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Her amethyst eyes她的眼睛,好似紫水晶
Jewels were something to hide behind as, chronically shy, she always wished to hide. The glitter at wrist and neck and the cleavage-plunging pearls made “Elizabeth Taylor” less boring to her. The dutiful girl who had given up her childhood to her mother’s pushing in Hollywood, whose baby cheek had been daubed with eye-pencil to accentuate her beauty spot, who had eagerly promised to grow breasts at 12 to please the producer of “National Velvet”, could disappear behind the dazzle. She hid behind other things, too: scorching flights of four-letter words, the brash character of the “broad” or the “dame”, a demanding, regal arrogance, clouds of her own perfume (“Passion” or “White Diamonds”), pills, booze, food. Ordinary Elizabeth would then try to take that character in hand, forcing her to diet and behave.

她要借珠宝隐藏自己,因为她生性羞涩,总是想要隐藏。手腕和脖子上闪闪发光的首饰以及悬挂于胸前的珍珠让她觉得“伊丽莎白泰勒”不那么单调。这个温顺的女孩,因为母亲逼迫她进军好莱坞而放弃了自己的童年,她那婴儿脸蛋上被眼线笔予以勾勒,来凸显她的美人痣。她曾急切地向电影“天鹅绒”(又名“玉女神驹”伊丽莎白泰勒1944年作品:译者注)的制片人保证自己到12岁时胸部会长得更丰满,以此来取悦他。但佩戴上珠光闪闪的首饰珠宝后,她宛若两人。她还会用其他东西来隐藏真实的自己:抑或是一连串刻薄的四个字母组成的词语(比如Fu_k, 比如Sh_t,译者注)抑或是一些诸如放荡女人或者水性杨花的贵妇人角色背后,抑或是苛刻的,不可侵犯的自傲,抑或是自己香水雾气之中(“激情”或者“白钻石”香水,这两款香水是伊丽莎白的公司设计的:译者注),嗑药,酗酒,暴饮暴食等等。平时,伊丽莎白会尽力管住自己,注意饮食且举止得体。

She insisted on marriage, too, to seal the tempestuous affairs her wilder self kept falling into. Weddings allowed her to become a willing, wifely shadow behind her husbands. Cheerfully she took up Todd’s Judaism, John Warner’s senatorial Virginia tweediness, Burton’s rugby-loving, hard-drinking Welshness, and, temporarily, the weaknesses of all of them. She could “spin on a dime” for love—and spin again when another enchanted man strayed close.


Each film role gave her more cover. On screen, boring Elizabeth could win the Grand National, or tussle with horrific memories of murder in “Suddenly Last Summer”, or seduce both Caesar and Mark Anthony in real-gold robes in “Cleopatra” (1962), then the costliest film ever made. Decorous, timid Elizabeth could be a needy, whining, abandoned wife in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” (1958), or a disturbing prostitute in “Butterfield 8” (1960), the film for which she won her first Oscar, though she hated it. She never found acting hard, had no lessons, simply tried to become the other person, grateful to inhabit an alternative to herself. On screen she radiated a thoughtfulness in those blue-violet eyes which she defined as “concentration”. She brought it even to the dishevelled, bawling Martha baiting Burton’s George in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” (1966), a film that epitomised her louder life and won her her second Oscar.

每一个角色都让她把自己隐藏得更深。在银幕上,略显单调的伊丽莎白可以拿下英国越野障碍马术比赛的冠军,也能够在《夏日惊魂》中熟稔地演绎谋杀者惊恐的回忆,或者在当时制作成本最高的电影《埃及艳后》(1962)中,身着一袭浴袍,勾引凯撒和马克安东尼。而着装得体,略显羞涩的伊丽莎白则化身成为“朱门巧妇”(1958)中无助,哀怨遭人摒弃的妻子,或者“青楼艳妓”(1960)中让人不胜烦扰的青楼女子。尽管她不喜欢这部片子,她还是凭借《青楼艳妓》一片,一举拿下自己的首座奥斯卡奖。在演戏上,她总是游刃有余。她未曾学习如何演戏,只是试着让自己变成另一个人,她为能栖居于另一个自我而感到庆幸。银幕上的她,紫罗兰色的眼睛闪烁着深思,她称其为“专注”。在 “灵欲春宵”(1966)中,这种“专注”竟被她用来演绎头发散乱聒噪无比,勾引乔治(理查伯顿饰)的玛莎一角上。这部电影是她更为喧嚣的真实生活写照,凭借这部电影她摘得自己第二座奥斯卡奖。

Yet, as she often told the press, acting wasn’t real to her. Pain was: colitis, crushed discs, exhaustion, or the pneumonia that almost killed her during the making of “Cleopatra”. Her stardom came at a price. This, as much as her longing for concealment, fed her empathy with Hollywood’s misfits, to whom she offered simple, common kindness: Montgomery Clift, Rock Hudson, James Dean, Michael Jackson, the homosexuals-in-hiding and would-be children whose secrets she heard and kept. Hence, too, her generosity to AIDS sufferers long before most others cared to help them. The money raised from jewels could now provide clinics and counselling.


Her love of those staggering pieces only strengthened as she grew older. She admired their durability then, the fact that they would long outlast her. She was only their temporary custodian, she said, a form and a face caught fleetingly by the movie camera or posing, in soft focus, behind the hard stones. Ever matter-of-fact, she liked that thought of transience, and always refused to sit for the painted portraits that might have lasted. Her own amethyst eyes, pearl skin, ruby lips, would disappear. The beauty of jewels was for ever.



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