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A 色牢度试验项目
皂洗牢度 washing
摩擦牢度 rubbing/crocking
汗渍牢度 perspiration
干洗牢度 drycleaning
光照牢度 light
水渍牢度 water
氯漂白 chlorine bleach spotting
非氯漂白 non-chlorine bleach
漂白 bleaching
实际洗涤(水洗一次) actual laundering (one wash)
氯化水 chlorinated water
含氯泳池水 chlorinated pool water
海水 sea-water
酸斑 acid spotting
碱斑 alkaline spotting
水斑 water spotting
有机溶剂 organic solvent
煮呢 potting
湿态光牢度 wet light
染料转移 dye transfer
热(干态) dry heat
热压 hot pressing
印花牢度 print durability
臭氧 ozone
烟熏 burnt gas fumes
由酚类引起的黄化 phenolic yellowing
唾液及汗液 saliva and perspiration


B 尺寸稳定性(缩水率)及有关试验项目(织物和成衣)
皂洗尺寸稳定性 dimensional stability to washing (washing shrinkage)
洗涤/手洗后的外观 appearance after laundering / hand wash
热尺寸稳定性 dimensional stability to heating
熨烫后外观 appearance after ironing
商业干洗稳定性 dimensional stability to commercial drycleaning (drycleaning shrinkage)
商业干洗后外观(外观保持性) appearance after commercial drycleaning (appearance retention)
蒸汽尺寸稳定性 dimensional stability to steaming
松弛及毡化 dimensional stabilty to relaxation and felting
缝纫线形稳定性 dimensional stability for sewing thread

C 强力试验项目
拉伸强力 tensile strength
撕破强力 tear strength
顶破强力 bursting strength
接缝性能 seam properties
双层织物的结合强力 bonding strength of laminated fabric
涂层织物的粘合强力 adhesion strength of coated fabric
单纱强力 single thread strength
缕纱强力 lea strength
钩接强力 loop strength
纤维和纱的韧性 tenacity of fibres and yarn

D 织物机构测试项目 FABRIC CONSTRUC.....

D 织物机构测试项目
织物密度(机织物) threads per unit length (woven fabric construction)
织物密度(针织物) stitch density (knittted fabric)
纱线支数 counts of yarn
纱线纤度(原样) denier counts as received
织物幅宽 fabric width
织物克重 fabric weight
针织物线圈长度 loop length of knitted fabric
纱线卷曲或织缩率 crimp or take-up of yarn
割绒种类 type of cut pile
织造种类 type of weave
梭织物纬向歪斜度 distortion in bowed and skewed fabrics (report as received and after one wash)
圈长比 terry to ground ratio
织物厚度 fabric thickness

E 成分和其他分析试验项目
纤维成分 fibre composition
染料识别 dyestuff identification
靛蓝染料纯度 purity of indigo
含水率 moisture content
可萃取物质 extractable matter
填充料和杂质含量 filling and foreign matter content
淀粉含量 starch content
甲醛含量 formaldehyde content
甲醛树脂 presence of formaldehyde resin
棉丝光度 mercerisation in cotton
PH值 PH value
水能性 absorbance

F 可燃性试验项目
普通织物的燃烧性能 flammability of general clothing textiles
布料的燃烧速率(45。角) burning rate of cloth (45。angle)
瑞典成衣燃烧性能 Sweden fire properties of apparel textile

G 织物性能试验项目
耐磨性 abrasion resistance
抗起毛起球性 pilling resistance
拒水性 water repellency
抗水性 water resistance
折痕回复力 wrinkle recovery
布料硬挺度 fabric stiffness
弹性及回复力 stretch & recovery

H 羽绒试验项目
羽绒成分分析 composition analysis
膨松度 filling power
杂色毛和绒的比例 black tip
填充料的净重量 new weight (conditioned) of filling material
含水率 moisture content
溶剂可溶物的测定 determination of solvent solube
酸度 acidity
好氧指数 oxygen number
清洁度 turbidity test
羽绒布防漏性 penetration resistance of cloth to feather & down
成衣附件试验项目 GARMENT ACCESSO.....

I 成衣附件试验项目
洗涤后外观 appearanc after laundering
贮存后外观 appearance after storage
耐烫性能 resistance to ironing
拉链强力 zipper strength
拉链的往复性 reciprocating test
拉链耐用性 durability of zipper
拉链的使用性能 operability of zipper
魔术贴剪力 shear strength of hooks & loops fastener (velcro tape)
魔术贴撕离力 peeling strength of hooks & loops fastener (velcro tape)
魔术贴分合 consecutive adhere/ separation exercising on hooks & loops fastener (velcro tape)
金属抛光物的锈蚀/变色试验 corrosion / tarnish test on metallic finishes
按钮分开强力 unsnapping og snap fasteners
金属钮扣、铆钮的紧固试验 security of metallics buttons, rivets, ets.
按钮的紧固试验 security of snap button
钮扣强力 strength of buttons
耐洗液腐蚀性 resistance to wash liquor
耐干洗溶剂腐蚀性 resistance to drycleaning solvents
钮扣撞击测试 button impact test
钮扣拉力试验 button tension test
钮扣钮力试验 button torque test
按钮附着力 snap attachment strength
装饰物附着力 trim attachment strength

