闪电学商务英语 Part One 出门在外

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[00:00.00]Mary:Excuse me,I noticed you are reading a magazine about electronics.
[00:05.80]Have you heard about the coming electronics exhibition?
[00:09.79]Tom:Sure!That's why I'm going to Chicago.Hi,my name is Tom Smith.What's your name?
[00:15.66]Mary:Mary Clinton.I'm a sales representative for Richards Company,based in Hong Kong.Are you looking forward to the exhibition?
[00:25.85]Tom:I've been waiting for the exhibition for more than 3 months.
[00:29.27]There are going to be companies from more than 50 countries in it.That is great.Don't you think so?
[00:34.96]Mary:I see.I'm really expecting to see what products will be on show next year.
[00:41.40]Tom:I'm more interested in what new discoveries are being made in the electronics industry.
[00:45.94]Mary:Really? Do you mind if I ask which part of the electronics industry you belong to?
[00:52.20]Tom:Not at all.I am employed in the Research and Development Department of a company based in Detroit.
[00:58.28]We specialize in producing new-style printers.
[01:01.42]Mary:What's the name of your company?Maybe I've heard of it.
[01:05.09]Tom:I don't think so.It is just a small company called"Welsh".
[01:09.52]Mary:Hmm,Oh,didn't you come out with an pretty small but strong high-tech printer at the exhibition last year in Taiwan?
[01:17.29]Tom:Yeah,that turned out to be our best seller of the year,but it remains unknown abroad.
[01:23.16]Mary:One of my jobs is to keep an eye on the products with the potential to be successful.and then find Out why.
[01:30.00]So I even keep in mind some small companies names.
[01:34.25]Tom:I enjoy talking with you.How about getting together for a dinner after we arrive in Chicago,so we have a chance to talk more about this?
[01:42.02]Mary:That's a great idea.
[01:44.15]Officer:May I see your entry card and passport,please?(You entry card and passport please.)
[01:46.96]Traveler:Certainly.Here you are.
[01:48.86]Officer:What's the purpose of your visit?
[01:51.10]Traveler:Business.(To attend an international conference)(To visit some friends.)(Sightseeing.)
[01:52.07]Officer:I see.How long are you going to stay?(How long do you intend to stay?)
[01:54.98]Traveler:For about two weeks.
[01:57.18]Officer:Good.That'll be all,thank you.
[02:00.10]Officer:Your customs declaration card,please.
[02:03.01]Traveler:Here it is.
[02:04.52]Officer:Do you have anything to declare?
[02:06.50]Traveler:I don't think so.I have only personal belongings.
[02:10.90]Officer:Please open your bags.
[02:13.06]Traveler:All right.There you are.
[02:15.04]Officer:You have two cameras.Are they German cameras?
[02:18.85]Traveler:Yes,they are.
[02:20.44]Officer:Since they are both of the same make,only one camera is exempted from tax.
[02:24.97]You'll have to pay the custom duty on the second one.Please take your card and pay in cash.
[02:30.48]Jean:Excuse me.
[02:33.14]Jean:If I am not wrong,you must be Mr.Parl William from Chicago.
[02:36.96]Paul:Yes,I am.What's the matter?
[02:38.69]Jean:I am Jean,clerk of the Gold Company.
[02:41.82]Paul:How do you do?
[02:42.86]Jean:Nice to meet you.
[02:44.59]My company asked me to pick you up.
[02:46.75]Paul:Thanks.It's very considerate of you to come to meet me.I was a little bit worried(about where I'm heading for).
[02:52.15]You know,I'm not familiar with this place.
[02:54.78]Jean:Sorry,but I would have been here earlier if I had not been trapped in a traffic jam.
[03:00.07]Paul:Never mind.After all,you are here.
[03:02.81]Jean:I was expecting your arrival.How was your flight?
[03:06.80]Paul:It was quite nice.
[03:08.39]Jean:Do you fly very often?
[03:10.76]Paul:Yes,I'm used to a lot of air travel as a result of many years' experience.
[03:16.45]Jean:That's true.Do you have any luggage?
[03:19.94]Paul:Yes,I've brought some catalogues and samples for your company.
[03:23.58]I think they will be helpful to your company.
[03:25.85]Jean:If you are ready.Let's go.My car is parked outside.
[03:30.53]Jean:May I help you with your luggage?
[03:33.08]Paul:No,thanks,I think I can handle it by myself.
[03:35.93]B:Excuse me.Are you Ms.Nan?
[03:38.56]N:Yes,I'm.From Nade Tree of England.
