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[06:44.92]Lesson 56
[06:50.25]The river which forms the eastern boundary of our farm
[06:55.82]has always played an important part in our lives.
[07:01.17]The boundary line between two provinces is shown by a silver line on the map.
[07:11.41]There is only enough spring water to supply the needs of the house,
[07:17.26]so we have to pump from the river for farm use.
[07:22.44]Air can be pumped from one side of a room to the other side.
[07:28.50]It's no use pumping a dry well.
[07:36.41]We know instinctively,just as beekeepers with their bees,
[07:42.47]that misfortune might overtake us
[07:47.12]if the important events of lives were not related to it.
[07:52.87]The couple was overtaken by misfortune.
[07:57.83]The ship was overtaken by a storm.
[08:05.96]Sometimes we go upstreams to a favourite backwater,
[08:11.52]sometimes we have our party at the boathouse,
[08:16.38]which a predecessor of ours at the farm
[08:20.82]built in the meadow hard by the deepest pool for swimming and diving.
[08:28.08]Some were playing water-polo in the backwater.
[08:34.04]They look down upon those who live in intellectual backwater.
[08:43.86]The farmers of the future
[08:47.23]will be infinitely more sophisticated than their predecessors.
[08:53.08]Ronard's appointment followed the abrupt departure of his predecessor.
[09:02.88]My childhood appears to me like a sunny meadow,as it does to many people.
[09:10.14]Ten men went to mow a meadow.
[09:17.24]We welcome the seasons by the riverside,
[09:21.82]crowning the youngest girl with flowers in the spring,
[09:26.86]holding a summer festival on Midsummer Eve,
[09:32.13]giving thanks for the harvest in the autumn,
[09:36.89]and  throwing a holly wreath into the current in the water.
[09:42.84]Napoleon I crowned himself.
[09:48.17]Their efforts were crowned with honors.
[09:55.10]The holly is an evergreen shrub with dark-green sharp-pointed leaves
[10:01.65]and,in winter,red berries.
[10:06.51]The leaves of an American holly can be used to make a popular caffeine-rich tea.
[10:16.80]Both her veil and wreath are white.
[10:21.35]Many western families hang wreaths of pine branches on their doors at Christmas.
[10:31.07]This is rare occurrence as our climate seldom goes to extremes.
[10:37.23]Such incident is an everyday occurrence.
[10:41.88]This is an unfortunate occurrence,but it can't be helped.
[10:51.42]We are lucky in that only the lower fields,which make up a very small proportion of our farm,
[10:58.96]are affected by flooding,but other farms are less favourably sited,
[11:05.60]and flooding can sometimes speall disaster for their owners.
[11:11.35]The proportion of the white people in LA has been going down in the past few years.
[11:22.24]The company is trying to decide  where to site its new store.
[11:28.40]The house is beautifully sited to give a splendid view over the valley.
[11:38.33]This development could spell disaster for the textile industry.
[11:44.39]On the frontiers they met fierce resistance and defeat that spelled eventual disaster.
[11:55.08]All the cattle had been moved into stalls and we stood to lose little.
[12:02.16]Domestic animals run out of their stalls.
[12:07.51]In the quiet,Kane could hear a horse stirring in his stall.


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