J 其他纺织品测试项目
适当试验后推荐护理标签 care instruction/label recommendation after appropriate testing (testing charges excluded)
成衣尺寸测量 garment size measurement
硫化染料染色的纺织品的加速老化 accelerated ageing of sulphur-dyed textiles
色差判定 colour difference assessment

K 纤维和纱的试验项目
短纤维长度 fibre staple length
线形密度 linear density
纤维直径 fibre diameter
单根纤维强力 single fibre strength
纤维韧性 tenacity of fibre
纱支 yarn count
纱线纤度(原样) denier count as received
连续或非连续纤维的识别 identification of continuous/ discontinuous fibres
每卷经纱长 length of thread per roll
纱线净重 net weight of thread
单纱强力 single thread strength
绞纱强力 lea strength
线圈强力 loop strength
纱线韧性 tenacity of yarn
纱捻度 twist per unit

L 填充棉试验
重量 weight
厚度 thickness
纤维含量 fibre content
树脂含量 resin content
压缩与回复试验 compresssion and resilience test
样品分析前准备 sample dissection for analysis preparation
皂洗尺寸稳定性 dimensional stability to washing
机洗/水洗后的外观 appearance after laundering / hand wash
M 地毯试验项目
摩擦色牢度 colour fastness to rubbing
光照色牢度 colour fastness to light
水渍色牢度 colour fastness to water
毛束联结牢度 tuft withdrawal force (tuft bind)
毛束经密度 pitches per unit length
毛束纬密度 rows per unit length
底布密度 threads per unit length of backing
单位面积重量 weight per unit area
表面毛绒密度(只做单层毛毯) surface pile density (single level pile carpet only)
起绒纱股数 ply of pile yarn
割绒种类 type of cut pile
毛绒或毛圈长度 pile or loop length
毛绒或底部的纤维成分 fibre composition of pile & back

一、干洗 Dry Cleaning
一般干洗 dryclean
专业干洗 Professionally Dryclean
商业干洗 Commercially Dryclean
以干洗为最佳 Drycleanning Recommened
短干洗周期 Short Cycle
干洗剂抽脱时间最短 Minimum Extraction
低水分 Reduced or Low Moisture
干洗过程中不可加水分 No water In System
不可用蒸汽 No Steam
二、水洗 Washing
可机洗 Machine Washable
不可水洗 Do not Wash
不可商业洗涤 Do not have Commercially Launder
可用家庭式洗涤 Home Launder
手洗 Hand Wash
手洗不可搓压 Hand Wash do not Rub
冷水洗 Cold Wash
温水洗 Warm Wash
热水洗 Hot Wash
不可水煮 Do not Boil
少洗衣量 Small Load
温和洗衣程序 Delicate/Gentle Cycle
持久压力程序 Durable Press Cycle /Permanent
分开洗涤 Wash Separately
可与类似色衣物同时洗涤 With Like Color
与深色衣物分开洗涤 Wash Dark Color Separetely
翻出底面洗涤 Wash Inside Out
不可拧干 No Wring/ Do not Wring
不可拧绞 No Twist/ Do not Twist
温水清洗 Warm Rinse
冷水清洗 Cold Rinse
彻底清洗 Rinse Thoroughly
不可脱水 No Spin/ Do not Spin
普通旋转速度脱水 Normal Spin
较短较慢程序脱水 Reduced Spin
不可浸泡 Do not Soak
只可用皂片 Use Pure Soap Flake only
只可抹洗或擦洗 Damp Wipe only

