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[10:28.23]veto['vi:t㥮u] ;vt./n.否决
[10:29.23]The President exercised his veto against the Congressional bill. ;总统对国会的法案行使了 否决权.
[10:32.46]vulgar['v⺧lg㥮] ;a.粗野的,下流的,   庸俗的,粗俗的
[10:33.37]The houses and cars of the newly rich are huge but vulgar. ;那位爆发户的房子和车子 都硕大无比,却也俗不可 耐.
[10:36.89]Putting food into one's mouth with a knife is considered a vulgar act in England. ;按英国规矩,用餐刀将 食物送入口中算是失仪.
[10:42.19]Lesson 23 ;
[10:45.01]alternate ['⺌:lt㥮:neit] ;a.交换的,轮流的;间隔的 vt./vi.(使)交换,     (使)轮流
[10:46.17]The fashionable style designed by the famous designer ;由这位著名服装设计师设 计的新潮时装上
[10:48.74]has some alternate stripes of blue and white which made the fashion quite special. ;有蓝白相间的条纹,这正 是其与众不同的独特之 处.
[10:53.46]The two candidates for the presidency ;两位总统候选人
[10:55.54]will alternate in giving their respective election speeches on TV. ;将会在电视上轮番进行 竞选演说.
[10:59.30]assurance [㥮'㤘u㥮r㥮ns] ;n.把握,信心;保证,   表示保证(鼓励,安慰)   的话;(人寿)保险
[11:00.54]During the interview, ;在面试的过程中,
[11:01.62]I answered all the questions raised by the interviewer with assurance. ;我信心十足地回答了面 试人提出的所有问题.
[11:04.93]Despite my friends' repeated assurance before the interview, ;面试之前,虽然我的朋友 说了很多鼓励的话,
[11:08.08]I was still very nervous. ;但我仍然十分紧张.
[11:09.65]coincide[妅㥮uin'said] ;vi.同时发生;    相符,相一致;    位置重合,重叠
[11:11.18]We can say that one is lucky if his vocation coincide with his avocation. ;如果一个人的职业刚好与 他的爱好一致,那么我们 就可以说他是非常幸运的
[11:15.94]comply[k㥮m'plai] ;vt.(~with)遵从,    依从,服从
[11:17.11]All the citizens must comply with the law. ;所有公民都必须遵守 法律.
[11:19.67]consolidate [k㥮n's⺌lideit] ;v.巩固,加强;(把…)   联为一体,合并
[11:20.92]The two banks will consolidate in July next year. ;这两家银行明年7月将 合并.
[11:23.81]Several small businesses consolidated to fomp3 a large powerful company ;几家小企业合并成一家势 力雄厚的大型公司.
[11:28.16]dazzle['d㘚z㥮l] ;v.(使)眩目,(耀)眼;   使赞叹不已,使倾倒 n.耀眼的光;   令人赞叹的东西
[11:29.12]He was dazzled by his sudden success. ;突然的成功冲昏了他的 头脑.
[11:31.39]The diamond ring dazzled with brilliancy. ;这只钻石戒指闪耀夺目.
[11:33.92]destructive [di'str⺧ktiv] ;a.破坏(性)的,毁灭性的
[11:35.12]Policies that are destructive to economic development should be abandoned. ;有碍经济发展的政策应该 摈弃掉.
[11:39.01]distract[di'str㘚kt] ;vt.转移(注意力);    使分心
[11:40.26]The noise in the street distracted me from my reading. ;街上嘈杂声使我无法专 心读书.
[11:43.24]The school students were distracted by the wonderful world outside the classroom. ;教室外的精彩世界使学生 们不能集中注意力.
[11:47.59]expenditure [ik'spendit㤘㥮] ;n.经费,费用,支出额;  (时间,金钱等的)花费,  支出,消耗
[11:49.41]All the departments are required to limit their expenditure to what's essential. ;每个部门都被要求限制在 必要的开支上.
[11:53.43]flaw[fl⺌:] ;n.缺点,瑕疵,缺陷
[11:54.54]Vanity is the great flaw in the character of many women. ;爱慕虚荣是很多女性性格 中的重大缺陷.
