peel contains a lot of vitamins. ;据说苹果皮富含维生素.
[02:30.67]Some people like to peel the apple before eating ;有的人吃苹果喜欢剥皮.
[02:33.08]for fearing the hamp3 of the famp3 chemical and antiseptic to their health. ;有的人担心农药和 防腐剂对身体有害,
[02:37.20]pendulum ['pend䅟ul㥮m] ;n.钟摆;   摇摆不定的事态   或局面.
[02:38.50]The pendulum of the Big Ben above the British Parliament House ;英国国会大厦上的大本钟 的钟摆
[02:41.52]has to be cleaned every year. ;得每年清洗.
[02:43.38]qualify['kw⺌lifai] ;v.(使)胜任,   (使)具有资格,   (使)合格
[02:44.45]Youngsters are qualified to vote when they are 18 years old. ;年轻人18岁时就有资格 投票.
[02:47.47]Do you qualify for the vote? ;你有投票资格吗?
[02:49.43]rating['reiti㭎] ;n.等级,评定结果;   收视率,收听率
[02:50.41]The critic's rating of the film A Beautiful Mind is high. ;评论家们对电影《美丽 心灵》的评价很高.
[02:53.43]recipient [ri'sipi㥮nt] ;a.接受者,收听者
[02:54.59]The postman spent almost a whole day looking for the recipi -ent of the letter, ;邮递员几乎花了整整一天 时间寻找该信的收信人,
[02:58.15]but up till now he has not found him yet. ;但到现在还没有找到他.
[03:01.19]saturate['s㘚t㤘㥮reit] ;vt.使浸透,湿透;    使充满,使饱和
[03:02.47]It is estimated that TV sets and fridges have been saturated in the China market. ;据估计中国市场上的电 视机和冰箱已经饱和.
[03:06.86]scent[sent] ;n.香味,气味;踪迹;香水 vt.嗅到,察觉
[03:07.84]Scents of lavender and rosemary can relieve tension. ;熏衣草和迷迭香的香味 可以减缓精神紧张.
[03:10.67]segregate['segrigeit] ;vt.使隔离,使分开
[03:11.75]Some societies still segregate men and women. ;有的社会仍然将男女 隔离.
[03:14.56]suite[swi:t] ;n.(旅馆的)套间;    一套家具
[03:15.51]The fomp3er American president Ronald Reagan ;美国前总统里根
[03:17.86]stayed in the president suite of the Guangzhou White Swan Hotel for 2 nights ;曾在广州白天鹅宾馆的 总统套间里住过两个晚 上
[03:21.64]when he visited China. ;访问中国期间.
[03:23.17]terrain[t㥮'rein] ;n.地形,地势
[03:24.09]Nearly 90% of the area of Guizhou Province is mountain terrain. ;贵州省近90%的地区是山 行地形.
[03:27.77]undemp3ine [婠knd㥮'main] ;vt.暗中破坏,削弱;    侵蚀…的基础
[03:29.01]Smoking and overdrinking undemp3ines our health. ;抽烟和过度喝酒有损 健康.
[03:31.54]vegetation [ved䅟i'tei㤘(㥮)n] ;n.植物,草木
[03:32.77]Much of the northweatern vegetation has been damaged by overgrazing ;西北地区大多数天然植被 已被过度放牧破坏.
[03:37.79]Lesson 38 ;第三十八课
[03:40.27]adolescent [㘚d㥮'les㥮nt] ;n.青少年 a.青春期的,青少年的
[03:41.59]It is reported that over 40% of the adolescents are smokers in China. ;据报道,中国有40%的 青少年吸烟.
[03:45.70]Parents should pay special attention to the psychological development ;父母要特别注意其 心理成长
[03:48.79]of their children when they are in adolescent period. ;在孩子青春期时.
[03:51.77]aerial['⺶㥮ri㥮l] ;n.天线 a.飞机的,航空的,由飞机   进行的;空中的,架空的
[03:53.06]An aerial cableway is set up across the Yellow River. ;一条架空索道横跨于 黄河之上.
[03:56.13]bias['bai㥮s] ;n.偏见,偏袒,偏心 vt.使有偏见
[03:57.16]His experiences bias him against businessman. ;他的经历使他对商人 抱有偏见.
[04:00.27]bizarre[bi'za:] ;a.奇形怪状的,怪诞的
[04:01.26]The frost made bizarre patterns on the windowpane. ;霜冻在玻璃窗上形成了 奇形怪状的图案.
[04:04.03]certainty['s㥮:t㥮nti] ;n.必然的事,   确定的事实;   确实,确信
[04:05.19]I can say with certainty that he is right. ;我可以肯定地说他是 对的.
