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Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease <Chinese>Ǽή
Chassalgnac's tubercle <Chinese>ɣǿ˽(׵ͻľ)
chemical synapse <Chinese>ѧͻ
Cheyne-Stokes nystagmus <Chinese>
chiasmatic cistern <Chinese>
childhood dystrophy <Chinese>ͯӪ
chitoneure <Chinese>Ĥ
chlomezanone <Chinese>¶
chloral hydrate <Chinese>ˮȩ
chloramphenicol <Chinese>ù
chlorazepate <Chinese>ȵ׿
chloridiazepoxide <Chinese>
chlorimipramine <Chinese>ȱ
chlormezanone <Chinese>ȱͪ
chloroquine <Chinese>
chlorpromazine <Chinese>ȱ
chlorprothixene <Chinese>̩
chlorthialidone <Chinese>ͪ
chocking <Chinese>Ϣ
cholesteatom <Chinese>֬
cholestipol <Chinese>
cholestyramine <Chinese>ϩ
cholinergic <Chinese>
cholinesterase <Chinese>֬ø
cholinolytic <Chinese>
cholinomimetic <Chinese>൨
chondroitine <Chinese>
chorda tympani <Chinese>֧
chordiazepoxide <Chinese>ȵƽ
chordoma <Chinese>
chorea <Chinese>赸
choreiform <Chinese>赸
choreoathetosis <Chinese>赸춯֢
choroid epithelium <Chinese>Ƥ
choroid fissure <Chinese>
choroid plexus of fourth ventricle <Chinese>
choroid plexus of lateral ventricle <Chinese>
choroid plexus of third ventricle <Chinese>
choroid plexus <Chinese>
choroid <Chinese>Ĥ
chromidial substance <Chinese>Ⱦ
chromphil substance <Chinese>Ⱦɫ
chronic progressive inflammatory polyneuropathy <Chinese>Խ֢Զ෢񾭲
chronotaraxia <Chinese>ʱ
Chyne-Stokes respiration <Chinese>ʽ
ciliary medullary center <Chinese>״
ciliospinal center <Chinese>޼
cillary neuragia <Chinese>״ʹ
cimetidine <Chinese>涡()
cinerea <Chinese>
cingulate gyrus <Chinese>۴
cingulate suleus <Chinese>۴
cingulectomy<Chinese> ۴г
cingulumotomy <Chinese>۴п
cinnarizine <Chinese> ()
circle of Willis <Chinese>Ե׶
circumventricular organ <Chinese>
cis-platinum <Chinese>˳
cistern <Chinese>
cisternal puncture <Chinese>Сش
Clarke's cells <Chinese>ϸ(豳ɫϸ)
clasmatodendrosis <Chinese>νϸͻ
clasp knife phenomenon <Chinese>۵
clasp-knife <Chinese>۵
Claude's hyperkinesis sign <Chinese>˶ǿ(ʹ̼ʱ̱ķԶ)
Claude's syndrome <Chinese>ۺ(һද̱,ԲЭͬ,ګ)
claw-hand <Chinese>צ
clindamycin <Chinese>ù
clomipramine <Chinese>ȱ
clonazepam <Chinese>
clonic seizure <Chinese>η
clonic spasm <Chinese>Ծ
clonidine <Chinese>ѹ
clonus <Chinese>
cloxacillin <Chinese>ù
coccidioidomycosis of brain <Chinese>
coccygeal <Chinese>β
cochlear duct <Chinese>Ϲ
cochlear <Chinese>·
cochleostapedial reflex <Chinese>Ǽ
coenzyme A <Chinese>ø-A
coffin formation <Chinese>״γ(ϸ)
cogwheel rigidity <Chinese>ǿֱ
Cohnheim's areas <Chinese>׺ķ(ԭάĶΰ)
coiling reflex <Chinese>
collateral eminence <Chinese>ั¡
collateral suleus <Chinese>ั
collateral trigone <Chinese>ั
Collet-Sicard syndrome <Chinese>­ۺ
colliculocochleunuclear projection <Chinese>ϺͶ
colliculo-olivary projection <Chinese>Ͷ
colliculus <Chinese>
coma <Chinese>
comatose <Chinese>
commissure of inferior colliculus <Chinese>
commissure <Chinese>
communicating hydrocephalus<Chinese>ͨԻˮ
compound microscope <Chinese>ʽ΢
compression of the brain <Chinese>ѹ
compression <Chinese>ѹ
concha of cranium <Chinese>­
concussion of brain <Chinese>
concussion of spinal cord <Chinese>
concussional <Chinese>
Cone test <Chinese>ԼҺ
confluence of sinus<Chinese>
congenital myopathy <Chinese>Լ
congenital <Chinese>
congruous hemianopia <Chinese>ͬƫä
conjugate <Chinese>
conjunctival reflex <Chinese>Ĥ
consciousness <Chinese>ʶ
consensual reflex <Chinese>ӹⷴ
consensual <Chinese>
constipation <Chinese>
constitutional <Chinese>ԭ
contraiadicate <Chinese>
contralateral <Chinese>Բ
contrecoup injury <Chinese>Գ
contusion of spinal cord <Chinese>
contusion <Chinese>
conus medullaris <Chinese>Բ׶()
convalescent <Chinese>ָ
convergence defect <Chinese>ϰ
convergence spasm <Chinese>۾
conversion hysteria <Chinese>ת񯲡
convuision <Chinese>
coordination <Chinese>Э
coprolalia <Chinese>֢
cornea <Chinese>Ĥ
corneal reflex <Chinese>Ĥ
cornucopia <Chinese>()
corona radiation <Chinese>
coronal <Chinese>״
corpus callosum <Chinese>
corpus Luysi <Chinese>·˹
corpus quadrigemina <Chinese>ĵ
corpus straitum <Chinese>״
corssed hemianopia <Chinese>ƫä
cortex <Chinese>Ƥ
Corti's arch <Chinese>񾭽
corticectomy <Chinese>Ƥг
cortico- olivary fibers <Chinese>Ƥά
corticobulbar tract <Chinese>ƤԸ
corticocerebral <Chinese>Ƥ
corticocollicular projection <Chinese>ƤͶ
corticonuclear tract <Chinese>Ƥʺ
corticopontine tract <Chinese>Ƥ
corticoreticular fibers <Chinese>Ƥ״ά
corticostriatal fibers <Chinese>Ƥ״ά
cortico-striato-spinal degeneration <Chinese>Ƥʣ״壭
corticothalamic fibers <Chinese>Ƥά
cortitectal fibers <Chinese>Ƥʶά
cortival venous thrombophlebitis <Chinese>ƤʾѪ˨Ծ
cough syncope <Chinese>
coxsackie virus <Chinese>没
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