[11:57.78]It's a pity that the scar flawed her skin. ;很遗憾,这块疤痕在她 皮肤上造成了缺陷.
[12:00.43]hatch[h㘚t㤘] ;vt.孵出,孵;策划,图谋 vi.(~out)(小鸡等)孵出 n.(飞机等的)舱门   (门等的)开口;孵化
[12:01.67]Don't count the chickens before they are hatched. ;[谚]鸡蛋还未孵,别忙     数鸡雏.
[12:04.03]What mischief are you hatching (up)? ;你们在搞什么鬼花样?
[12:06.27]ignite[ig'nait] ;vt.点燃,引发 vi.着火
[12:07.42]A lighted cigarette can ignite a big forest fire. ;一根点燃的香烟就可以 引起森林大火.
[12:10.37]His enthusiastic speech ignited the audience. ;他热情洋溢的演说让听 众热血沸腾.
[12:13.56]indignant[in'dign㥮nt] ;a.愤怒的,愤慨的,义愤的
[12:14.80]All the Chinese people were indignant ;全中国人民都感到无 比愤慨,
[12:16.85]when learning that the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia had been bombed by NATO. ;当听说中国驻南联盟大 使馆被北约轰炸时.
[12:20.97]instantaneous [奿nst㥮n'teini㥮s] ;a.瞬间的,即刻的
[12:22.62]I'm looking forward to an instantaneous reply to this letter. ;本人翘首盼望对此信件的 即刻答复.
[12:25.81]invalid[in'v㘚lid] ['inv㥮lid] ;a.(指法律上)无效的,   无可靠根据的,   站不住脚的
[12:25.77]invalid[in'v㘚lid] ['inv㥮lid] ;n.(需要有人照顾的)   病弱者,残疾者
[12:26.81]Unless it is signed,a cheque is invalid. ;支票除非签了字,否则 是无效的.
[12:29.42]The invalid is gathering strength. ;这位病弱者体力正在逐 渐恢复.
[12:31.94]minimize['minimaiz] ;vt.(使)减少(或缩小)  到最低限度;极力贬低,  对…做出最低估计
[12:33.02]One of the effective measure to minimize the dangers of driving ;使发生车祸的机会减到 最低的有效措施之一
[12:36.00]is to teach people to obey all the traffic rules. ;就是教育人们遵守一切 交通规则.
[12:38.40]obscure[㥮b'skju㥮] ;a.不著名的,不重要的; 费解的,模糊不清的; vt.使变模糊,掩盖
[12:39.61]Jude,the Obscure is a masterpiece written by Thomas Hardy, ;《无名的裘德》 是哈代的代表作,
[12:43.21]one of the most famous English novelists. ;哈代英国最著名的作家 之一.
[12:45.65]One's success obscure his failures. ;一个人的成功使他的失败 显得微不足道.
[12:48.39]The moon was obscured by dark clouds. ;月亮被乌云遮住了.
[12:50.75]participant [pa:'tisip㥮nt] ;n.参与者,参加者
[12:51.86]Susan B. Anthony,the American champion of woman's suffrage, ;苏珊.比.安东尼是美国 争取妇女参政的倡导者,
[12:54.97]was also a participant in the movement to end slavery. ;也是废奴运动的参加者.
[12:58.04]persuasion [p㥮'swei䅟㥮n] ;n.说服(力),劝说;   信念,信仰
[12:59.15]Parents are encouraged to rely on persuasion rather than punishment. ;鼓励父母们依靠说服的方 法而不要靠惩罚.
[13:02.59]pretext['pri:tekst] ;n.借口,托辞
[13:03.79]Don't always use a headache as a pretext for not going to school! ;不要老以头痛为借口不 上学.
[13:07.15]propel[pr㥮'pel] ;vt.推进,推动;    激励,驱使
[13:08.22]The change in China is being propelled by the new economic upsurge. ;新经济的浪潮正把中国 的变革推向前进.
[13:11.70]refreshment [ri'fre㤘m㥮nt] ;n.[常pl.]茶点,点心; (精力的)恢复,精神爽快
[13:12.90]Ice cream is a good refreshment on a hot day. ;冰淇淋在热天是解暑提 神的佳品.