[03:40.27]是的,我是英格兰Nade Tree公司的代表。
[03:41.98]B:I'm Brad Smith,sales manager at G.T.Hi.(extends hand first,they shake hands)
[03:45.72]I came to welcome you,because unfortunately the general manager was tied up this morning.
[03:51.12]He is very eager to see you,and he sends the warmest regards on his behalf.
[03:55.19]N:Nice to meet you.And would you please just call me Nan?I do not take formality seriously.
[04:01.45]B:Nice to meet you,too.Can I carry your luggage for you?A taxi is waiting outside.
[04:07.43]N:You are so thoughtful!
[04:09.59]B:I hope you had a pleasant flight over.Jean.I've traveled a long distance before,and I can understand how tired it is.
[04:16.03]J:This plane went smooth,except that there was a little bump now and then.In fact,I am not in low spirits.
[04:25.64]B:Gald to hear it.Would you like to dine with us tonight?
[04:28.81]J:It's very thoughtful,but as matter of fact,I prefer to spend a quiet evening in the hotel in preparation for tomorrow's appointment.
[04:38.60]B:Ok,at your wish.I have to inform you that tomorrow's meeting is scheduled at 9 a.m.in the meeting room.I'll wait for you at the hotel's gate ahead  of time.
[04:48.14]J:That'll be fine .Billy ,thank you so much.
[04:51.10]B:It's my pleasure.By the way,would you like to have sightseeing while you're here?I'd be happy to be your guide.
[04:57.90]J:Well.I am afraid I cannot mix pleasure with business on this trip.But could I have a general view of the city?
[05:04.99]B:No problem.I'll make arrangements later on before this weekend.
[05:08.84]J:Thanks very much.
[05:11.44]Jean:I don't think you have been here before ,have you?
[05:13.88]Paul:No,I have traveled around ,but this is my first time here.
[05:17.84]Jean:I hope you will like it.
[05:19.43]Paul: I am sure I will.I have heard about the beauty of your city scores of times ,but I failed to come here because I was engaged in other affairs.Now my wish comes true.
[05:29.51]Jean:I'd like to take you sightseeing if it does not conflict with your arrangement.
[05:33.76]Paul:I'd certainly appreciate it.By the way,what's the weather like here?
[05:38.18]Jean:It is nice.You can see,Chicago is overwhelmed with green trees.You can enjoy the beautiful sights as you have enought time.
[05:46.79]Paul:I guess I have come at the right time.
[05:49.34]Jean:Here we are .It is time to get off.This is Chicago Hotel.We have reserved room for you.
[05:57.77]Paul:That sounds good.
[05:59.50]A:Good evening ,sir,Welcome to our hotel.How can I help you?
[06:02.92]Paul:I am Paul William .I think I have a room reserved ahead of time .Would you please check for me?
[06:08.42]A:Sure,Mr.William.We are expecting you.Please sign the register here.
[06:13.54]Paul:Certainly.(the signs)By the way,I wonder of there are any cables for me.I'm expecting some from overseas.
[06:20.84]A:Not yet,but I will inform you as soon as I get anything.
[06:24.84]Paul:Thanks.I was hoping you could tell me how to get to the Welsh Company.
[06:29.95]A:You can get there either by bus or by taxi,but most prefer the bus rather than the taxis because the later is a bit expensive.
[06:38.27]Paul:Great.Would it be possible to change traveler's checks here at the totel?
[06:43.16]A:Yes.We accept all of the major types of traveler's checks.
[06:47.34]Paul:That makes my life easier.
[06:49.39]A:Your room number is 32.Here is your key.
[06:52.99]Paul:Thank you.
[06:54.11]A:Come along with me I wil take you right there.Let me help you with your bags.This way,please.
[07:00.59]W:This is your room .I hope it is to your taste.What do you think of it?
[07:05.23]S:It's quiet and clean.I love the color scheme.
[07:08.44]W:We have the room color designed to make our guests feel relaxed and comfortable.
[07:13.73]S:I really like it here.Let's see the bathroom .Good.Both a shower and a tube.Is these hot water all the time?
[07:22.26]W:Yes,we have a 24-hour water supply for both hot and cold water.
[07:26.83]S:Is the room air-conditioned?
[07:28.67]W:Yes.In case you need them,there are extra cups in the cupboard here.
[07:33.10]S:Great.I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay here.
[07:36.70]W:Well.If there is something you are not clear about,please phone the floor service desk.If there is nothing,I must be leaving now.
[07:44.47]S:Well,you have thought about everything.Thank you very much.
[07:47.78]W:You are welcome.See you later.
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