视频商务英语口语Unit19:交货谈判 Negotiating delivery[1]

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DON BRADLEY: I' d like you to look at those figures: 堂.布拉德利:我想请大家看一下这些数字:
As you can see, the maximum retail price for the Mark 2 must be 60. 正如大家所看到的,马克二世的最高价格必须是60。
That means, that to keep our margins, our production costs must be no more than 14 per unit. 这就是说,为了保持我们的利润,我们的生产成本每件一定不能超过14。
DEREK JONES: I' d rather have a retail price of 75. 德里克.琼斯:我宁愿零售价是75。
I don' t believe that the Mark 2 can be produced for less than 18 per unit. 我认为马克二世的单个生产成本不会低于18。
DON BRADLEY: That retail price is not a realistic option, Derek. 堂.布拉德利:这样的零售价是不实际的,德里克。
We' ve done the research. 我们做过了调查。
DEREK JONES: But it' s not just a toy. This is a genuine breakthrough. 德里克.琼斯:但这不只是个玩具。这是一项真正的突破。
DON: Derek... 堂:德里克……
DEREK JONES: Let me finish--this is a genuine breakthrough and the market will be prepared to pay a premium price for something that is so advanced. 德里克.琼斯:让我说完--这是个真正的突破,市场对某种如此先进的东西会有所准备的,他们会愿意出高价。
DON BRADLEY: Derek, let me... 堂.布拉德利:德里克, 让我……
DEREK JONES: Just a minute. 德里克.琼斯:等一下。
There is nothing like this on the market, we have to take a chance with it. 市场上没有老的产品,我们得冒冒险。
CLIVE HARRIS: Derek, I don' d like arguing with you, but I have to agree with Don. 克莱夫.哈里斯:德里克,我不想跟你争论,但我不同意你的看法。
I' m sorry, we can' t take the risk. 对不起,我们不能冒这个险。
I say we retail at 60 and produce at 14. 我的看法是零售价60,生产成本14。
DEREK JONES: No manufacturer will be able to produce the Mark 2 for 14 per unit and maintain the quality. 德里克.琼斯:没有哪家制造商能以单个成本14来生产马克二世而又能保证质量。
CLIVE HARRIS: I would rather not decide anything now. 克莱夫.哈里斯:我不想现在就下决定。
DEREK JONES: I would like to show it to Hazelford Systems.
They might be able to produce it for 15 or 16. 他们或许能以15或16的单价生产。
KATE MCKENNA: Jenny, could you do something about this fax machine?

Phone the company, cancel the rental agreement and get the best deal you can from another firm. 给传真机公司打电话,取消租赁协议,跟另外一家公司合作,尽力获得最好的条件。
I' m sick of this. 我烦透这个了。
JENNY ROSS: Hello. This is Jenny Ross of Bibury Systems. 詹妮.罗斯:你好。我是Bibury系统公司的詹妮.罗斯 。
We hired a fax machine from you and I would like to cancel our rental agreement. 我们在你公司租了液体台传真机,我现在要取消租赁协议。
No, I' m sorry. 不,对不起。
I would rather just cancel the agreement ... 我只想取消协议……
No, we did ask you to send someone yesterday and it still isn' t working properly. 不,我们昨天确实要求你们派人来维修,但还是不能正常工作。
I' m sorry, but I have to say no. 对不起,我不得不说“不”。
Yes, if you could send someone to collect it tomorrow morning, please.

DANNY MCNEIL: Now let' s turn to the Big Boss. 丹尼.麦克内尔:现在我们谈“大老板”的事情。
What is the soonest you can deliver? 你们最快什么时候可以交货?
EDWARD GREEN: You can have the first five thousand units before the end of the month. 爱德华.格林:本月底前你可以得到首批5000件。
DANNY MCNEIL: I want ten thousand by the end of the month. 丹尼.麦克内尔:月底前我想要1万件。
EDWARD GREEN: Well, Mr. Mcneil, that will be difficult, 爱德华.格林:麦克内尔先生,这太难了,
but as you have been so understanding over the question of price, I think we can arrange that. 不过鉴于你在价格问题上对我们的理解支持,我认为我们可以安排的。
DANNY MCNEIL: What about the balance of the order? 丹尼.麦克内尔:所订购货物之其余部分呢?
EDWARD GREEN: We can deliver that in three consignments over the following three months. 爱德华.格林:我们将在随后的三个月里分三批交货。
DANNY MCNEIL: I' d rather have everything delivered by the end of May. 丹尼.麦克内尔:我宁愿在5月底前你们交清所有货物。
EDWARD GREEN: I can' t promise to do that, but I shall do my best. 爱德华.格林:我不能保证做到,不过我会尽力。
MS WONG: First of all, let me welcome all the representatives of Bibury Systems. 黄女士:先,让我欢迎所有Bibury系统公司的代表。
I' d like to say that we at Hazelford Systems are delighted that you are considering us as a future supplier. 我想说,Hazelford系统公司很高兴,你们考虑我们作为今后的供应汤。
Perhaps I could begin by checking that everyone has a copy of the agenda? 或许我该问一下各位是不是都有一份会议议程?
And I' d like to add one extra item, if I may ?could we discuss the question of exchange procedures after item four,

如果可以……,我想增加一条 ,我们能不能在第四项后讨论交易流程的问题,
which looks at general payment conditions? 涉及大概的付款条件?

So let' s make a start. 那我们就开始了。
Mr. Jones, would you like to outline your position on the first item on the agenda: technological specifications? 琼斯先生,请你大体描述一下对议程第一条:技术规范的看法,好吗?
DEREK JONES: Thank you. 德里克.琼斯:谢谢。
I think that we need to consider a couple of options when we look at this question... 我认为我们对这个问题应该要考虑几个选择……


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