[13:15.56]Refreshments will be served after the meeting. ;会后有点心供应.
[13:17.96]revive[ri'vaiv] ;vt.(使)复苏 vi.恢复
[13:18.91]The drooping plants revived in the rain. ;萎蔫的植物在雨中有恢复 了生气.
[13:21.23]Hot coffee revived me; I had been cold and tired. ;热咖啡使又冷又累的我恢 复了精力.
[13:25.20]snatch[sn㘚t㤘] ;vt.夺,夺走;一下子拉   一把抓住;抓住机会做,   抽空做 vi.(at)一把抓住
[13:25.91]snatch[sn㘚t㤘] ;n.片段
[13:26.41]The thief snatched my handbag and ran off. ;小偷一把夺走我的手提包 便逃之夭夭.
[13:28.93]During the exam,I can only sleep in snatchs at night. ;考试期间,夜晚我只能睡 一会儿觉.
[13:32.54]subsidiary [s㥮b'sidi㥮ri] ;a.辅助的,次要的,附设的 n.子公司,附属机构
[13:33.90]The question of finance is subsidiary to the question of ;财务问题是这一项目
[13:36.64]whether the project will be approved. ;是否获准的附带问题.
[13:38.50]tempt[tempt] ;vt.吸引,引起…的兴趣    引诱,诱惑
[13:39.58]The wamp3 weather tempted us into going for a walk. ;暖和的天气吸引我们去 散步.
[13:42.72]transition [tr㘚n'si㤘㥮n] ;n.过渡,转变
[13:44.05]Women in menopausal disorders are subject to frequent transitions ;有更年期综合症的女人 常是喜怒无常.
[13:47.45]from high spirits to depression and anger. ;有更年期综合症的女人 常是喜怒无常.
[13:50.18]vicinity[vi'siniti] ;n.周围地区,邻近地区
[13:51.38]The two restaurants in close vicinity compete violently. ;两家比邻餐厅竞争非常 激烈.
[13:54.98]vulnerable ['v⺧ln㥮r㥮b㥮l] ;a.易受伤的,脆弱的;   易受攻击的,难防御的
[13:56.10]Young birds are very vulnerable to predators. ;幼小的鸟易受肉食动物 的伤害.
[13:58.63]Young people are vulnerable to the influences of radio and television. ;年轻人容易受广播和电 视的影响.
[14:01.98]warrant['w⺌r㥮nt] ;n.授权令;(正当)理由,   根据 vt.证明…是正当的
[14:02.89]The Constitution guarntees ;宪法保证了
[14:04.34]that private homes will not be searched without a warrant. ;没有搜查证,不得 任意搜查私人家宅.
[14:07.03]You had no warrant for doing that. ;你那样做毫无道理.
[14:09.15]warranty['w⺌r㥮nti] ;n.担保书,证书,保单
[14:10.14]You can have a five- year-period warranty for the television you bought. ;你买的电视机有五年的保 用期.
[14:14.49]Lesson 24 ;
[14:17.31]ambiguous[㘚m'bigju㥮s] ;a.引起歧义的,   摸棱两可的,含混的
[14:18.71]The President's ambiguous directions confused the staff who didn't know what to do ;总统含糊的指令让他的下 属有些茫然,不知如何是 好.
[14:22.98]authentic[⺌:'⺮entik] ;a.真的,真正的;   可靠的,可信的
[14:24.22]Can you distinguish between an authentic antique and a fake one? ;你能辨认古董真品和赝 品吗?
[14:28.61]Nowadays it's quite difficult to tell an authentic news report from an invented one, ;现在有的新闻报道可谓是 真假难辨,
[14:32.92]especially news about the celebrities. ;尤其是对于那些名流 们的报道.
[14:35.24]compulsory [k㥮m'p⺧ls㥮ri] ;a.必须做的,强制性的,   (课程)必修的
[14:36.44]Is English a compulsory course in your school? ;在你们学校,英语是必 修的课程吗?
[14:39.09]A nine year compulsory education is implemented in China. ;中国实行9年义务教育.
