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A part of that health includes an outstanding education. The difference between a struggling family and a healthy one is often the presence of an empowered woman or women, at the center of that family. The difference between a broken community and a thriving one is often the healthy respect between men and women who appreciate the contributions each other makes to society. The difference between a languishing nation and one that will flourish is the recognition that we need equal access to education for both boys and girls.
这个健康的一部分包括出类拔萃的教育。 一个艰困的家庭与一个健康的家庭之间的区别通常就是有一个或几个说话算数的女人处于家庭的核心。 一个破败的社区与一个茁壮成长的社区的区别通常取决于男女间能否相互尊重他(她)们感激对方为社会所做的贡献。 一个日趋衰弱的国家与一个强盛的国家的区别就是其中的男孩和女孩是否有平等受教育的机会。

And this school, named after the U.K.'s first female doctor, and the surrounding buildings named for Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, Mary Seacole, the Jamaican nurse known as the "black Florence Nightingale," and the English author, Emily Bronte, honor women who fought sexism, racism and ignorance, to pursue their passions to feed their own souls. They allowed for no obstacles. As the sign said back there, "without limitations." They knew no other way to live than to follow their dreams. And having done so, these women moved many obstacles. And they opened many new doors for millions of female doctors and nurses and artists and authors, all of whom have followed them. And by getting a good education, you too can control your own destiny.
这所学校以英国的第一个女医生命名, 学校的建筑以其他三位女士命名:墨西哥艺术家福丽达•卡萝,被称为“黑人南丁格尔”的牙买加护士玛丽•希珂,以及英国作家艾米丽•勃朗特,这都是为了纪念这些女士,她们与性别歧视,种族歧视和无知做斗争, 从而追求她们的激情以充实自己的灵魂。 她们没有顾及任何障碍。 就像后面这个标语写的,“全然无限”。 她们没想以其它的方式生活而只是追随她们的梦想。 正因为如此,这四位女士去除了很多障碍。 她们创造了很多新的机会为成百上千万的女医生和女护士们女艺术家和女作家们,她们都追随了这四位女士。 通过得到良好的教育你们也可以掌控自己的命运。

Please remember that. If you want to know the reason why I'm standing here, it's because of education. I never cut class. Sorry, I don't know if anybody is cutting class. I never did it. I loved getting 'A's. I liked being smart. I liked being on time. I liked getting my work done. I thought being smart was cooler than anything in the world. And you too, with these same values, can control your own destiny. You too can pave the way. You too can realize your dreams, and then your job is to reach back and to help someone just like you do the same thing. History proves that it doesn't matter whether you come from a council estate or a country estate.
请记住这一点。 如果你们想知道我能站在这里的原因, 那就是因为教育。 我从来不逃课。对不起,我不知道这里是否有人逃课。 我从来没那么做。 我喜欢得‘优’ 我喜欢做聪明人。 我喜欢准时。我喜欢把我的功课做完。 我觉得做聪明人比世界上任何事都要酷。 按照同样的价值观,你们同样可以掌控你们自己的命运。 你们也可以铺出路来。 你们也可以实现你们的梦想, 然后你们的任务就是伸出手去帮助像你们一样的人实现梦想。 历史证明,无论是你们来自穷人家或来自富人家。

Your success will be determined by your own fortitude, your own confidence, your own individual hard work. That is true. That is the reality of the world that we live in. You now have control over your own destiny. And it won't be easy. That's for sure. But you have everything you need. Everything you need to succeed, you already have right here.
你们的成功取决于你们自己的坚韧, 你们自己的信心,你们自己的辛勤工作。 真是这样。这就是我们所生活的世界的真实情况。 你们的命运现在掌握在自己手上。 但这并不容易。那是一定的。 可是你们拥有你们所需要的一切。 要成功所需的一切, 你们已经都有了。

My husband works in this big office. They call it the Oval Office. In the White House, there's the desk that he sits at. It's called the Resolute desk. It was built by the timber of Her Majesty's Ship Resolute and given by Queen Victoria. It's an enduring symbol of the friendship between our two nations. And its name, Resolute, is a reminder of the strength of character that's required not only to lead a country, but to live a life of purpose, as well. And I hope in pursuing your dreams, you all remain resolute, that you go forward without limits, and that you use your talents -- because there are many. We've seen them. It's there. That you use them to create the world as it should be. Because we are counting on you. We are counting on every single one of you to be the very best that you can be. Because the world is big. And it's full of challenges. And we need strong, smart, confident young women to stand up and take the reins.
我丈夫在一个大办公室里工作。 他们管它叫椭圆办公室。 在白宫里,有一个他坐在那儿办公的桌子。 那个办公桌名为“坚决”。 桌子是用女王陛下“坚决”号船的木料打造的。 是维多利亚女王送的。 它是我们两国之间友谊的永久象征。 它的名字,“坚决”, 提醒我们要有这样的风骨,不只是领导一个国家, 而且要度过一个有意义的人生。 我希望在追求你们的梦想时,你们都能保持坚定, 向前进而不受限制, 发挥你们的才能 -- 因为你们才华横溢。我们见识过确实有才华。 用你们的才华去创建那个理想世界,因为我们指望着你们。 我们指望着你们每一个人尽你们的全力,做到最好。 因为这个世界很大。 充满了挑战。 我们需要坚强的,聪明的,自信的年轻女性站出来执掌乾坤。

We know you can do it. We love you. Thank you so much.


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