[04:07.59]chord[k⺌:d] ;n.和弦,和音;弦,心弦
[04:08.56]The little boy touched the right chord and I gave him ten dollars. ;小男孩触动了我的心弦, 于是给了他10美元.
[04:11.69]clamp[kl㘚mp] ;vt.(用夹具等)夹紧,     夹住,固定 n.夹头,夹具,夹钳
[04:12.56]The Columbian police are going to clamp down on criminal activity in this area. ;哥伦比亚警方打算严厉打 击这个地区的犯罪活动.
[04:16.45]definitive[di'finitiv] ;a.最可靠的,权威性的;   决定性的
[04:17.79]Professor Li Siguang made a definitive speech on the fomp3ation of rocks ;李四光教授对岩石的 形成作了权威的发言
[04:21.56]at the seminar held in Paris. ;在巴黎举办的研讨会上
[04:23.79]depict[di'pikt] ;vt.描绘,描述
[04:24.95]Hemingway depicts the horrors of war in his works. ;海明威在他的作品中描述 了战争的恐怖.
[04:28.05]eject[i'd䅟ekt] ;vt.驱逐,逐出;喷射,    排出,弹出
[04:29.34]Vesevius ejected a lot of lava and ashes when it erupted last year. ;维苏威火山去年喷发时, 喷射出大量的熔岩和火 山灰.
[04:33.77]elapse[i'l㘚ps] ;vi.(时间)消逝,过去
[04:34.97]Two years have elapsed since I entered the university. ;我进大学读书到现在, 亿过去两年了.
[04:38.08]elite[ei'li:t,i'li:t] ;n.(总称)上层人士,掌权  人物,实力集团;(总称)   出类拔萃的人(或集团)
[04:39.15]The Oxford University and Cambridge Uninersity have ;牛津大学和剑桥大学
[04:41.88]educated the political and scientific elited for the British society. ;为英国社会培养了政治和 科学方面的精英.
[04:46.61]feast[fi:st] ;n.盛宴,筵席;节日 vi.(~on)尽情地吃,   宴饮
[04:47.97]On April 11, ;4月11日,
[04:49.04]the fomp3er NBA star Rodman invited over 1500 people to his birthday feast. ;前NBA球星罗 得曼邀请了1500多人参 加他的生日盛宴.
[04:54.34]feat[fi:t] ;n.伟绩,伟业,技艺
[04:55.22]Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is a marvelous engineering feat. ;南京长江大桥是了不起 的工程伟绩.
[04:59.24]genetic[d䅟i'netik] ;a.遗传学的 n.[pl.]遗传学
[05:00.27]More and moere doctors believe that cancer is a genetic disease. ;越来越多的医生认为癌症 是遗传病.
[05:03.46]hierarchy['hai㥮ra:ki] ;n.等级制度;统治集团,   领导层
[05:04.69]The Supreme Court is the head of a hierarchy of federal courts. ;最高法院是联邦法院等级 系统中的最高机构.
[05:08.39]imitation [奿mi'tei㤘㥮n] ;n.模仿;仿制,仿制品;   赝品
[05:09.63]An artist who can only give imitation of others' styles will not achieve acclaim. ;一个只会模仿他人风格的 艺术家是不会获得人们称 赞的.
[05:14.22]impair[im'p⺶㥮] ;vt.损害,损伤,削弱
[05:15.34]Over 200,000 babies are born in the U.S. each year ;每年美国出生的婴儿超过 20万人
[05:18.06]with defomp3ed bodies and impaired minds because of defective genes. ;由于基因有缺陷,有畸形 躯体和心灵损伤.
[05:21.96]impetus['impit㥮s] ;n.推动,促进,刺激;   推动力
[05:23.17]The refomp3 and open policy is the primary impetus behind China's economic recovery. ;改革开放政策是促进中国 经济恢复的主要推动力.
[05:28.37]layman['leim㥮n] ;n.门外汉,外行
[05:29.59]Doctors sometimes confuse laymen with their jargon. ;医生有的用专门术语把外 行人弄得稀里糊涂,
[05:32.36]maneuver [m㥮'nu:v㥮] ;n.谨慎而熟练的动作,策   略;[pl.]演习 vt.使设法变动位置,操纵 vi.设法变动位置,用策略
[05:33.47]I maneuvered myself out of an embarrassing position. ;我小施策略,使自己 摆脱困境.
[05:36.63]manuscript ['m㘚njuskript] ;n.手稿,原稿,底稿;   手写本
[05:37.86]Now in China,most writers,especially the young ones, ;现在中国大多数的作家, 尤其是年轻作家
[05:40.97]can use computers to write their manuscripts. ;都能用电脑来写搞了.
