外事接待英语 文娱活动

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[00:00.00]Chapter 9   Recreational Activities
[00:04.55]Dialogue  1   Going to the Theater
[00:07.18]Professional Terms
[00:08.88]weekend       n.
[00:11.00]relax  vt.
[00:12.17]nowadays        n.
[00:13.92]respectively   adv.
[00:15.73]stall      n.
[00:16.95]near-sighted      a.
[00:18.18]theme          n.
[00:19.41]plot       vi
[00:20.79]talent            n.
[00:21.94]Mrs.Brown, you must be very tired after a week's hard work and tomorrow is the weekend.
[00:28.63]Would you like to relax yourself a little?
[00:31.79]Yes, I'd like to What do you suggest?
[00:34.95]How about going to the theater?
[00:37.20]I hear Kong Fansen is on at the Guang Ming Theater nowadays.
[00:43.73]I'll go along with that .
[00:45.77]Who are in the leading roles?
[00:47.96]I have no idea.
[00:49.66]When does the performance start?
[00:51.98]There are four performances every day.
[00:55.14]A matinee at 11:30 ,an afternoon performance at 4 and two evening ones at 7:00 respectively.
[01:05.28]Which one suits you?
[01:07.45]The afternoon performance ,I think.
[01:09.49]Do you like seats in the stalls or in the dress circle?
[01:13.67]I prefer the stalls.
[01:15.62]You know, I'm near-sighted.
[01:18.24]Whenever I go to the theater, I always like seats in the front rows, as near to the stage as possible.
[01:25.63]Ok, I'll phone the theater to see if we can get the tickets we want.
[01:31.27]Mrs. Brown , all seats for the afternoon performance are sold out, so we'll have to go to the evening performance.
[01:41.43]How about the one at 7:00 ? Will that be fine with you?
[01:45.67]Yes, That will be fine with me.
[01:47.86]After the performance we can go out to dinner.
[01:51.96]Fine, You buy the tickets and I'll treat you to dinner.
[01:56.22]It's a deal
[01:57.39]How do you like the play?
[01:59.07]It's quite moving, The plot is quite simple but the theme is great.
[02:03.38]And may people were moved to tears.
[02:05.96]The leading actor has talent indeed,He is expert at conveying his role's fine feeling.
[02:14.64]Yes, He is a star of stage.
[02:17.61]How do you like the stage setting?
[02:20.12]I think it is good.
[02:22.24]There're constant changes of scene, and the variety is interesting.
[02:27.46]I really enjoy the whole play very much.
[02:30.44]I think I should go to the theater more often.
[02:33.97]Where shall we have our dinner?
[02:36.19]The Hubin Hotel, It's quite near, and its food is really delicious .
[02:40.65]Good, Let's go.
[02:43.81]I'll go along with that.
[02:45.93]I have no idea.,
[02:47.97]Seats in the stalls
[02:50.42]In the dress circle.
[02:52.30]Treat you to dinner
[02:54.42]It's a deal.
[02:56.59]Were moved to tears
[02:58.76]The leading actor.
[03:00.69]be expert at
[03:03.20]The stage setting
[03:05.36]Dialogue  2    A Dance Party
[03:09.23]Professional Terms
[03:11.50]dancer           n.,
[03:13.25]club       n.
[03:15.13]excellent              a.
[03:17.02]pop           vi  &  vt
[03:18.30]classic             a.
[03:20.93]Miss White I was told that you are a good dancer.
[03:24.80]There is a dance party tonight.
[03:27.31]Would you like to come?
[03:29.29]Sure thing, Where and when?
[03:31.98]It starts at 7:00 p.m at the Teacher's Club.
[03:36.74]Ok,, I'll be there in time.
[03:38.85]Hello, Miss White. I'm glad you have come.
[03:42.62]Hello, The dance hall is excellent ,I think.
[03:46.30]Shall we dance now?
[03:49.51]Which kind of music do you prefer, popmusic or classic music?
[03:56.77]I prefer pop music.
[03:58.76]Me. too. They happen to be playing pop music now.Let's do the disco.
[04:08.48]Let's do the disco.
[04:11.74]rock and roll
[04:13.73]quick step
[04:15.29]slow step
[04:27.39]social dance
[04:30.89]You dance so well. you must dance often.
[04:34.34]Sometimes when I feel tired. I go to the dance hall to enjoy myself.
[04:39.90]Mr. Wang .you are a good dancer, too. I really enjoy dancing with you.
[04:47.35]Thanks, Oh, the music stops, What about another dance?
[04:53.38]Would you mind if I sit out the next dance?
[04:57.14]I'm a bit tired.
[04:59.13]Of course not. Then you can have a rest.
[05:04.12]I will invite another lady at dance.
[05:07.57]May I have the honor of engaging you for this tango?
[05:12.14]With pleasure.
[05:13.94]Miss White, may I have the pleasure of this waltz?
[05:19.32]Shall we have a rest and get some to drink?
[05:23.19]That's a good idea.
[05:25.17]What would you like to drink?
[05:26.92]A glass of Coca-Cola please.
[05:29.38]The music begins again ,Shall we have one more dance?
[05:35.23]Yes, of course.
[05:38.73]Sit out the next dance.
[05:41.00]May I have the honor of engaging you for this tango?
[05:44.86]May I have the pleasure of this waltz?
[05:47.32]Tips On Reception Foreigners
[05:50.48]Cultural Notes to Taking Part in Recreational Activities
[05:54.87]If you are invited to attend a cultural event , such as going to the theatre, or the cinema or a concert ,you should arrive on time, or a bit earlier.
[06:10.20]If you are caught in a traffic jam or something else happens and you can't arrive on time . you must call and say you're coming,but you'll be late;
[06:21.22]if you later discover that you cannot attend a certain cultural even ,you should call and explain why you cannot come.
[06:31.44]You should do this as far ahead of time as you can, so that your friend might invite somebody else in your place, or cancel this plan to atten it.
[06:42.36]In the course of the performance ,you have to keep quiet .
[06:46.82]Don't smoke ,eat or talk loudly.
[06:50.27]If you have to say something, speak quietly.
[06:54.50]It is also impolite for you to sleep , walk around or leave during the performance.
[07:01.53]At the end of each performance, you are expected to applaud.and it is especially the case when the whole performance is over.
[07:12.35]You should applaud warmly while the performers bow on the stage.
[07:17.57]If the performance is specially prepared for foreign guests, such as the guests of our government, usually after the performance ,
[07:29.30]the foreign guests, as well as our Chinese leaders, will go on stage to shake hands with the performers, and to congratulate them.
[07:40.19]Every one of the audience should keep clapping warmly without leaving his seat until the guests of honor have left.

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