闪电学商务英语 Part two 在办公室

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[00:00.00]W:Mr.Li,This is Ms.Nan Smith,market manager for Apple Company(Li extends hand first;Li and Smith shake hands)
[00:04.79]Ms.Nan Smith,Mr. Steven Sun,general manager of Golden King Company.
[00:07.25]史密斯女士,这是史蒂芬孙先生,Golden King公司的总经理。
[00:09.72]L:Glad to finally meet you.Ms.Smith.(offers his business card first)Would you like to have my business card?
[00:15.01]N:Thanks,Mr.Li. please accept mine.(offers her own card)Just call me Nan.(both look at cards for a few seconds,then put them in pockets)
[00:21.17]W:Nan,since both of you are acquainted,Would you mind if I will check the arrangements for the meeting?
[00:27.11]N:You are in control.
[00:28.80]L:(looking at William)You'll find,Mr.Tanler,Mr.William is an able assistant.
[00:32.94]W:Thanks for your confidence.I'll be back soon.(leaves room)
[00:35.96]N:He seems to be a talented young man,it is hard to find a man like that.
[00:40.72]L:Don't I know it.He's doing a great job for us.
[00:44.86]N:Can you tell me in brief what the market is like in Hong Kong?
[00:48.96]L:Well,as income ascends higher and higher,the market has great potential.
[00:54.36]N:The market is promising?Hong Kong is certainly growing more quickly than I had imagined.
[01:00.37]L:Yes,Things certainly have changed.We've developed very quickly.
[01:05.41]N:Do you think this situation will keep up?
[01:08.22]L:I am optimistic about it.We do have some problems,but we are still willing to work hard to fulfill our target.
[01:16.18](1)M:Good morning.Elly Company.
[01:18.23]F:Good morning.This is Pear Company.
[01:20.50]M:Pear Company.That's P-E-A-R,is it?
[01:26.15]F:Yes,that's correct.
[01:27.88]M:Could you let me have your phone number,please?
[01:35.87]M:Let me see.3-3-2-3-4-5-3.Got it.
[01:43.72]F:Our main computer needs looking at.We'er getting no response.There's obviously something wrong.
[01:50.56]M:What model is your computer?
[01:52.64]F:It's the Del 123.
[01:55.02]M:The Del 123?
[01:56.78]F:No,the Del 324.
[01:59.41]M:I'll arrange for our engineer to pay a visit later today.
[02:03.23]F:Have you any idea of the time that the engineer will come?
[02:06.79]M:Between three and five o'clock,I think.
[02:09.82](2)F1:Could I speak to someone in the sales department,please?
[02:13.42]M:I'll put you through.
[02:15.40]F2:Sales.Can I help you?
[02:17.23]F1:Yes,please.I've just received your last report and there's an error in it.
[02:22.63]F2:What's the name of your company,please?
[02:25.15]F1:K.K Company.
[02:26.66]F2:K.K Company.Is that in the town nearby?
[02:30.95]F1:Yes that's right.You sent us a bill for 12 computers but we only ordered 10.
[02:37.10]F2:Let me check a moment,please.Yes,I'm very sorry.There's clearly been a mistake.
[02:44.12]F1:What should I do?
[02:45.56]F2:Please return the report,and we'll send you a new one.The total amount will now be $1000 instead of $1200.
[02:53.66](3)M:Could I speak to your manager,please?
[02:56.40]F:That's Mr.Li.,I'm afraid he's out at the moment.Could anyone else help?
[03:01.80]M:I'm afraid not.He asked me to ring him about the exhibition.
[03:06.52]F:Well,he should be back very soon.
[03:08.75]M:Have you any idea when?
[03:10.80]F:Let me see.He's supposed to be back by three thirty and it's already twenty past three.
[03:17.86]Would you like to ring back in,say,fifteen minutes?Or,better still,I'll ask him to give you a call.
[03:24.62]M:Thanks.That would probably be better.There's no great urgency.I'm on seven-eight-double two-five-zero-one.
[03:32.51]F:That's seven-eight-two-five-o-one.
[03:38.59]M:That's right.I'll be in my office all afternoon until 7:00.
[03:42.66]F:Good,I'll ask him to give you a ring.
[03:44.86](4)M1:Good morning.Snow Trading Company.How can I help you?