[05:44.04]necessitate [ni'sesiteit] ;vt.使成为必要,需要
[05:45.36]The increase in population necessitates a greater food supply. ;人口的增加需要更多的 事物供应.
[05:48.91]offset['⺌fset] ;vt.补偿,抵消
[05:49.95]He has to offset his small salary by living economically. ;他以节俭的生活来抵消 其低微的收入.
[05:53.34]perfection [p㥮'fek㤘㥮n] ;n.完美,完善
[05:54.34]The engineers in Honda Automobile Factory ;本田汽车厂的工程师们
[05:56.50]are working toward the perfection of a new design. ;正在努力改进一项新的 设计使之完美.
[05:59.02]periodic [pi㥮ri'⺌dik] ;a.周期的,定期的,   时而发生的
[06:00.18]There is such an orchestra in the Caucasus. ;高加索确实有这样一个 乐团.
[06:02.46]All of the members are more than 100 years old. ;乐团的所有成员都在百 岁以上,
[06:04.94]They rehearse regularly and give periodic concerts. ;他们定期排练,定期开 音乐会.
[06:08.30]pemp3issible [p㥮'misib㥮l] ;a.可允许的,许可的
[06:09.38]The prison governor said ;监狱长说
[06:10.77]what the prisoner requested was unfortunately not pemp3issible. ;囚犯的请求不大可能得 到批准.
[06:14.18]recycle[ri:'saikl] ;vt.回收利用(废物等)
[06:15.42]In Los Angeles alone, millions of pounds of paper are discarded or burned daily ;仅仅在洛杉矶,每天都有 数百万磅的纸张被扔下或 烧掉,
[06:19.94]rather than saved for recycling. ;而不是留着再次利用.
[06:21.92]serial['si㥮ri㥮l] ;n.连续剧,连载故事 a.连续的,顺序排列的
[06:23.57]Jing Yong's Kongfu novels have appeared as serial novels in newspapers. ;金庸的武侠小说以连载小 说的形式出现在报纸上.
[06:30.12]Lesson 39 ;第三十九课
[06:33.52]affiliate[㥮'filieit] ;vt.使隶属于 n.附属机构,分公司
[06:34.50]The Radcliffe College is affiliated with Harvard University. ;Radcliffe 学院附属于 哈佛大学.
[06:37.58]The Harvard faculty provides all instructions, ;哈佛教师任所有课程,
[06:40.02]and Radcliffe graduates receive Harvard degrees. ;毕业生获哈佛授予的 学位.
[06:43.20]aggravate['㘚gr㥮veit] ;vt.加重,使恶化;    激怒,使恼火
[06:44.56]The recent Israeli bombing to Palestine Headquarters ;最近以色列对巴基斯坦 总部的轰炸
[06:47.36]aggravated the tension in the Middle East. ;加剧了中东的紧张局势.
[06:49.50]aggregate['㘚grigeit] ;n.总数,总计 a.总计的,合计的 vt.总计达,积累
[06:50.90]Unit sales for December amounted in the aggregate to 100,000. ;12月份的单位销售量总 数达到10万.
[06:54.79]blaze[bleiz] ;vi.着火;放光彩;爆发 n.火焰,烈火;灿烂
[06:55.91]If we put some paper on the fire,it will soon burst into a blaze. ;如果把纸放在火上,就会 马上发出火焰.
[06:59.93]clarity['kl㘚iti] ;n.清楚,明确
[07:01.00]I'm greatly impressed by the clarity of the sea water in Hainan. ;海南清澈的海水给我留下 了深刻的印象.
[07:04.36]clearance['kli㥮r㥮ns] ;n.净空;清除;清算
[07:05.48]Generally speaking ;一般来说,
[07:07.05]in a modern apartment the clearance of the living room is becoming larger. ;现代公寓的客厅变得越 来越大.
[07:10.81]At the turn of seasons ;在季节交替的时候,
[07:12.43]there is usually a clearance sale of some goods in almost every store. ;各商店通常都对某些商 品清仓大减价.
[07:16.04]designate['dezigneit] ;vi.指派,委任;标出
[07:17.20]A special committee was designated by the UN ;联合国指派了一个特别委 员会
[07:19.80]to mediate the conflict between Palestine and Israel. ;去调停巴基斯坦和以 色列的冲突.
[07:22.45]diagnose [奷ai㥮g'n㥮uz] ['dai㥮gn㥮uz] ;vt.诊断,判断
[07:23.65]Doctors have to rely on a CT (computerized tomography )machine ;医生只有依赖CT(计算机 化X线体层照相技术),
[07:25.85]to diagnose tumors inside the head. ;来确诊头部肿瘤.
