商业书信英语 第四单元

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[00:00.00]Relevant Knowledge
[00:02.46]If a buyer is interested in the seller's sales letter or accepts the seller's offer,he may send out an order ,which is an offer to buy.
[00:13.56]It is a common form of correspondence for obtaining goods or services.
[00:18.47]Many companies prefer official printes order forms,which save time and ensure that no information may be ignored.
[00:27.06]Still there are companies,small companies in particular,who place orders in the form of letters.
[00:33.72]Accuracy is essential in the placing of an order.
[00:37.77]Any eroe can bring about unexpected trouble which is unrecoverable later.
[00:44.17]So is clarity.
[00:46.89]The buyer must say clearly to the seller what he wants exactly.
[00:51.41]An order may mention an accurate and description of goods' quality required (such as grade or class,color ,pattern).
[01:00.97]catalogue or list numbers,packing and marking,quantities,prices,terms of payment,delivery requirements(place,date,mode of transport,whether the order will be carriage paid or carriage forward,etc),
[01:19.31]documents(such as Bill of Lading ,Commercial Invoices,Insurance Policy,etc) and alternative if exact goods required not available.
[01:31.79]All essential details should be listed separetely for easier checking .
[01:36.60]Once accepted,the order will be legally binding and require both parties to honor their agreement.
[01:43.37]The seller should prepare the goods and deliver them exactly in accordance with the order.
[01:48.43]If the goods are found substandard products ,the buyer can demand either reduction in price,a replacement of the goods,or the cancellation of the order even a claim to damages.
[02:03.17]On the other hand,the buyershould accept the goods supplied if they are up to the standard as the order states,pay for the goods within the agreed time
[02:15.39]and let the seller know the faults in good time if discovering there are any.
[02:20.62]An order should be acknowledged in good time.
[02:23.86]If the seller accepts it he had better make a repeat of the terms.
[02:29.94]If the seller declines the buyer's order,utmost care should be taken when writing a rejection as to cause no harm to harm to future business.
[02:40.03]Opening Sentence
[02:42.14]We appreciate your order No 304 for 3000 pieces of women's shirts.We are pleased to accept your terms.Enclosed is a copy of our Sales No 56.
[02:58.34]We are pleased to aonfirm your order which we have accepted on the terms.
[03:02.54]We very much regret that we will not be accept your order for special packs of transistor radions as offered in previous years.
[03:12.73]This is a trial order.Please supply us 100 TV sets so that we may tap the market.It they are welcomed here,our larger order will be following.
[03:26.26]Comfirming our exchange of faxes ,we are pleased to enclose the following order.
[03:31.75]We are glad that business for cotton pillowcases has been concluded.
[03:36.87]Middle Part
[03:39.09]Your products of raiNPRoof boots received favorable responses from our customers and we are pleased to enclose our order for 2500 pairs .
[03:50.03]Are we find both qualith and prices satisfatory,we place an order with you for the following.
[03:57.92]We would appreciate great care in your selection of good qualities.
[04:02.73]We are arranging for dispatch next month,we feel sure that you will be satisfied with the goods.
[04:10.46]Enclosed please find our revised order sheet No,AB456 for 500 bales of raw cotton?We are looking forward to your confirmation of this order and also the sales note.
[04:24.86]We place the order on the condition that the goods are dispatched in time to reach us by 4 September .
[04:32.38]We would like to remind you that we reserve the right to cancel it and refuse delivery after this date.
[04:38.99]We are the largest suppliers of folded chairs in the line.It speaks for itself that our priducts have superior quality.
[04:48.16]This is an exceptional opportunity for you to purchase our high-quality cotton at prices we cannot repeat and we hope you will take full advantage of it.
[04:59.31]As we accepted the other order for months in advance ,we cannot promise delivery of your order within two weeks.
[05:07.96]Please let us know as soon as you have agreed to those modifications.You can be sure that this order will have our careful attention.
[05:17.20]We are sorry that your order of model 1 is out of atock now.Please select a suitable substitute from the enclosed catalogue.
[05:26.43]Closing Sentence
[05:28.65]We are working on your order and will keep you informed in due course of the progress.
[05:33.82]We hope that our handing of your first order with us will lead to further business between us and mark the beginning of a friendly relationship.
[05:43.07]In view of the long-established business relationship between us we will definitely supply if you place an order within 5 days.
[05:53.49]We are sending all articles ordered to you by railway today and should reach you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.We fell confident that you will be completely satisfied with them.
[06:08.72]We thank you again for this trial order,and we hope you open up a new marker successfully.
[06:15.98]Dear Sirs,
[06:18.10]Thank you for your letter of 6 December
[06:21.34]from which we learn that our quotation for 500 dozens silk socks you inquired about two weeks before is on the high side.
[06:32.36]As you expected you could have got essentially the same quality socks as youpurchased from us last year for about the same price as last year's,
[06:42.94]you would like either to ask for the same price as last year's or receive a 5% discount.
[06:50.04]With the present market trend ,we are sure that our price is really the best we can quote though we would do everything possivle to make you satisfied with your purchase.
[07:01.22]I hope this explanation answers your question concerning our price structure,and still look forward to receiving your order.
[07:09.77]Yours faithfully.
[07:11.88]Dear Sirs,
[07:14.05]Acknowledging your order of 6 February,we regret that we cannot ship until 16 Frbruary.
[07:22.17]Please let us know if this is satisfactory so that we can make shipment on that date.
[07:28.73]Very truly yours.
[07:31.89]We confirm with thanks receipt of your letter of August 15,enclosing your order No 55/118.
[07:41.06]Normally all of our typewiters for export are made to order,primarily because there are different specifications as to keyboards,type styles,carriage width,etc.
[07:52.71]Therefore,it takes 4 to 6 weeks to prepare an order for shipment.
[07:58.09]Your order No 55/118 will be ready for shipment by the end of October.
[08:04.28]We thank you for your order and hope to recrive your receive your remittance.
[08:09.20]Very truly yours.

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