[03:48.13]M2:This is Shell Limited.
[03:50.22]M1:How do you spell your company name,sir?
[03:53.35]M2:S-h-e-l-l.I want to ask about an order,which we made.
[03:58.68]This was over three weeks ago,and we haven't received anything at all yet.
[04:03.32]M1:I'm sorry,sir.When did you send in your order?
[04:06.67]M2:October 11th.
[04:08.72]M1:What was the order for?
[04:10.56]M2:Three computers.
[04:12.47]M1:Didn't you receive any acknowledgement from us?
[04:15.67]M2:Yes,we got a letter but the computers haven't arrived.
[04:19.34]M1:Could you please give me your order number?That's the number on the top right-hand corner of our letter.
[04:24.60]M2:It's 00361.
[04:28.78]M1:Yes,I've got it on the screen now.The equipment was dispatched yesterday and should be with you later today or tomorrow.
[04:37.85](5)F:Express 'transportation Company.
[04:40.33]M:Good afternoon.Apple Company here.
[04:43.68]M:We recently dispatched some computers through your company and we've just heard from our customers that two of the six computers were damaged when they arrived.
[04:53.15]F:Are you sure they were all right before we packed and transported them?
[04:57.29]M:Absolutely sure.All our items are carefully checked before leaving our warehouse.
[05:03.08]In fact,one of your supervisors was present while the computers were being packed by your people.
[05:09.20]F:What was the consignment code?
[05:16.04]F:Were there any letters after the number?
[05:19.07]M:Yes,That's 85902417 AHPTU.
[05:30.52]F:Ah yes.We delivered the computers to Golden Company for you.
[05:35.56]M:That's right.
[05:37.00]F:Could you please let me have their phone number so that we can arrange for them to inspect the damage?
[05:42.25](1)Mr.Smith:Good morning.
[05:43.48]Mary:Good morning,Can I help you?
[05:45.64]Mr.Smith:Er,yes.I have an appointment with Mr.Gates at quarter past ten.
[05:50.14]Mary:May I have your name,please?
[05:52.15]Mr.Smith:Paul Smith,from the Intel Company.
[05:55.28]Mary:Thank you.Please take a seat,Mr.Smith,and I'll phone Mr.Gates's office.(dials)
[06:00.61]Betty:Mr.Gates's office.
[06:03.06]Mary:Hello,Betty.This is Reception.Mr.Smith is here for his appointment.
[06:08.39]Betty:Oh,yes.Mary.Mr.Gates's expecting him.He's in Room 9 on the first floor.
[06:13.50]Mary:Thanks,Mr.Smith,would you please go up to Room 9 on the first floor.Mr Gates's expecting you.
[06:20.16]Mr.Smith:Room 9 on the first floor.
[06:22.18]Mary:That's right.You can use lift.
[06:24.59]Mr.Smith:Thank you.
[06:26.71](2)Mr.Wang:Good morning.
[06:27.97]Mary:Good morning.Mr.Wang.How are you?
[06:30.42]Mr.Wang:I'm fine,thanks,and you?
[06:32.18]Mary:Oh,busy as usual.Do you want to see Mr.William?
[06:36.97]Mary:Do you have an appointment?
[06:38.63]Mr.Wang:Er...No,I haven't.You see,I only arrived in the country this morning.
[06:43.16]Mary:Well,I know he's busy at the moment,but I'll ask his secretary when he'll be free.Please sit down.
[06:49.32]Mr.Wang:Thank you.
[06:50.62]Larry:Mr.William office.
[06:52.52]Mary:Oh,hello,Larry.It's reception I have Mr.Wang here.
[06:56.38]He doesn't have an appointment but would like to see Mr.William.When will he be free?
[07:01.67]Larry:Let me see...Well,Hmmmm,he'll be free about 12:30.Can Mr.Wang wait?
[07:07.00]Mary:Mr.William will be free about half past twelve.Can you wait?
[07:10.99]Mr.Wang:What's the time now?
[07:12.47]Mary:It's nearly 12:00.
[07:14.30]Mr.Wang:Oh that's fine,I'll wait.
[07:16.61]Mary:(To Larry)Larry,Mr.Wang will wait.
[07:18.52]Larry:Right.I'll fetch him when Mr.William is free.