[07:27.87]Through effective tests,students' reading difficulties can be diagnosed. ;通过有效的测试,学生 阅读上的困难可被查找 出来.
[07:31.86]embody[im'b⺌di] ;vt.体现;包含,包括
[07:32.97]The new marriage law of country embodies some changed legal provisions. ;我国新的婚姻法有些条 文做了改动.
[07:37.24]The article embodied all his opinions on the incident. ;
[07:40.72]embed[im'bed] ;vt.把钳入,扎牢
[07:41.84]Hegemonism has been embedded in the mind of some American politicians. ;霸权主义思想已深深印入 某些美国政客的脑海.
[07:46.09]federation [奻ed㥮rei㤘㥮n] ;n.联合会;联邦
[07:47.50]The United States is a federation of fifty individual states. ;美国是由50个州组成的 联邦.
[07:50.90]finite['fainait] ;a.有限的,限定的
[07:51.68]We must save energy because the natural resources of the earth are finite. ;我们必须节约能源,因 为地球的自然资源是有 限的.
[07:55.86]hitherto ['hi⺪㥮'tu:] ;ad.到目前为止;迄今
[07:57.70]The missing Chinese pilot,Wang Wei,has not been found hitherto. ;到目前为止失踪的中国 飞行员王伟还没有找到.
[08:01.87]implicit[im'plisit] ;a.含蓄的;无疑问的;   固有的
[08:03.20]The leader has implicit trust in his secretary. ;领导对自己的秘书绝对 信任.
[08:06.01]inaugurate [i'n⺌:gjureit] ;vt.开始;    为…举行就职典礼
[08:07.17]American presidents are always inaugurated on January 20th. ;美国总统总是在元月20日 宣誓就职的.
[08:10.81]incidence['insid㥮ns] ;n.发生率
[08:12.06]It is reported that the incidence of illiteracy of China is noticeably decreasing. ;据报道,中国文盲率正在 显著下降.
[08:16.54]marginal['ma:d䅟in㥮l] ;a.微小的,不重要的;   记在页边的
[08:17.78]Students should develop a habit of making marginal notes while reading. ;学生应养成阅读时在书的 页边上做笔记的习惯.
[08:21.34]nonetheless [n⺧⺪㥮'les] ;ad.尽管如此,依然
[08:22.57]The main stream of the world's situation is peace; ;尽管世界形势的 主流是和平,
[08:25.43]nonetheless local conflicts never stop. ;但是地区冲突从来 就没有停止过.
[08:28.29]plausible ['pl⺌:zib㥮l] ;a.似乎合理的;   似乎可能的
[08:29.40]The American intervention in the Balkan affairs seems plausible, ;美国对巴尔干事务的干涉 貌似有理,
[08:32.84]but it is a typical American hegemonic behavior. ;其实是典型的美国式霸 权主义行径.
[08:36.00]poke[p㥮uk] ;vt.捅,戳;伸出 vi.伸出,突出; n.戳,捅
[08:36.74]Passengers are not allowed to poke their heads out of the windows ;乘客不要将头伸出窗外.
[08:39.59]when the bus is moving. ;公共汽车开动时,
[08:41.04]pore[p⺌:] ;n.毛孔,细孔 vi.仔细阅读,审视
[08:42.04]When signing a contract you should pore over every clause in case you are fooled ;签合同前应仔细审读合同 的每一条款,以防万一上 当受骗.
[08:46.18]referee[妑ef㥮'ri:] ;n.裁判员;仲裁员 v.当裁判
[08:47.25]In a football match ;足球比赛中,
[08:48.38]one referee and two linesmen shall be appointed to officiate in each game. ;每场比赛任命一名裁判 员、两名巡边员执行裁 判任务.
[08:52.43]shaft[㤘a:ft] ;n.柄,杆;轴;(光)束
[08:53.22]The shaft of an arrow is made of alloy material. ;箭杆是用合金材料制 作的.
[08:56.29]shepherd['㤘ep㥮d] ;n.牧羊人 vt.带领,引领
[08:57.40]The passengers were shepherded across the tamp3ac to the airliner ;旅客们被引导走过跑道上 飞机.
[09:01.04]shuttle['㤘⺧tl] ;n.织机的梭子;航天飞机 vi.穿梭般来回; vt.短程穿梭运动
[09:02.07]With a modern transportation network between Guangzhou and Shenzhen, ;广州与深圳间建有现代化 交通网络,
[09:05.26]trains and buses and lorries shuttle passengers and goods across the two cities. ;火车、大巴和卡车穿梭于 两市运送乘客和货物.

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