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[00:-1.00](1)A:Can you speak English?
[00:-2.00]B:Yes,it's a piece of cake.
[00:-3.00](2)A:Do you know how to operate this washing machine?
[00:-4.00]B:No,I don't,but I can try.
[00:-5.00](3)A:Are you able to cook any Chinese dishes?
[00:-6.00]B:I'm afraid I don't know anything about Chinese cooking.
[00:-7.00]A:This is a good chance to learn something about it.
[00:-8.00]91.Possibility & Impossibility
[00:-9.00]A:Is it possible to get from here to there by bike?
[00:10.00]B:Yes,it is.
[00:11.00](2)A:Do you think we'll win the game tomorrow?
[00:12.00]B:I think it's very likely that we'll win.
[00:13.00](3)A:Can we change our schedule for tomorrow?
[00:14.00]B:No,it's totally out of the question.
[00:15.00](4)A:Do you think we can catch the nine o'clock train?
[00:16.00]B:Probably not.
[00:17.00]92.Asking for Information
[00:18.00](1)A:Is there any bus to Beijing this afternoon?
[00:19.00]B:Yes,there is one leaving at 4 o'clock.
[00:20.00]A:Two tickets,please.
[00:21.00](2)A:Excuse me,do you know if flight UZ 1332 is on time?
[00:22.00]B:I'm sorry I really don't know.
[00:23.00]93.Asking for Reasons
[00:24.00](1)A:Do you know why she refused my love?
[00:25.00]B:It's because she has someone else in her eyes.
[00:26.00](2)A:Have you got any idea why the meeting was cancelled?
[00:27.00]B:No,I have no idea,either.
[00:28.00]94.Checking Understanding
[00:29.00](1)A:Do you see what I mean?
[00:30.00]B:Yes,I do.You mean it is wise to invest in this project.
[00:31.00](2)A:We now should be more concerned about the quality of the products.Is that clear to you?
[00:33.00](3)A:Did you tell me to finish the work the day after tomorrow?
[00:35.00]A:At first I thought you told us to finish it tomorrow.
[00:36.00](4)A:If I take your meaning correctly,she is much more beautiful than me.Right?
[00:37.00]B:No,honey,you misunderstand me.
[00:38.00]95.Asking to Repeat
[00:39.00](1)A:I'm sorry,I didn't catch that.
[00:40.00]B:I said you made a mistake here.
[00:41.00](2)A:I beg your pardon?
[00:42.00]B:I said you look great these days.
[00:44.00](3)A:Please report tomorrow at 8:30.
[00:45.00]B:I'm sorry.I didn't hear you.When do you want me to report?
[00:46.00]A:At 8:30.
[00:48.00]96.Saying It Again in Another Way
[00:49.00](1)A:Sorry,I can't understand.
[00:50.00]B:Look at it this way.The more you read,the more you know.
[00:51.00](2)A:Sorry,but what do you mean?
[00:52.00]B:What I'm trying to say is we need to stick to it long enough.
[00:53.00](3)A:Would you like to leave a message for Mr.Baker?
[00:54.00]B:Sorry,I didn't hear you.
[00:55.00]A:I was just asking whether you want to leave him a message.
[00:57.00](1)A:Someone came to see you last night.
[00:58.00]B:Last night?What does he look like?
[00:59.00]A:He's rather tall with blonde hair and has blue eyes.
[-1:00.00](2)A:What's the weather in your hometown like?
[-1:-1.00]B:We've got a sandy spring,hot summer,golden fall and cold winter.
[-1:-2.00]A:Your hometown must be Beijing!
[-1:-3.00](1)A TV news reporter is interviewing someone who has just saved a little boy at the beach.
[-1:-4.00]A:What happened and when did it happen?
[-1:-5.00]B:Well,I was lying on the beach listening to the radio this afternoon,when suddenly I heard someone shouting for help.
[-1:-6.00]A:So what did you do?
[-1:-7.00]B:I jumped up.Looked out toward the ocean,and saw a little boy waving his arms in the air.
[-1:-8.00]A:What did you do next?
[-1:-9.00]B:I took off my shirt and my watch and jumped into the water.
[-1:10.00]A:And THEN what did you do?
[-1:11.00]B:I swam out to the little boy,held him so head stayed above water,and brought him back to shore.
[-1:12.00]A:That sounds like it was really an experience!
[-1:13.00]B:It sure was!
[-1:15.00](1)A:I like to take pictures and play football in my spare time.
[-1:16.00]B:But I think taking pictures is more interesting than playing football.
[-1:17.00](2)A:Did you go to the movies yesterday evening?
[-1:18.00]B:Yes.That's the worst film I've ever seen.I slept during most of the movie.
[-1:20.00](1)A:I don't think we should eat here.
[-1:21.00]B:You mean it isn't a good place or it's too expensive?
[-1:22.00]A:No,what I mean is,the service is terrible.
[-1:23.00](2)A:Why are you late again?You promised not to be late again.
[-1:24.00]B:Let me explain.My daughter had an accident,so I had to take her to the hospital.
[-1:25.00]A:That's what you said the last time you were late!
[-1:26.00]B:Oh,I mean my other daughter!
[-1:27.00]A:You only have one daughter.
[-1:28.00]B:Oh,I meant my friend's daughter.
[-1:29.00]A:You're not only late all the time,you're a liar too!
[-1:30.00]100.Giving Examples
[-1:31.00](1)A:He likes all kinds of outdoor activities,for example,football,basketball,swimming and skiing.
[-1:32.00]B:Really?No wonder he looks so fit.
[-1:33.00](2)A:There are many wanys to improve your English that don't cost much money.Take the China Daily for example,it's a great source of learning material.
[-1:34.00]B:Wow,you are right.I never even think of buying that newspaper.
[-1:35.00](3)A:The city is undergoing a lot of changes.Take traffic for example,many new overpasses have been built.
[-1:36.00]B:Right,many are still under construction.When I came back from America I almost didn't realize that I was in Guangzhou.


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