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霸权主义 hegemonism
强权政治 power politics
民族资源 national resources
边界现状 boundary situation
不结盟国家 non-aligned countries
采取高姿态 show magnanimity
采取惩罚行动 take puntive actions
常驻代表 permanent representative
弹性外交 elastic diplomacy
安全考虑 security consideration
附庸国 dependency
公使馆 legation
国际商会 International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
互通有无 exchange of needed goods
环太平洋地区 Pacific Rim
缓和 detente
领土毗连 territorial contiguity
流血冲突 bloody conflict
民间外交 people-to-people diplomacy
审时度势 size up the situation
诉诸武力 resort to the use of force
正式照会 formal note
总领事馆 consulate general
政府声明 government statement
中立国 neutral state
预防外交 preventive diplomacy


observe and cope with the situation cool-headedly

adhere to the principle of mutual respect and seek common ground while shelving differences

We stand for going along with the historical tide and safeguarding the common interests of mankind.

China will never seek hegemony and never go in for expansion.

The road is tortuous, but the future is bright.


山地气候 mountain climate 恒风 constant wind 微风 breeze
冬季季风气候 winter monsoon climate 逆风 headwind 台风 typhoon
季风气候 monsoon climate 高气压 high-pressure 锋面 frontal edge
亚热带气候 sub-tropical climate 气团 air mass 热浪 heat wave
高原气候 plateau climate 闪电 lightning 雾 fog
海滨气候 littoral climate 凉 cool 霜 frost
极地气候 polar climate 雪堆 snowdrift 露 dew
热带气候 tropical climate 寒冷 chilly 3、风的名称
温带沙漠气候 temperate desert climate 间歇雨 intermittent rain 无风 calm
温带干燥气候 temperate arid climate 大雨 heavy rain 轻风 light breeze
热带季风气候 tropical monsoon climate 信风 trade wind 微风 gentle breeze
大陆气候 continental climate 天气预报 weather forecast 和风 moderate breeze
沙漠气候 desert climate 甘霖 welcome rain 清风 fresh breeze
沿海气候 coastal climate 冰柱 icicle 强风 strong breeze
高地气候 highland climate 西北风 northwester 疾风 near gale
海洋气候 marine climate 地形雨 local rains 大风 gale
森林气候 forest climate 狂风 squall 烈风 strong gale
温带气候 temperate climate 雨季 rainy season 狂风 storm
湿润气候 humid climate 雨点 raindrops 暴风 violent storm
温带草原气候 temperate grassy climate 东北信风 northeast trades 飓风 hurricane
热带雨林气候 tropical rainy climate 东南风 southeaster 台风 typhoon
热带海洋气候 tropical marine climate 风级 wind scale 龙卷风 tornado
2、气象用语 虹 rainbow 4、浪的名称
小雨 light rain 阵雨 shower 平静 calm
毛毛雨 drizzle, fine rain 疾风 gusty wind 微波 rippled
反常天气 freakish weather 气旋 cyclone 微浪 smooth wavelets
北风 north wind 气压 barometric pressure 细浪 light seas
冰 ice 阴天 cloudy day 小浪 moderate seas
冰点 freezing point 雪花 snow flake 中浪 rough seas
西南风 southwester 晴 clear 大浪 very rough seas
冷峰 cold front 顺风 favorable wind 强浪 high seas
低气压 low-pressure 闷热天气 muggy weather 巨浪 very high seas
雨量 rainfall 雹 hail 狂浪 monster waves
东北风 northeaster 雷 thunder 5、自然灾害
东风 east wind 滂沱大雨 downpour 火山地震 volcanic earthquake
炎热 scorching heat 暖锋 warm front 海啸 tidal wave
风眼 eye of a storm 零度 zero 山崩 landslide
零度以下 subzero


财政丑闻 accounting scandal
财务报告分析 analysis of financial statement
保理业务 factoring business
保税区 bonded area
掺水股票 water-down stocks
酬资融资 fund and financing
城乡信用社 credit cooperatives in both urban and rural areas
呆帐 bad loan
贷款无力偿还 loan defaults
地区货币集团 regional corrency blocks
电子银行 e-banking
电子应用系统 e-application
对冲基金 hedge fund
存款保证金 guaranty money for deposits
财政法 fiscal law
费改税 transform administrative fees into taxes
分期付款 installment payment
分税制 system of tax distribution
风险资本 venture capital
封闭式基金 close-ended fund
公积金 public accumulation funds
国际清算银行 international clearing banks
核心资产 core assets
货币化 monetization
货币回笼 withdrawal of currency from circulation
货到付款 cash on delivery
虚报盈利 inflate profits
假帐 accounting fraud
金边贸易 gild-edged bonds
宽限期 grace period
垃圾债券 junk bond
疲软股票 soft stock


convention 会议
party 晚会, 社交性宴会
at-home party 家庭宴会
tea party 茶会
dinner party 晚餐会
garden party 游园会
dance(party), ball, fandango 舞会
reading party 读书会
fishing party 钓鱼会
sketching party 观剧会
birthday party 生日宴会
Christmas party 圣诞晚会
luncheon party 午餐会
fancy ball 化妆舞会
commemorative party 纪念宴会
wedding dinner, a wedding reception 结婚宴会
banquet 酒宴
pajama party 睡衣派对
buffet party 立食宴会
cocktail party 鸡尾酒会
welcome meeting 欢迎会
farewell party 惜别会
pink tea 公式茶会
new years‘s banquet 新年会
year-end dinner party 忘年餐会
box supper 慈善餐会
fancy fair 义卖场
general meeting, general assembly 会员大会
congress 代表大会
board of directors 董事会
executive council, executive board 执行委员会
standing body 常设机构
committee, commission 委员会
subcommittee 附属委员会,小组委员会
general committee, general officers, general bureau 总务委员会
secretariat 秘书处
budget committee 预算委员会
drafting committee 起草委员会
committee of experts 专家委员会
advisory committee, consultative committee 顾问委员会,咨询委员会
symposium 讨论会
study group 学习研讨会
seminar 讲习会,学习讨论会
meeting in camera 秘密会议 (美作:executive session)
opening sitting 开幕会
final sitting 闭幕会
formal sitting 隆重开会
plenary meeting 全会
sitting, meeting 开会 (美作:session)
session 会期,会议期间 (美作:meeting)
working party 工作小组
seat, headquarters 席位
governing body 主管团体
round table 圆桌
to sit a meeting, to meet a meeting, to hold a meeting 召开会议


连带责任 joint liability
良性循环 virtuous circle
劣等品 shoddy goods
冒充包装 copycat packaging
耐用消费品 durable consumer items
扭转局面 turn the table
农村富余劳动力 surplus rural labor
敬业精神 professional dedication
皮包公司 bogus company
票贩子 ticket scalper
瓶颈制约 bottleneck restrictions
情感消费 emotional consumption
区位商业 location-based commerce
全优工程 all-round excellent project
拳头产品 blockbuster
条码 bar code
市场疲软 sluggish market
市场准入 market access
投资成本回收 recover investments
效益工资 achievements-related wages
一级市场 primary market
重复建设 duplication of similar projects
转嫁负担 shifting losses to
产品结构 product mix

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