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Jamie: I was with Tranmere Rovers before this. They signed me from school when I was 14.

Santiago: Yeah? How’s it going?

Jamie: Early days. That’s Gavin Harris. They just signed him for eight million pounds.

Man: Dining with the bum–bandit today, are we, Jamie?

Glen: Hugie Magowan’s 33. Unless every other centre back in the squad breaks his leg, he’ll not play for thefirst team again.

Santiago: Why he be so pissed with me?

Glen: Well, you’re the new kid on the block, son. You’ve got something he never had—flair.

Santiago: Flair?

Glen: Aye. You know, most players, myself included, they play within themselves. They play to their strengths so they don’t expose their weakness. The great players, the ones with flair, they take risks, because they don’t believe they’re risks. Here. Put your coat down here. Three and in. you’re in.

Santiago: All mighty.

Glen: They control the ball, the ball doesn’t control them. Here. Look at this. Two jackets and a ball. It’s all you need.

Santiago: Hey. Hey. Nurse Harmison. Nurse Harmison.

Harmison: Hi.

Santiago: You wanna come into this club with us?

Harmison: No way. It’s full of posers, that place.

Jamie: Yeah? Where are you going?

Woman: We’re going to The Spyglass.

Santiago: What do you say?

Santiago & Jamie: Yeah, yeah.

Waiter: Here we go. Here we go.

Woman: Canny wine, this Rioja. It’s from your part of the world, isn’t it? Spain?

Santiago: No, I’m from LA.

Jamie: I’m from Merseyside.

Woman: LA? And Merseyside? What are you two doing up here?

Santiago: Well...

Jamie: We play for Newcastle.

Woman: I though you said players were off limits.

Harmison: Relax. They haven’t made the reserves yet.

Woman: Well, as long as you’re mired in mediocrity, pet, you’re in with a chance.

Santiago: I’m sorry, but I don’t know what that means.

Harmison: It means don’t change. Don’t become something you’re not.

Santiago: Well, my life’s already changed, just by being here.

Jamie: I grew up on a council estate with a dad on the dole and a mum on the booze. Change is fine with me.


1. First team

我们通常把这个说法翻译为“一线队”。The first team is the colloquial name given to the most senior team fielded by a football club. Within the structure of the club, there is no higher level than the first team, and if the club fields other teams those teams will compete in less senior leagues and comprise those players who are not deemed to merit a place in the first team.

Within the professional game, the level below the first team is usually known as the reserve team, or colloquially as the "second string" or the "stiffs",即我们中文里讲的“二线队”. Players may be dropped to the reserve team from the first team if they perform poorly or are working their way back to full fitness from an injury.

2. On the block

On the block 这个片语是指“出售中”,常和put 或者 go 连用。例如:These paintings will all be put on the block.

电影中的这个时候Santiago还不是Newcastle United的正式球员,还在试用期,所以说他还在“出售中”。

3. No way

相当于中汉语中的“不,绝不,才不呢”,例如:No way can I forget what he did.

4. Off limits

Off limits 指的是“禁区”。Nurse Harmison 不想和足球运动员有什么瓜葛,所以她的女伴在得知Santiago和Jamie是球员后,才会这么说 “I though you said players were off limits.”

5. Council estate

又称作 council house。The council house is a form of public housing found in the United Kingdom, more usually called social housing (社会住房)today. Council houses were built and operated by local councils for the benefit of the local population. As of 2005, approximately 20 per cent of the country's housing stock is owned by local councils or by housing associations. The largest council estate in the country (and one of the largest in the world) is Becontree, Dagenham, with a population of over 100,000. Building started in the 1920s and took nearly 20 years to finish.

6. On the dole

这个片语又写作 on relief,on welfare,意思是“领取国家补助”,例如:Half the people in this town are on relief.

On the dole 主要用在英国英语中,on relief 和 on welfare 主要用在美国英语中。

7. On the booze

Booze 指的是“酒,烈酒,饮酒性寻欢”,Jamie 在这里的意思是“他妈妈酗酒,是个酒鬼”。


Tranmere Rovers Football Club 特兰米尔流浪足球俱乐部

Tranmere Rovers Football Club is an English football club, currently playing in Football League One (英格兰足球甲级联赛) and based at Prenton Park, Prenton, Birkenhead - just across the River Mersey from the two Premiership Clubs of Liverpool F.C. and Everton F.C. (Premier League 英格兰足球超级联赛,是英国最高级别的足球联赛。)

The club was founded as Belmont F.C. in 1884, changing name to Tranmere Rovers a year later. The club played its first match in the Liverpool & District Challenge Cup in 1886. In 1921/22 the club joined the newly formed Third Division North of the Football League. Though they played in blue shirts and white shorts for much of their existence, the club's traditional home kit is now regarded as white shirt, shorts and socks, with blue trim. The 2006/07 away kit is black with silver trim.

Tranmere is a district in south Birkenhead on the eastern side of the Wirral Peninsula. Tranmere alone has a population of 11,668 (2001). The area is made up of industrial buildings and Victorian terraced houses. Its name was given by Norwegian Vikings who settled and colonized Wirral in the 10th century. Tranmere in Old Norse is Trani-melr "Cranebird sandbank" or "sandbank with the Cranebirds".

It is best known for its football club, Tranmere Rovers F.C., who incidentally are the only team in the English league with a Viking name. 'Tran' were winners of the 1934-5 Welsh Cup.

Following Brian Little's resignation, Ronnie Moore was appointed manager in June 2006, from Oldham Athletic.

Between 1991 and 2001 they were in the second tier of the English league, reaching the playoffs three times and the League Cup final once before being relegated.

John Aldridge, the former Liverpool striker who scored nearly 500 goals in his professional career, was appointed player-manager of Tranmere in March 1996 and remained at the helm for five years, although he hung up his boots in 1998. His predecessor was John King, who took Rovers from the brink of losing their league status to the brink of reaching the Premiership.

Other well known players to wear a Tranmere shirt include Dixie Dean, 'Pongo'Waring, Derek Mountfield, Colin Clarke, Jason McAteer, Pat Nevin, John McGreal, John Morrisey, Clint Hill, Eric Nixon, Steve Simonsen, Ian Moore, Alan Mahon, Ryan Taylor, Iain Hume, Ged Brannan and Jason Koumas.

Tranmere play their home games at Prenton Park, which is located in Birkenhead, Cheshire. The club has faced years of strong competition for both players and supporters from two much bigger clubs - Liverpool and Everton - just across the River Mersey.



1. 黑猩猩的画作正在出售。

2. 我们的候选人绝不会输的。

3. 士兵们不允许去酒馆。

4. 他们靠政府救助金生活,买不起任何奢侈品。

Goal!《一球成名》(精讲之一)考考你 参考答案

1. Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.


2. What’s the next big thing?


3. The securities analyst was caught off guard by that financial report.



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