[07:21.25]Mary:Thank you.(Replaces phone,To Mr.Wang)He'll come and fetch you later.
[07:24.46]Mr.Wang:Thank you.
[07:25.21]Mary:Where are you staying,Mr.Wang?
[07:27.66]Mr.Wang:At the Plaza.
[07:29.46]Mary:The Plaza?
[07:30.50]Mr.Wang:Yes,I usually stay there.
[07:32.27](1)A:So,Frank,what do you think of my chances?
[07:36.12]B:Well,Lucy,it is above me.This is a decision that will be made by the general manager.
[07:41.41]A:yes,I know that.but I know that your opinion counts.I'm up to the job.
[07:47.35]B:What do you mean?
[07:48.58]A:Look,What I'm good at is working with outside people,and getting people to attend the programs.
[07:54.73]I don't think someone else can do better that I can.
[07:58.37](2)A:Please begin by introducing yourself!
[08:01.10]B:What do you want to know about me?
[08:03.19]A:Something is important to get the job.Such as your background and experience and any personal information that you feel is relevant and can be referred to.
[08:13.20]B:Well,I was born in New York and went to school there,straight through university.
[08:17.99]My father is a teacher,and my mother is an accountant.
[08:21.70]A:So you were born into a professional family.
[08:24.83]B:Right.Both of my sisters teach at a university.
[08:28.14]A:What caused you decide to be engaged in computers?
[08:32.21]B:Oh,nothing in particular,I guess I always liked calculating and playing with machines.
[08:37.86]A:Now what about your experience?How long have you been working with computers?
[08:42.58]B:More than five years now.After I achieved my engineering degree,I began to focus on computer technology and I even had my own career for a while.
[08:52.04]A:It certainly sounds good.Why don't you have your credentials sent to me and I'll hand them in to the board.
[08:57.84]We'll probably contact you in a week.
[09:00.29]B:Thanks very much.
[09:01.76](3)A:Good morning.My name's John Smith.
[09:04.46]B:Ah,good morning,Mr.Smith.Nice to meet you.I'm Lucy from Personnel.Do sit down!
[09:10.37]A:Thank you very much!
[09:11.81]B:Now,do you have your curriculum vite together with you?
[09:14.33]A:Yes,here it is.There are three.
[09:17.10]B:Have you brought your certificates as well?
[09:19.51]A:I'm awfully sorry.Can I send them to you?
[09:21.96]B:Sure.Now,let's talk about the position.
[09:25.09](1)S:Thanks for sparing time to have lunch with me,Nan,I know how busy you are.
[09:29.38]N:Well,you know,Steven,it is a better way to negotiate at table because the atmosphere is relaxing and can ease the tension.
[09:37.22]S:Nan,I have been told there is a slight problem over price.
[09:41.51]N:I don't think it's a big problem.William simply told me that he didn't have the right to make a decision.
[09:48.06]S:Yes,I understand.Money questions must be determined by the Boss,in general,if you will.
[09:53.28]N:I see.Don't you feel negotiating is a lot slower in this way?
[09:58.14]S:Maybe short of efficiency,I admit.
[10:00.70]N:Well,to put it in a simple way,we feel we should be rewarded with a big discount for wholesales.
[10:07.72]S:Sounds reasonable.Can you provide some numbers for me?
[10:10.92]N:If G.T. is to be your only agent in North America,a discount of 10 per quarter is acceptable,the more we order,the more discount we should enjoy.
[10:20.39]S:I think it is no problem,if you really feel you can sell so many.
[10:24.38]N:I believe so.you have got a first-class product line.
[10:27.98]S:I'll tell you what,I can give you the discounts if you agree to a commission of 11% the price.
[10:33.96]N:15% and you've got yourself a deal.
[10:37.63]S:How about 13%?
[10:39.54]N:OK,I think we can accept the 13% commission.
[10:43.14]S:Good.And can we agree to pay once a month?
[10:46.31]N:We'd prefer to make payment per quarter.
[10:49.22]With such large orders,it would be bad to our cash-flow if we paid out so much before sales began.
[10:55.99](2)KN:So,you've only just recently started up?
[10:58.73]PB:That's right,but Geoff Stanton,the Managing Director,has been in components supply for a good 20 years.