三、漂白 Bleaching
需要时漂白 Bleaching when Needed
不可漂白 No bleach / Do not Bleach
只可用非氯性漂白剂 Only Non-Chlorine Bleach
四、干衣 Drying
滴干 Drip Dry
挂干 Line Dry
荫凉挂干 Line Dry in Shade
避热挂干 Line Dry away from Heat
用烘干机烘干 Tumble Dry
用烘干机中温烘干 Tumble Warm
用烘干机低温烘干 Tumble Cool
平铺晒干 Flat Dry
定位干衣 Block to Dry
用蒸汽烘干 Steam Dry
不用蒸汽 No Steam / Do not Steam
风柜吹干 Cabinet Dry Cool
五、熨烫 Ironing and Pressing
热烫 Hot Iron
温烫 Warm Iron
低温烫 Cold Iron
不可熨 Do not Iron
反面熨 Iron on Wrong Side
用蒸汽熨烫 Steam Press/Iron
在湿润时熨烫 Iron Damp
用布间隔熨烫 Use Press Cloth
外包装 bale
箱 carton
件 package
色号 colour number
花号 design number
批号 lot number
唛头 marks
装箱单 packing list
漏验 omisson of examination
漏验率 percentage of omisson of examination
复验 re-inspection
索赔 claim indemnity
毛重 gross weight
净重 net weight
外观质量 appearance quality
内在质量 inherent quality
外观疵点 appearance
技术要求 technical requirement
感观检验 subjective inspection
取样 samoling
品质检验单 inspection certificate for quality
检验证书 inspection certificate
织物重量 fabric weight
断裂强力 breaking strength
断裂强度 breaking tenacity
缝纫强力 seam strength
染色牢度 colour fasteness
耐日晒色牢度 colour fasteness to sunlight
耐磨擦色牢度 colour fasteness to rubbing
汁渍色牢度 colour fasteness to perspiration
耐熨烫色牢度 colour fasteness to ironing
耐干洗色牢度 colour fasteness to dry cleaning
灰色样卡 grey scale
沾色样卡 grey scale for staining
纤维含量 fibre content
释放甲醛含量 releasable for maldehyde content
防蛀性 insect resistance
防污性 soil resistance
防雨性 rain proofness
织物厚度 fabric thickness
透气性 air permeability
色差 chromatic difference

纺织原料 textile raw materials
天然纤维 natural fibre
化学纤维 chemical fibre
植物纤维 vegetable fibre
纺织纤维 textile fibre
人造纤维 man made fibre
动物纤维 animal fibre
平纹布 plain cloth
牛津布 oxford
斜纹布 drill
线卡 ply-yarn drill
哔叽 serge
灯芯绒 corduroy
起绒布 fleece
泡泡纱 seersucker
麻纱 hair cords
亚麻布 linen cloth
绸 silk
粗纺毛织物 woolen cloth
全毛单面华达呢 woolen one-side gabardine
凡立丁 valitine
啥味呢 twill coating
精纺花呢 worsted fany suiting
法兰绒 flannel
大衣呢 overcoat suiting
交织物 mixed fabric
府绸 poplin
青年布 chambray
纱卡 single yarn drill
华达呢 gabardine
牛仔布 denim
平绒 velveteen
绉布 crepe
巴厘纱 voile
苎麻布 ramie fabric
电力纺 habotai
精纺毛织物 worsted fabric
全毛华达呢 pure wool gabardine
驼丝锦 doeskin
女士呢 ladies cloth
粗花呢 tweed
纬编针织物 weft-knitted fabric
单面针织物 single knit fabric
纬平针织物 plain knit fabric
双罗纹针织物 interlock fabric
起绒针织物 interlock fabric
毛圈针织物 terry knitted fabric
双梳栉经编针织物 two-bar fabric
经编针织物 warp-knitted fabric
双面针织物 double knit fabric
罗纹针织物 rib knit fabric
双反面针织物 purl fabric
长毛绒针织物 high pile knitted fabric
提花针织物 jacquard knitted fabric
多梳栉经编针织物 multi-bar fabric
树脂衬 resin interlining
麻布胸衬 breast canvas
树脂领衬 resin collar interlining
绒布胸衬 breast fleece
热熔衬 fusible interlining
粘合衬 adhesive-bonded interlining
双面粘合衬 double-faced adhesive interlining
无纺布衬 non-woven interlining
无纺粘合衬 non-woven adhesive interlining
有纺粘合衬 adhesive woreninterlinging
黑炭衬 hair interlining
马尾衬 horsehair interlining
化纤衬 chemical fibre interlining
针织衬 knitted interlining
棉花 cotton
人造棉 artificial cotton
喷胶棉 polyester wadding
丝棉 silk wadding
腈纶棉 acrylic staple fibre
羽绒 down
线 thread
棉线 cotton thread
丝线 silk thread
尼龙线 nylon thread
装饰线 ornamental thread
钮 button
四目扣 four-hole button
装饰纽扣 decorative button
异形扣 special-shaped button
塑料扣 plastic button
玻璃扣 glass button
子母扣,四合扣 snap button
拉链 zipper
尼龙拉链 nylon zipper
涤纶拉链 polyester zipper
双头拉链 zipper with double sliders
装饰带 fashion tape
罗纹 rib
缝纫用线 twist
麻线 flax thread
绣花线 embroidery thread
涤纶线 polyester thread
宝塔线 cone of thread
两目扣 two-hole button
包扣 covered button
羊角扣 claw button
金属扣 metal button
树脂扣 resin button
木扣 wood button
尼龙搭扣 nylon fastener tape
金属拉链 metal zipper
塑料拉链 plastic zipper
领钩 collar clasp
搭钩 agraffe
橡筋 elastic ribbon
弹力罗纹 elastic rib
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