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[00:-1.00](1)A:You'd better get out of the way!The train is coming.
[00:-2.00]B:Thanks for the warning.
[00:-3.00](2)A:Be careful!
[00:-4.00]B:Excuse me?
[00:-5.00]A:You'd better not walk over there!
[00:-7.00]A:The floor is wet!You might slip!
[00:-8.00]B:Thanks for warning me.
[00:-9.00](3)A:Tomorrow I will go mountain climbing with my classmates.
[00:10.00]B:While climbing,be sure you don't go too near the edge of the cliff.
[00:12.00](1)A:Behave yourself,Tom.Don't be so childish.
[00:13.00]B:Mind your own business!
[00:14.00](2)A:How can you do such a foolish thing?It's too impolite.You're an idiot!
[00:15.00]B:I apologize for my rudeness.I am an idiot!
[00:16.00](3)A:You ought to be ashamed of what you've done.
[00:17.00]B:But you know it was not my fault.
[00:18.00](1)A:You know...perhaps it's none of my business,but you shouldn't have driven through that stop sign.
[00:19.00]B:If I had realized it was there,I would have stopped.
[00:20.00](2)A:Didn't you realize that as a result of your withdrawing $200 from our account,we can't write any more checks until I get paid?
[00:21.00]B:Please forgive me.
[00:23.00](1)A:Get lost,or I'll call the police to arrest you.
[00:24.00]B:Don't you dare!
[00:25.00](2)A:Please stop talking,or I'll kick you out.
[00:26.00]B:Very well,go ahead and do it.
[00:28.00](1)A:Don't worry.Everything will turn out all right.]
[00:29.00]B:You really think so?
[00:30.00](2)A:Come on!It's not the end of the world.It could happen to anybody.
[00:31.00]B:Thank you.You are my real friend.You always cheer me up when I have a problem.
[00:33.00](1)A:Could you lend the book to me?It's very interesting.
[00:34.00]B:Sorry,I can't lend it to you.I promised it to Jack.
[00:35.00](2)A:Will the car be ready by five?
[00:36.00]B:Yes,it will.
[00:37.00]A:Can I rely on that?
[00:38.00]B:Absolutely!I promise it'll be ready by five.
[00:39.00]A:OK.I'm counting on you.
[00:40.00]B:Don't worry!I won't let you down.
[00:41.00]I promise you that you won't have to work overtime tonight.
[00:42.00]I promise to pay you back as soon as I get paid.
[00:43.00]I give you my word I won't be late for the wedding.
[00:44.00]I give you my word that he will do a good job.
[00:45.00]You can be sure you'll be a famous movie star.
[00:46.00]You can be sure this is the best apartment for the price in the whole city.
[00:47.00]I guarantee that this watch is waterproof.
[00:48.00]I guarantee that our product is better than the competition's.
[00:49.00]I assure you I won't raise your rent.
[00:50.00]I assure you he won't ever behave like that again.
[00:52.00](1)A:I really think you'd better go and see her.
[00:53.00]B:Are you sure?She told me she never wanted to see my face again.
[00:54.00]A:I don't think she meant it.
[00:55.00](2)A:Oh,come on.I'm sure you wouldn't like living like that all your life.
[00:56.00]B:No,I wouldn't.
[00:57.00]A:So go for it.
[00:59.00](1)A:Are you ready?You'd better hurry up!
[-1:00.00]B:Oh,wait.Let me grab my bag.OK,here we go.
[-1:-1.00](2)A:Run along now!The train is leaving.
[-1:-2.00]B:Help me with one of the two big suitcases,please.
[-1:-4.00](1)A:Can I remind you to call me at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning?
[-1:-5.00]B:Yes,sir.I'll make a note of it.Good night.
[-1:-6.00](2)A:Hey,Joe!Don't forget about Kim's birthday party Friday night.
[-1:-7.00]B:Oh,Yes.Thanks for reminding me!
[-1:-8.00](3)A:You didn't by any chance remember to turn on the dryer,did you?
[-1:-9.00]B:Oh,it completely slipped my mind.
[-1:10.00](1)A:Uh-oh!Did you remember to feed the dog?
[-1:11.00]B:No,I didn't.I thought you were going to feed him.
[-1:12.00]A:Hmm.I guess I was...but I forgot all about it.
[-1:13.00]B:Well,since the dog hasn't been fed yet,I guess one of us should go and do it.
[-1:14.00]A:OK.I'll do it.
[-1:16.00](1)A:Why aren't they here?
[-1:17.00]B:They must have missed the train.
[-1:18.00](2)A:It seems that it's going to rain.
[-1:19.00]B:Then we'd better take our umbrellas.
[-1:20.00](3)A:Judging from your accent,I'd guess you must be from the South.
[-1:21.00]B:Yes,you're right.
[-1:22.00](4)A:Something bad must have happened.
[-1:23.00]B:Don't jump to conclusions.
[-1:25.00](1)A:You know something?Martin is really a playboy,he's dating two girls at the same time.
[-1:26.00]B:What?But he's dating me now.
[-1:27.00]A:Oh,I,I'm Sorry.I'm just kidding.
[-1:28.00](2)A:Don't breathe a word,but I heard she's taking drugs.
[-1:29.00]B:I can't believe that.
[-1:30.00]A:It's true!
[-1:31.00](3)A:Have you heard anything about our new English teacher?
[-1:32.00]B:Yes.People say she's very intelligent.
[-1:33.00]A:What else have you heard?
[-1:34.00]B:Well.They also say she's very patient.
[-1:35.00]A:Really?That's not so interesting.Have you heard anything exciting?
[-1:36.00]B:Well,I heard she has a very handsome boyfriend from France.
[-1:37.00]A:Now,that's more like it.That's what I really wanted to know!
[-1:38.00](1)Did you hear Li Yang likes to gossip?
[-1:39.00](2)Did you hear what happened in America yesterday?
[-1:40.00](3)You know something?CET band 4 is cancelled!
[-1:41.00](4)They say she was deserted by her boyfriend.
[-1:42.00](5)Guess what!Tom is divorced.
[-1:43.00](6)Do you know what I've just heard?Her husband was put into prison three days ago.
[-1:44.00](7)Do you want to hear something interesting?She wants to marry an old rich man.
[-1:45.00](8)You can't repeat this,but he is gay.
[-1:46.00](9)Don't breathe a word,but she was pregnant by a man.
[-1:47.00](10)I don't want to talk behind someone's back,but have you noticed the scar on his face?


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