[14:43.23]conspicuous [k㥮n'spikju㥮s] ;a.显眼的;明显的
[14:44.68]She's always conspicuous because of her bright clothes and queer hair style. ;因为她衣着鲜艳,发型古 怪,所以总是惹人注目.
[14:48.99]decisive[di'saisiv] ;a.决定性的;坚定的,   果断的;决断的
[14:50.19]Waterloo was the decisive battle of the whole war. ;滑铁卢一役左右了整个 战局.
[14:53.13]deteriorate [di'ti㥮ri㥮reit] ;v.恶化,变坏
[14:54.29]He Long's health had deteriorated while he was in prison. ;贺龙在狱中时健康已经 越来越恶化了.
[14:57.81]diversion [dai'v㥮:㤘㥮n] ;n.转移,转向,消遣,娱乐;   (修路时)临时绕行路
[14:59.14]Some students marred their writings by a diversion into irrelevant material. ;一些学生由于插入无关材 料偏离主题而把作文写糟 了.
[15:03.24]engagement [in'geid䅟m㥮nt] ;n.订婚,婚约;约会
[15:04.52]The two lovers had an engagement to meet secretly after dark. ;两个恋人约好在天黑以 后秘密会面.
[15:07.83]Their engagement was announced in the local paper. ;他们订婚的消息已登在 当地报纸上.
[15:11.02]expire[iks'pai㥮] ;v.期满,(期限)终止,   断气,死亡
[15:12.18]My passport expires in a month. ;我的护照再过一个月就 到期了.
[15:14.46]fluctuate ['fl⺧ktjueit] ;vi.波动,涨落,起伏
[15:15.54]The prices of vegetables and fruits fluctuate with the seasons. ;蔬菜和水果的价格随季 节而波动.
[15:18.93]haul[h⺌:l] ;vt.(用力)拖,拉;    (用车等)拖运,运送
[15:19.60]haul[h⺌:l] ;n.拖,拉,拖运;一次获得   (或偷得等)的数量
[15:20.09]When dusk came,the fishemp3en hauled the boat up onto the shore. ;黄昏降临,渔夫们用力 把船拖上岸.
[15:24.23]Raised for its milk, meat,and hide, ;饲养驯鹿除了要获取奶、 肉和皮革之外,
[15:26.68]the reindeer is also used to  haul things from place to place. ;还要用来把东西从一个 地方运送到另一个地方.
[15:29.87]illuminate [i'lu:mineit] ;vt.照明,照亮;    阐明,启发
[15:31.15]Tian'anmen Square really looks magnificent at night when it is illuminated ;在晚间灯光的照耀下,天 安门广场看起来确实很 壮观.
[15:34.96]indignation [奿ndig'nei㤘㥮n] ;n.愤怒,愤慨,义愤
[15:36.33]The manager expressed his indignation at being unfairly dismis- sed by the president. ;经理对他被总裁不公平 解雇的一事愤愤不平.
[15:41.17]integrity[in'tegriti] ;n.正直,诚实,完整,   完全,完整性
[15:42.42]Some people have a lot of integrity in keeping their principles. ;有的人在遵守原则方面 规规矩矩.
[15:45.77]invaluable [in'v㘚lju㥮b㥮l] ;a.非常宝贵的;极为贵   重的,无价的
[15:47.18]Good health,not wealth,is an invaluable blessing. ;健康(不是财富)才是千 金难买的福气.
[15:50.66]literal['lit㥮r㥮l] ;a.照字面上的,原义的;   逐字的
[15:51.53]The literal meaning of "ponder" is to "weigh". ;"ponder"(权衡)的字 面原意是“你…的分量”
[15:54.22]literally['lit㥮r㥮li] ;ad.逐字的,照原文、   照字面的;确实地,   真正地;简直
[15:55.21]To translate literally is not always the closest to the original meaning. ;逐字翻译不一定最接近 原义.
[15:58.65]There are people in the world who literally do not know how to boil water. ;世界上确实有不知道怎么 烧水的人,
[16:01.92]misfortune [mis'f⺌:t㤘㥮n] ;n.不幸,厄运,逆境;   不幸事故,灾难,灾祸
[16:03.21]Misfortune never come alone. ;[谚]祸不单行.
