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The One Where Emma Cries

The gang has a welcome-home party for Rachel. When Emma sleeps, Rachel misses her, so she wakes her up. Nothing can get her back to sleep. Chandler, nervous about a big meeting, has missed a night of sleep, and falls asleep in the meeting. At the end, he wakes up just in time to unknowingly agree to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Monica won't agree to it, but management won't let him off the hook. Ross is still angry with Joey for being engaged (even if by accident) to Rachel. Joey tries to get Ross to punch him, but then ducks and Ross hits a post, breaking his thumb. Joey continues causing additional injuries to Ross. Joey doesn't understand the "quotes" gesture. "SuperMonica" finally gets Emma to go back to sleep.



9-02-1 Joey求婚风波之后


从Joey向Rachel求婚事件发生后,Ross就一直对比事耿耿于怀。 他很生Ross的气,因为他认为Joey既然知道是个误会,就该想办法澄清,有可能Joey不好直接跟Rachel说,但也应该跟他说清楚啊。而Ross对Rachel呢,可以说是爱恨交织,爱她是因为她刚刚为自己生了个可爱的宝室;“恨”吧,那就是因为对于根本是个误会的求婚她却勿勿答应了……

Joey: hey so where's Ross?

Rachel: he's downstairs getting the rest of the stuff out of the cab.

Joey: is he still mad at us?

Rachel: well you more then me, but he cant stay to mad at me I mean I just had his baby.

Joey: that's not fair I cant do that.

Rachel: yea im not too sure you should be here when he comes up.

Joey: see this is what I was afraid of, I didn't think I should be here either but somebody (looks at Chandler) said he'd be over it by now.


这里的Is he still mad at us?跟Is he still mad with us?用法很相似,都有表示“他是否还在生我们的气”的意思。存美语中,mad at sb.更多还是指对某人发火,例如:Don't get mad at me,I am just telling you the truth.(不要对我发火,我只是在说事实。) 后来这一集中Joey还对Ross说过:I know you’re pissed at me.(我知道你还生我的气。)


bite someone’s head off对某人大发雷霆

I was only five minutes late, but my boss really bit my head off.

fly off the handle勃然大怒

When he knew his wife had an affair with others, he flew off the handle.

be up in arms满腔怒火,非常不满

The commodity price rose again and again. People are up in arms over it.

get shirty with someone冲某人发脾气

Don’t get shirty with me:it’s not my fault.

go off the deep end变得极度愤怒,气急败坏

When his brainchild was plagiarized, he went off the deep end.

get(or put)sb’s back up使某人生气

Making me look a fOOl in front of all my friends really put my back up.


9-02-2 Chandler开会时睡着了


Chandler 在工作会议上打盹,结果在毫不知情的情况下答应了被调往俄克拉何马州(Oklahoma)的塔尔萨市(tulsa)。然后他忐忑不安地来到Ross家,想把这一切告诉 Monica……

Chandler: were moving to Tulsa (makes a excited expression on his face)

Monica: excuse me?

Chandler: ok Ms. McKenna she kind of work above my boss she asked me to move to Tulsa and be the president of our office there and I was sleeping and apparently said yes.

Monica: (stands up angry) Tulsa Oklahoma

Chandler: The sooner state, what ever that is

Monica: Chandler I don't even wanna see the musical Oklahoma!

Chandler: really oh what a beautiful morning staring with a fringe on top.


Chandler提到的Tulsa(塔尔萨市)是Oklahoma(俄克拉何马州)的第二大城市。位于俄克拉何马州的东北角。早期许多Creek Indians(克里克联盟的印第安人)从美国东南部迁移到此,这批居民被称为“Tulasi”,在克里克印第安语里意为“old town”,即旧城。1882年,铁路的发展使得塔尔萨市(Tulsa)发展成为家畜运送中心(cattle-shipping center)。1901年,人们在塔尔萨(Tulsa)周边的城镇里相继发现油田,继而塔尔萨市于19世纪20年代发展成为了“世界油都”(Oil Capital of the World)。但在所谓的石油萧条期(Oil Bust),即1982~1984后,塔尔萨市(Tulsa)把这个“世界油都”称号让给了Houston(休斯敦市)。在20世纪90年代,该市领导为了转变塔尔萨市依赖石油而发展的局面,想方设法吸引更多的互联网和通讯公司来此落脚。

而Chandler把Tulsa(塔尔萨市.)描绘成Oklahoma(俄克拉何马州)的“巴黎”,明显非常牵强。而Monica一点都不喜欢Tulsa,拿她自己的话说:I don’t even wanna see the musical Oklahoma!在她如此强烈的反应之后,Chandler紧接着提到:Really,oh what a beautiful morning staring with a fringe on top.(哦,多么美的一个清晨,坐在豪华的游览马车上。)这其实是流传于Oklahoma(俄克拉何马州)的两首歌曲的歌名。即:Oh,What A Beautiful Morning和The Surrey With The Fringe On Top。

Oh,What A Beautiful Morning歌中,描绘了清晨的美景,例如金色薄雾、动听的歌声等,抒发了一种愉悦和舒畅的心情。

The Surrey With The Fringe On Top则描绘的是幻想中带着爱人乘带有装饰顶蓬的Surrcy式游览马车去短游的经历。

Musical Oklahoma(音乐剧《俄克拉何马》),是一部充满激情的音乐剧,创作于1943年,首次公演就获得巨大成功,并创下在Broadway(百老汇)上演15年、存美国巡回演出10年的记录。该剧曾被译为超过12种的语言。Oklahoma(《俄克拉何马》)曾获得Pulitzer Special Prize(普利策特别奖)、两个Academy Award(学院奖)、Grammy Award(格莱美荣誉奖)和Tony Award(托尼奖)。并且被纽约戏剧联合会誉为“本世纪最佳音乐剧”。

9-02-3 Emma哭不停



Rachel: Oh My God! How long has she been crying?

Monica: about a week and a half

Phoebe: well alright looks like you guys have got it under control so im just gonna go (She gets up and Rachel looks at her upset and Monica just stares) No! misery really does love company ALRIGHT! (she sits back down)

Monica: Rach try holding her a different way

Rachel: you guys im doing the best I can, anyone else is welcome to try

Phoebe: alright ill try fine! Yes ok!

Rachel: here you go (hands Emma to Phoebe)

Phoebe: shh! NOTHING WORKS WITH THIS CHILD!! (Hands her back after 2 seconds)


Misery really does love company来源于成语:Misery loves company.字面上,它的意思为痛苦需要同伴。其实指同病相怜或患难与共。此外,还有许多像这样的俗语表达,这里收集的就是一系列有关m为首字母的俗语,记住了以后,在适当的场合都可以活学活用的。

Misfortunes never come alone.

Misfortunes test the sincerity of friends.

Money can buy the devil himself.

More haste,less speed.

Much cry and little Wool.

Make hay while the sun shines.

Many a fine dish has nothing on it.

Many a little makes a mickle.(Many drops make a shower.)

Many ants kill the horse.

Many hands are better than one.

Many heads are better than one.

Men may meet but mountains never.

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