[11:05.46]KN:Oh,that's interesting.Who was he with before?
[11:08.81]PB:Both he and I were with standard Telecom,in their electronics division,We were both ready for a change and when he got the capital to start up Northern Electronics,he asked me to join him.
[11:19.21]KN:And how's business?
[11:20.87]PB:Well,it's gradually building up.We've got a number of fairly small-scale contracts for components supply-you know,mainly specialized operations.
[11:31.27]KN:Yes.That's one of the things which worries me.You see,you've no track record of meeting large-scale orders.
[11:38.65]PB:That's true,but you've seen we've got the capacity and our quality control procedures are very exacting.
[11:45.17]KN:Yes,I'm impressed by the investment you've made in that area.Er,shall we turn now to the actual terms?
[11:53.38]PB:Certainly.Well,we've already discussed price in some detail.I suppose you'd be interested in delivery?
[12:00.14]KN:Yes,we would.It's critical to meeting our deadlines,as you can imagine.
[12:05.26]PB:Sure.What sort of delivery periods did you have in mind?
[12:09.43]KN:Well,you've seen the order quantities.What do you think you could manage?
[12:14.22]PB:Well,on the AX000 components,we could certainly...
[12:17.35]KN:No,I didn't mean on the individual orders.What about the whole consignment on a monthly basis?
[12:23.69]PB:On,I see.I hadn't realized we'd be talking about that.I'd have to get back to Geoff to confirmed times on that.
[12:30.89]KN:Surely you could give me some idea?
[12:33.70]PB:Well,I reckon...we could manage 15 days from confirmed order.But,as I say,I'd have to get back to you to confirm that.
[12:41.54]KN:That's at your quoted prices?
[12:44.03]PB:Um...well,actually we quoted for those batch by batch.We hadn't realized you'd be thinking of ordering the whole lot.
[12:51.41]KN:I see.So I suppose we'd be looking at reduction for bulk orders?
[12:56.81]PB:Look,I'm sorry.To be perfectly frank,you've caught me on the hop here.Would you mind waiting while I speak to Geoff on the phone?
[13:03.86]KN:No,of course not...
[13:05.56]Did you get through OK?
[13:06.96]PB:Yes,I did I aplolgize for keeping you waiting.Anyway,we can now talk more concretely about delivery terms.
[13:15.46]PB:We can deliver the whole consignment at 15 days at the prices already quoted.This would mean dispatch from our premises...
[13:23.66]KN:I'm surprised you're not prepared to offer some sort of bulk discount considering the size of the order.
[13:29.64]PB:Well,I'm sure you understand that meeting this sort of order will mean quite a lot of overtime,it would be very difficult to come down on the price.
[13:37.99]KN:But we are offering you a large amount of regular business...
[13:41.77]PB:That's true.Would you be willing to sign on annual contract on the basis we discussed?
[13:47.39]KN:Um,possibly,subject to quality and delivery guarantees.
[13:51.56]PB:Of course.Well,in that case we could offer a 5% discount for a confirmed monthly order for the next 12 months.
[13:59.27]KN:I was hoping for something a bit more substantial.
[14:03.16]PB:I'm afraid that's as far as we could go.We'd already be stretching ourselves to the limit.
[14:08.48]KN:Right,Mr Boardman.May I suggest we sign a 6-months' contract at a 5% discount on your quoted prices and then we'll meet again to see if we can reduce the prices further.
[14:19.79]PB:You're a tough negotiator.OK.Let's shake on that and draw up the details of the first contract.
[14:26.63]W:Linda,Have you prepared fully for tomorrow's meeting with Mr.Smith?
[14:30.73]L:Yes,William.Everyone has been informed.I've also made sure that the meeting schedule is delivered to each presenter,personally.
[14:38.72]B:Great.We don't expect any big problems to happen.
[14:42.07]L:I see,I will never let go a mistake which may hurt our benefit.
[14:47.00]B:You're so right.Mr.Smith pays attention to trivialities,so we need to lay an emphasis on detail.
[14:54.13]By the way,are all the audio-visual equipments ready?
[14:58.02]A:Yes.There was something wrong with the screen but it have been repaired.
[15:02.63]B:You'd better check once and again,just to make sure.
[15:05.47]L:I'll follow your instruction at once.I'll spend the rest of the day going through the preparatory work.