[16:05.48]I had the misfortune to break my leg yesterday. ;昨天我不幸折断了腿.
[16:08.72]oppress[㥮'pres] ;vt.压迫,压制;(使心    情等)沉重,使烦恼
[16:10.04]Poverty oppresses the spirit. ;贫穷折磨着人们的心灵.
[16:11.99]I feel oppressed by the heat. ;我感到闷热难受.
[16:14.10]pastime['p?staim] ;n.消遣,娱乐
[16:15.51]Playing cards is our favorite pastime when travel by train. ;打牌是我们乘火车旅行时 最喜欢的娱乐消遣.
[16:19.11]ponder['p⺌nd㥮] ;v.思索,考虑,沉思
[16:20.23]I want to quietly ponder what we to do next. ;我想静静想一想下一步 怎么办.
[16:22.84]Many people are pondering (upon) the meaning of life. ;许多人都在苦苦思索生活 的意义.
[16:25.57]provocative [pr㥮'v⺌k㥮tiv] ;a.挑衅的,煽动的,   刺激的;挑逗的
[16:26.81]The pretty model looks very provocative in a transparent miniskirt. ;在时装表演中,漂亮的模 特儿穿着一条透明的迷你 裙,看上去十分撩人.
[16:31.49]prevalent ['prev㥮l㥮nt] ;a.流行的,普通的
[16:32.45]Smog is more prevalent in urban centers. ;烟雾在市中心更为普遍.
[16:35.06]refute[ri'fju:t] ;vt.驳斥,驳倒
[16:36.17]The lawyer made good use of the favorable evidence ;律师充分利用大量的有 利证据
[16:38.51]to refute his counterpart's testimony. ;驳倒了对手的证词.
[16:40.81]rip[rip] ;vt./vi.扯破;撕坏 n.裂口,裂缝
[16:41.68]Lightening ripped the cloudy night sky. ;闪电划破乌云的夜空.
[16:43.88]There's a big rip in my sleeve. ;我的袖子有一道裂口.
[16:45.95]specification [妔pesifi'kei㤘㥮n] ;n.[常pl.]规格,规范;   明确说明;(产品)   说明书
[16:47.48]The First Amendment to the American constitution is the specification ;美国宪法的第一条修正案
[16:50.96]that each citizen enjoys freedom of religion. ;是关于公民享有宗教信仰 自由的规定.
[16:53.90]subsidy['s⺧bsidi] ;n.补助金,津贴
[16:55.10]Can I apply for the unemployment subsidy when I have no job? ;失业了我可以申请失业补 助金吗?
[16:58.29]tentative['tent㥮tiv] ;n.试探性的,实验性的
[16:59.33]Kissinger's first visit to China was a tentative one. ;基辛格对中国的第一次访 问是试探性的.
[17:02.47]transplant [tr㘚ns'pl?nt] [tr㘚ns'pl㘚nt] ;vt.移栽,移种(植物等);   移植(器官);使迁移,   使移居 n.(器官)移植
[17:03.51]Tea was transplanted from China to India and Sri Lanka. ;茶树是从中国移植到印度 和斯里兰卡的.
[17:06.78]Not every transplant operation can be successful, ;并不是每一个器官移植都 能成功,
[17:09.60]because the transplant may be rejected by the surrounding tissues. ;因为移植的器官可能会 受周围细胞的排斥.
[17:12.91]virgin['v㥮:d䅟in] ;n.处女,未婚女子 a.未经开发的,未经使用  的,未经触动的;处女的
[17:13.90]The blessed Virgin Mary refers to Jesus' mother. ;圣母玛利亚是耶苏基督 的母亲.
[17:16.93]Lesson 25 ;
[17:19.08]abrupt[㥮'br⺧pt] ;a.突然的;唐突的,鲁莽的
[17:20.32]Because the man on the strange phone call sounded abrupt, ;陌生电话里的那个男子 说话的声音听起来很唐 突,
[17:22.93]I put the receiver down at once. ;我就立即把电话放下了.
[17:24.96]There are abrupt weather changes. ;天有不测风云.
