外事接待英语 礼物

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[00:00.00]Chapter   11   Gifts
[00:02.27]Dialogue   Bring Gifts
[00:05.51]Professional   Terms
[00:07.63]inexpensive          a.
[00:09.40]traditional          a.
[00:10.74]shell           n.
[00:12.33]craft               n.
[00:14.03]Mr. Taylor has invited me to a dinner party tonight.
[00:18.08]I have no idea about what I should bring.
[00:21.79]In fact , it is absolutely unnecessary for you to bring anything.
[00:27.04]But I don't feel good if I go empty-handed.
[00:31.19]If you insist on brining something, it should be a small ,inexpensive item, such as a toy for his son, or some flowers for his wife, etc...
[00:42.95]Since we're going to have a get-together ,so I prefer to bring some food.
[00:48.48]I've got an idea.
[00:50.10]What's that?
[00:51.80]Since Mr.Taylor likes Chinese food very much ,so you can cook a Chinese dish and bring it.
[00:58.46]Or you can bring something to drink.
[01:01.05]That's a wonderful idea.
[01:03.27]And I was told that Mrs.Taylor is especially intersted in traditional Chinese arts and crafts,and your wife is good at carving shells,so why not give her some shell carvings?
[01:17.04]A good idea.I'll try that .Thank you very much for your help Lihui.
[01:24.22]You're welcome .Have a good time.
[01:28.35]Thanks Bye.
[01:31.69]Come in please, Mr.Zhao .It's good to see you.
[01:36.73]I'm sorry to be late.
[01:38.64]Oh, it's no problem.I'm glad you've come.
[01:42.35]I could not find your house . and I went to a wrong address.
[01:48.17]It's very kind of you to have invited me.Here is something for you and Mrs.Taylor.
[01:56.30]How nice of you! What's in the box?  It smells delicious.
[02:05.47]Oh, some Chinese food! It looks really inviting.
[02:10.64]It's Oiled Chicken with Bamboo Shoots,and it's Sichuan specialty.
[02:16.91]Thank you very much .Did you cook it yourself?
[02:22.05]Yes, here is a gift for Mrs.Taylor.
[02:25.74]Let me open it What a lovely shell!
[02:29.89]We know that Mrs.Taylor is interested in Chinese arts and crafts. so my wife carved the shell herself.
[02:40.10]Really? You wife is a great artist.It's so nice .I'm sure my wife will appreciate it very much.
[02:49.33]I'm glad you like it.
[02:50.71]Sit down, please, Make yourself at home.
[02:53.87]Your room is nice and it's tastefully decorated.
[02:57.61]Thanks.It's so hot .Would you like something to drink?
[03:02.75]Some Pepsi Cola, Please.
[03:04.89]Ok,Here you are.And we'll have dinner in a few minutes.
[03:12.68]if I go empty handed.
[03:14.87]I went to wrong address.
[03:16.99]Oiled chicken with Bamboo Shoots.
[03:20.20]Sihuan specialty
[03:22.32]Make yourself at home.
[03:24.36]Tips On Reception of Foreigners
[03:27.80]Cultural Notes to Giving Gifts
[03:30.29]Just like Chinese, Westerners give gifts on many occasions, such as ,on birthdays of good friends, at weddings, at Christmas and some other holidays,
[03:45.54]when someone achieves an honor or gets a promotion, and on a farewell visit to a good friend,etc...
[03:52.25]Although gifts are always welcome , it is not necessary to exchange gifts all the time.
[03:58.50]Generally speaking, Westerners exchange gifts only among good friends, therefore ,it's inappropriate to give gifts to casual acquaintance.
[04:09.65]Even if you are good friends, if you give them too many gifts, they will feel uncomfortable too, because they don't know how to reciprocate.
[04:20.26]Usually when you are invited to dinner ,it is absolutely unnecessary to bring a gift except on special occasions, for example when you are going to be an overnight or weekend guest.
[04:34.42]If you wish to bring something, in most cases, the gifts should always be small, simple and inexpensive.
[04:42.59]You might bring some sweets, or some small toys for the children or a book,some flowers, a bottle of wine etc, for the host or the hostess.
[04:53.75]If you like ,you can wrap the gifts ,but wrapping is not always necessary.
[04:59.89]If you want to make your gifts special, you can bring some typical Chinese goods, such as, Chinese tea, Chinese book markers,
[05:11.01]Chinese papercuts, Chinese paintings, or other things like that ,or even you can cook a Chinese dish and bring it with you.
[05:23.21]Westerners prefer to open a gift at once and admire it.
[05:28.44]They would thank you and make some comment about the gift's beauty or practiality, so that you know your gift is highly appreciated.
[05:40.04]Westerners value homemade things.
[05:45.21]When they ask you whether the gift is homemade ,in fact they are flattering you.
[05:51.32]They are trying to tell you that you are skillful and talented enough to make it.

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