闪电学商务英语 Part three 宴请

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[00:00.00]N:This is a graceful place with good atmosphere,pleasant decoration,and high-quality service.Do you come here often?
[00:07.81]S:Yes.There are all kinds of food cooked to different taste,whether western or eastern.
[00:13.50]N:Seems they've chosen a good place downtown in the city center.
[00:17.75]S:Indeed.They've opened many small shops,that is a big business.
[00:22.43]N:They abound in money,judging from customers's presence.
[00:26.17]S:You know,their speed of money coming in is unbelievable.They meet needs of all the local customers.
[00:32.11]N:Sounds like they've made a big fortune here.
[00:34.92]Waiter:May I take your orders now,gentlemen?
[00:37.48]S:Would you like to order first,Nancy?I know the shop is famous for its lobsters.
[00:42.01]B:Can we count on your choice of wines,Nancy?
[00:44.82]N:Well,I'm not an expert,but I do like white wine once in a while.
[00:49.14]B:I'm sure it will be to our satisfaction.
[00:52.06]S:I know both of you ordered Main dishes,but I recommend you to order a traditional dish.
[00:57.31]B:Make yourself at home.People nowadays seem not to be particular about the rules of ordering dishes.
[01:02.93]N:I know I'm your guest here in Hong Kong,gentlemen,but I'd really like to pay the bill in order to express my thanks.
[01:09.70]S:I'm afraid I have to disappoint you,Nancy.I am the host in the invitation at this restaurant.
[01:14.77]N:You are always thoughtful!
[01:19.81]N:It's very kind of William to give me a lift,a big and nice house!
[01:25.07]S:Thanks.It owes a lot to my wife.She's waiting to meet you.
[01:28.78]N:Well then,I just want to see my hostess,so she can show me around.
[01:34.10]B:Nancy.This is Mr.David,our director of marketing.
[01:37.31]D:It's very nice to meet you,Mrs.Smith.I hope you're having a pleasant stay in Hong Kong.
[01:41.99]N:Indeed I am.I'm iNPRessed by your hospitality.(they chitchat about small,safe topics for a minute or two.)
[01:45.91]D:Well,I don't want to take up too much of your time.Nice to meet you,Mrs.Smith.
[01:50.52]S:Excuse me,everyone!Can I have your attention for a minute?Dinner is ready,please be seated(he approaches Nathan).
[01:56.86]S:Nancy,since you're the guest of honor,please sit in the honor-guest seat.
[02:01.61]S:Ladies and gentlemen,I'd like to offer a toast to our guest of honor,Mrs.Nancy Smith.
[02:06.79]B:Nancy let's propose a toast to our firm partnership and friendship between ourselves. Nancy,I'd like to present you with a traditional Chinese painting and a bottle of Chinese wine as a gift.
[02:18.71]S:Just accept it.
[02:19.86]N:(standing)I appreciate what you've done to me,and I look forward to many visiting Hong Kong and I believe we will see each other again.Cheers everyone!
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