[17:27.20]abundance [㥮'b⺧nd㥮ns] ;n.大量,丰富,充足
[17:28.48]Nowadays in any city in China ;现在中国的任何一个城市
[17:30.43]you can find an abundance of goods of all types and prices. ;都能看到各种各样、价位 不一的商品.
[17:33.66]bachelor['b㘚t㤘㥮l㥮] ;n.单身男子;   学士,学士学位
[17:34.78]Richard Lee is a bachelor,but he is one of the best would-be husbands for girls. ;李泽楷是个单身汉,但他 却是女孩子眼里最佳的丈 夫人选之一.
[17:39.46]compile[k㥮m'pail] ;vt.汇编,编撰
[17:40.66]Each year the State Statistical Bureau ;每年国家统计局
[17:42.78]will compile a yearbook by fields and by regions. ;都会按照行业和地区编 撰年报.
[17:45.92]compliment ['k⺌mplim㥮nt] ;n.赞美(话),恭维(话); [pl.]致意,问候
[17:47.08]I sincerely appreciate your compliments,but I really feel I am not up to them. ;谢谢你的赞美,我真的觉 得受之有愧.
[17:51.30]Extend my compliments to your mother!(My compliments to your mother!) ;向你母亲代为致意.
[17:53.83]exile['eksail] ;n.流放,放逐;被流放者,   背井离乡者 vt.流放,使流亡
[17:55.03]Napoleon was once exiled(=was once sent into exile) to the island of St.Helena. ;拿破仑曾被放逐到圣赫 勒拿岛.
[17:58.68]expel[iks'pel] ;vt.把…开除;驱逐,    赶走,放逐
[18:00.12]The student from the Department of Physics was expelled last week ;上周那个物理系的同学
[18:03.15]because he cheated on the exams. ;因为考试作弊被开除了.
[18:05.09]Russia has lately decided to expel a US diplomat from its land, ;俄国最近驱逐了一名美 国外交官,
[18:08.82]declaring he has done something improper. ;称他干了与自己的身份 不相符合的事情.
[18:11.06]gleam[gli:m] ;vi.闪亮,闪烁; (~with)闪现,流露; n.闪光,闪亮
[18:12.14]The soft gleam of the signal lamp told us our troops were ready for the attack. ;信号灯发出的微弱闪光 告诉我们,我们的部队做 好了进攻准备.
[18:16.15]The groom's eyes are gleaming with excitement. ;新郎的眼睛流露着激动 的神情.
[18:19.38]grease[gri:s] ;n.(动物)油脂;润滑油 vt.给…加润滑油
[18:20.42]Because the grease was almost gone,the gears suffered from serious wear and tear. ;由于润滑油差不多耗尽 了,齿轮磨损很严重.
[18:24.39]The new lubricating oil from Shell greases the car in a terrific way. ;“壳”牌公司的这种新 的润滑油使得车的部件得 到很好的保护.
[18:28.54]hurricane['h⺧rik㥮n] ;n.飓风
[18:29.78]Hurricanes in the Atlantic are known as typhoons in the Pacific. ;大西洋的飓风在太平洋 就被称为台风.
[18:33.30]intrigue[in'tri:g] ;vt.激起…的好奇心,迷住 vi.耍阴谋,使诡计 n.阴谋,诡计
[18:34.50]That people can talk with people on another continent through a telephone line ;通过一根电话线,人们 就能跟在另一个洲的人 讲话,
[18:38.14]once tremendously intrigued everyone. ;这曾让每个人惊叹不已.
[18:40.55]The royal palace was full of intrigue. ;皇宫中充满了勾心斗角.
[18:43.16]liner['lain㥮] ;n.衬里,大客轮
[18:44.40]The liner of this dress is made of silk. ;这条裙子的衬里是丝制 的.
[18:46.72]On the liner bound for New Amsterdam people are always filled with anticipation. ;在驶向新阿姆斯特丹的客 轮上,人们心里都满怀期 待.
[18:51.65]linger['li㭎g㥮] ;vi.(因不愿离开)    继续逗留;留恋徘徊 (~on)继续存留,缓慢消失
[18:52.89]The two lovers lingered over coffee and didn't realize it was long past midnight ;这对恋人流连于咖啡馆, 一点也没意识到时间早就 过了午夜.