[15:11.34]B:What about your regular duties?
[15:13.14]L:I found an assistant to take over my regular duties.
[15:16.31]B:Well then,now I'd like to design the agenda once and for all.
[15:20.48]L:O.K. First,general introductions is made by everyone,then introductions of each presenter to Mr.Smith.
[15:28.76]B:Fine.And do not forget it.I think it would look more suitable for you to be well dressed.
[15:34.45]L:I'll remind myself of that.After those,David Smith will open with a few minutes' explanation.
[15:41.65]B:Assure him not to speak too long,unless Mr.Smith has a lot of questions.
[15:46.08]L:I know the audience is not patient,so you must ask them to shorten the speech.
[15:51.01]B:After the explanation,everything will take place as planned and is not open to change.After the meeting,we will be ready to dine with the guests.
[16:00.12]You can ask David in a private way.
[16:02.35]L:I'll tell Mr.Sun in advance,I will make haste to arrange.
[16:07.18]L:William,I'm terribly sorry about this,but we have to put off or cancel tomorrow's meeting.
[16:12.76]W:Impossible!Its importance is very clearly to been seen.You gave me the OK just a few days ago.
[16:18.88]L:I know.But there's really nothing that can be done about it.The equipment has been damaged,and can't be recovered in so short a period.
[16:26.94]W:The general manager is going to be blue in the face,when she hears about this.There negotiations are hard to handle.
[16:32.92]L:I've told all departments of the cancellation,and change for Friday.
[16:36.77]W:I'd better call the client again myself and make apologies.
[16:40.37]L:William,I know you are not troubled with this right now,but the general manager will not be in later this afternoon.You'd better tell her this morning.
[16:49.12]W:I must be leaving now,since she is superior to me in position.Wish me luck.
[16:54.44]W:Manager,are you free now?
[16:56.60]M:Certainly,William.What's the matter?
[16:59.05]W:Well,I'm afraid I've got a bit of bad news.My guys have just told me that tomorrow's meeting has to be called off.
[17:05.75]M:Cancelled?That just can't happen!These negotiations come to naught,this just might ruin the whole plan.It'll have to go on as planned.
[17:15.97]W:Sorry to say,but no can do.The equipment broke down and can't be fixed till Friday.
[17:21.59]M:I don't believed it.I'm just afraid what else can go wrong.
[17:26.12]W:It may not be so bad.The client has no opposition to a rescheduled time,and doesn't seem upset.
[17:32.82]M:Let's hope so.I can't put up with this any more.I have to say that it is your people's mistake not to pay much attention to detail on this project.
[17:42.54]W:I see,and will be fully responsible for it.
[17:45.71]L:Bob,may I have a word with you?
[17:48.37]B:Of course,Lely.Anything important?
[17:50.75]L:This is diffcult for me to talk about it,because you and I have cooperated for so long,but I've succeeded in getting into another company.
[17:59.39]B:Lily!I wasn't even aware that you'd been searching around for new employment.May I have the reason?
[18:05.08]L:I have to say that that has nothing to do with the treatment of this company.I've been satisfied with my salary here,and treasure the opportunity.
[18:14.22]B:Have I done wrong to you?You've really surprised me.
[18:17.71]L:Bob,you've really been nice to me,and I thank you for the face that you've taken care of me and taught me so much.
[18:24.44]B:I must admit that I'm still mixed up.There must be something wrong,why are you leaving?
[18:29.30]L:Well,I like new experiences,and need some new challenges.
[18:33.23]B:I see.Just these reasons?
[18:36.14]L:To be honest,the chances for promotion are good in the new company,and the salary was just too attractive to turn down.
[18:43.56]B:Lily,you know how highly I think of your work,you should have come to me earlier,so we could talk about it.We might have had a chance to better the situation.
[18:52.16]L:I'm sorry,Bob.
[18:53.42]B:I suppose it's too late to say that!
[18:56.02]L:I'm afraid so.The offer arrived beyond expectation,and I had to decide as soon as possible.It was the chance of a lifetime I can not miss,and I really can not hesitate.
[19:08.44]B:Well,I'm sad to see you off,Lilly.But all the best in your new career.
[19:13.26]L:Thanks,Bob.Your generosity helps a lot.
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