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  1、In some cultures the essence of magic is its traditional integrity; it can be efficient only if it has been ------- without loss from primeval times to the present practitioner.
  A, conventionalized
  B, realized
  C, transmitted
  D, manipulated
  E, aggrandized
  magic: n.魔术,法术,巫术
  integrity: n.1.正真,廉正,诚实,诚恳 2.完整,完全 3.完善,健全
  primeval: a.原始的,早期的,远古的
  efficient: a.1.效率高的,有能力的,能胜任的 2.直接产生效果的,有效的,生效的
  conventionalize: a.使符合习俗,使惯例化,按传统手法表现
  aggrandize: v.扩大…权势,提高…地位,增进,扩充
  2、Although skeptics say financial problems will probably --------- our establishing a base on the Moon. Supporters of the project remain ------, saying that human curiosity should overcome such pragmatic constraints.
  A, beset.. disillusioned
  B, hasten.. hopeful
  C, postpone.. pessimistic
  D, prevent.. enthusiastic
  E, allow.. unconvinced
  sceptic: n.怀疑(论)者,〔哲〕不可知论者
  pragmatic: a.1.讲究实际的,实干的,重实效的 2.实用主义的 3.国事的,国务的
  constraint:n.1.约束,限制 2.强迫,强制 3.克制,抑制,拘束
  beset: v.1.困扰,使苦恼 2.包围,围攻
  disillusion: v.使幻灭
  postpone: v.1.延迟,延缓,使延期 2.把…放在后面
  pessimistic: a.悲观(主义)的
  3、Before the Second World War, academics still questioned whether the body of literature produced in the United States truly ------- a ------- literature, or whether such literature was only a provincial branch of English literature.
  A, symbolized.. local
  B, constituted.. national
  C, defined.. historical
  D, outlined.. good
  E, captured.. meaningful
  academic: n.1.大学生,大学教师 2.学者,学会会员
  provincial: a.1.狭隘的,地方性的 2.外省的,外地的
  symbolize: v.象征,标志
  4、Many more eighteenth-century novels were written by women than by men, but this dominance has, until very recently, been regarded merely as ------- fact, a bit of arcane knowledge noted only by bibliographers.
  A, a controversial
  B, a statistical
  C, an analytical
  D, an explicit
  E, an unimpeachable
  dominance: n.优势,支配(或统治)地位,最高权力
  arcane: a.神秘的,晦涩难解的,秘密的
  bibliographer: n.1.书目编制者 2.目录学家,书志学家
  explicit: a.1.详述,明确的,明析的 2.直言的,坦率的 3.显然可见的,容易观察到的
  unimpeachable: a.无瑕疵的,无缺点的,完全可靠的
  5、All ------- biological traits fall into one of two categories: those giving their possessors greater ------- the environment and those rendering them more independent of it.
  A, widespread.. detachment from
  B, beneficial.. control over
  C, successful.. freedom from
  D, neutral.. compatibility with
  E, harmful.. advantage in
  trait: n.特征,特点,特性
  category: n.1.种类,类别 2.〔哲〕范畴
  render: v.1.使得,使成为 2.给予,提供 3.提出,呈报
  detachment: n.1.分开,分离,脱离 2.超然,公正,不偏不倚
  beneficial: a.有益的,有利的,有帮助的
  6、One of archaeology’s central dilemmas is how to reconstruct the ------- of complex ancient societies from meager and often ------- physical evidence.
  A, riddles.. obsolete
  B, details.. irrefutable
  C, intricacies.. equivocal
  D, patterns.. flawless来源:www.hxen.com
  E, configurations.. explicit
  archaeology: n.考古家
  dilemma: n.(进退两难的)窘境,困境
  reconstruct: v.1.重建,改组,重新构成 2.修复 3.重新描述,使(按原貌)再现
  meager: a.粗劣的,贪乏不足的,(作品)枯竭的,缺乏想象力的
  obsolete: a.废弃的,淘汰的,过时的
  irrefutable: a.无可辩驳的,不可否认的
  intricacy: n.1.错综复杂,复杂精细 2.难以了解,难以理解
  equivocal: a.模棱两可的,含糊的,有多种含义的
  flawless: a.1.无裂隙的,无裂痕的 2.无缺点的,无瑕的,完美的
  configuration: n.布局,构造,外形
  7、Just as the authors’ book on eels is often a key text for courses in marine vertebrate zoology, their ideas on animal development and phylogeny ------- teaching in this area.
  A, prevent
  B, defy
  C, replicate
  D, inform
  E, use

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