[18:57.28]masculine['m㘚skjulin] ;a.男性的,男子的;   男子气概
[18:58.60]It is masculine when one faces life's challenges ;如果一个人勇敢面对生活 的挑战,
[19:01.05]very bravery and never yields to them. ;从不退缩,我们就说他 很有男子汉的气概.
[19:03.45]In the modern competitive society, ;在现代这个竞争性的社 会里,
[19:05.60]masculine characteristic will certainly put one at an advantage. ;男性性格显然会使一个 人处于优势地位.
[19:09.12]municipal [mju(:)'nisip㥮l] ;a.市的,市政的
[19:10.32]The municipal government has decided to open a new canal ;市政府决定新开辟一条 运河,
[19:13.23]to make the transportation more convenient between different districts. ;以使各个区之间运 输更加便利.
[19:16.66]nominate['n⺌mineit] ;vt.提名,任命
[19:17.70]The prime minister has nominated the fomp3er defense minister ;首相已任命前国防部长
[19:20.84]as the new foreign minister. ;担任新政府的外长.
[19:22.71]A US physicist and his Gemp3an associate ;两位分别来自美国和德国 的物理学家
[19:25.44]were nominated for this year's Nobel Prize in physics. ;获得今年诺贝 尔物理奖提名.
[19:28.59]overflow [婠_uv㥮'fl㥮u] ;vi.溢出,泛滥; n.溢流口,溢流管
[19:29.91]I forgot to turn off the faucet and the toilet overflowed again. ;我忘了关水龙头,结果厕 盆里的水溢出了,搞坏了 家里的木地板.
[19:34.76]The overflow of the fish vat seems to have been blocked.Get a repaimp3an. ;鱼缸的溢流管好像被堵住 了.赶快叫一个修理工.
[19:39.48]overhear[婠_uv㥮'hi㥮] ;vt.无意中听到,偷听
[19:40.77]The maid overheard the two thieves talking in a low voice in the corner ;女仆听到两个小偷在角落 里低声说话,
[19:44.41]and told it to her mistress. ;于是告诉了女主人.
[19:46.23]pamphlet['p㘚mflit] ;n.小册子
[19:47.39]On the streets you can often see students ;在大街上,你会经常看见 学生们
[19:49.64]wearing ribbons handing out pamphlets for all kinds of merchandise. ;戴着彩带向路人发放各种 商品的小册子.
[19:53.15]pest[pest] ;n.害虫;讨厌的人
[19:54.14]Sometimes chemicals to kill pests do more hamp3 to our health than otherwise. ;有时候杀虫剂给我们的健 康带来很大危害,还不如 不用它.
[19:58.28]The little boy,usually behaving himself,is now a thorough pest to all of us. ;那个平时很乖的小孩, 现在简直让我们所有人头 痛不已.
[20:02.55]purify['pju㥮rifai] ;vt.使纯净,提纯;使纯洁
[20:04.08]Now the water from the sewage system is pass- ing through special mud to be purified, ;现在这从下水道里流来的 水正通过一种特殊的泥以 便净化,
[20:08.31]do you believe it? ;你相信有这样的事吗?
[20:09.63]rejoice[ri'd䅟⺌is] ;vi.充满喜悦,感到高兴
[20:10.75]Many philosophers teach us to rejoice in the simplicity of life ;许多哲学家教导我们要陶 然于简单生活
[20:14.52]rather than the physical pleasure. ;而不要追求物质上的 享受.
[20:16.76]shear[㤘i㥮] ;vt.剪(羊毛,头发) n.(剪羊毛、树枝等的)   大剪刀
[20:17.92]I wanted to have a new look and all my curls have been shorn off. ;我想来个新形象,于是满 头的卷发都被剪掉了.
[20:21.73]Believe it or not,but Mrs.Clinton always trims the hedge with a pair of garden shears. ;信不信由你,克林顿夫人 总是亲自手握一把大大的 剪刀修理树枝.
[20:26.90]supersonic [妔ju:p㥮's⺌nik] ;a.超声的,超音速的
[20:28.14]Nowadays it is hard to find a large civil airliner that is not supersonic. ;现在要找到一架不是超音 速的大型民用客机很难.
[20:32.49]supervise ['sju:p㥮vaiz] ;vt.监督,管理,指导
[20:33.86]Most of us know how to do our own work properly, ;我们大多数人都知道如何 干好自己的工作,
[20:36.47]but it is quite another story to supervise others. ;但要指导别人又是一 回事了.
[20:39.29]You can't see anyone in this workshop that supervises the work flow? ;你看不见这个车间有任何 管理生产流程的人员吗?
[20:42.93]Yes we have computers to do the job. ;是的,我们用电脑来管理.
[20:45.75]terrify['terifai] ;vt.使害怕,使惊吓
[20:46.78]The brutal policeman terrified the old man into compliance. ;那个粗暴的警察恐吓老 人,老人只有同意.
[20:49.97]tow[t㥮u] ;vt.拖,拉,牵引
[20:50.92]As its engine and some other vitals had been damaged, ;由于其引擎和其他一些重 要零件出了故障,
[20:53.58]the ship had to be towed into the shipyard for check and repair. ;那艘船只好被拖回船坞 检查维修.
[20:57.38]unfold[⺧n'f㥮uld] ;vi./vt.展开,打开
[20:58.75]When they reached the top of Mt.Tai, ;他们登上泰山之巅,
[21:00.62]an unparalleled scene of natural beauty unfolded in front of their eyes. ;无与伦比的自然风光 展现在眼前.
[21:04.63]General Patton unfolded the map on the ground ;巴顿将军把地图在地上 摊开,
[21:07.37]and began to study it very carefully with his general staff. ;和他的参谋人员仔 细地谋划起来.
[21:10.43]verse[v㥮:s] ;n.诗,诗句
[21:11.51]I like verse more than prose because it can be sung like music. ;我喜欢诗歌,不喜欢散 文,因为诗歌可以像音乐 一样吟唱.
[21:14.90]Apart from 37 plays, Shakespeare, ;除了37部戏之外,莎士 比亚,
[21:17.68]the greatest playwright human beings have ever had, ;这位人类历史上最伟大 的剧作家,
[21:20.62]wrote 154 verses as well. ;还写了154首诗歌.
[21:23.23]wretched['ret㤘id] ;a.难受的,可怜的;   令人苦恼的,讨厌的
[21:24.35]The little boy who broke his father's antique vase stood there wretched, ;那个打烂了他爸爸古董花 瓶的小男孩,可怜巴巴地 站在那里,
[21:28.16]expecting punishment. ;知道处罚是少不了的.
[21:30.97]Lesson 26 ;
[21:33.91]accommodate [㥮'k⺌m㥮deit] ;vt.容纳;向…提供住处;    宽容
[21:35.05]It was said that Michael Jackson's new luxurious cottage ;据说迈可尔.杰克逊的新 豪华别墅
[21:38.32]could accommodate over 1,000 people. ;可以容纳上千人.
[21:40.68]adjoin[㥮'd䅟⺌in] ;vt.贴近,与…毗连
[21:41.79]Michael Jordan can aim accurately even though his opponents adjoins him closely. ;迈克尔.乔丹在对手贴身 的情况下依然可以投篮 得分.
[21:46.63]bald[b⺌:ld] ;a.秃头的,秃的
[21:47.79]O'Conner's picture with a bald head ;奥康娜的光头形象
[21:49.78]fascinated a lot of young people across the world. ;迷住了全世界的很多年轻 人.
[21:52.30]ballet['b㘚lei] [b㘚'lei] ;n.芭蕾舞(剧),   芭蕾舞团
[21:53.46]A ballet dancer may wear out four pairs of shoes in a single perfomp3ance. ;在一场演出中,一个芭 蕾舞演员也许会磨穿四 双鞋.
[21:57.30]blossom['bl⺌s㥮m] ;n.(尤指果树的)花 vi.(植物)开花
[21:58.25]When all these peach trees are in blossom, we can see a pink world. ;当所有的桃花盛开的时 候,我们可以看到一个 粉红的世界.
[22:01.94]brood[bru:d] ;n.(雏鸡等)一窝 vi.孵蛋

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