商业英语口语对话 5_phone bill

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[00:00.00]Lesson One
[00:48.20]Guest Thinks Was Overcharged for a Call
[00:53.34]G:I think there's a mistake on my phone bill.
[00:57.91]C:Really?What seems to be the problem?
[01:03.56]G:I was overcharged for a call to Germany.
[01:08.31]I was charged for over an hour,but I know I didn't talk that long.
[01:14.37]Almost it was about half an hour to 45 minutes.
[01:19.54]C:If you'd like.
[01:22.29]I can get the meter reading for the call from the operator so you can check it
[01:28.16]so you can have a look at it.
[01:31.22]G:Yes,please.I'd like to see it.
[01:35.06]C:Okay.I'll get it for you.
[01:38.72]Could you check back with us tomorrow?
[01:42.37]Lesson Two
[02:07.63]Guest Refuses to Acknowledge Meter Reading
[02:12.31]G:There's a mistake here.
[02:18.42]Can you show me,please? What seems to be the mistake?
[02:25.08]G:I was charged for an hour for a phone call I made to Japan
[02:31.25]but I talked for only nine minutes.
[02:36.42]I don't know why I was charged for an hour.Please correct this charge.
[02:42.17]C:I'll get the meter reading from the operator and we can check it together.
[02:48.18]Could you come back tomorrow sometime?
[02:52.02]G:I'd really like to settle this today.I'm going out of town tomorrow.
[02:57.97]C:All right.
[03:00.43]How about if I call you in your room as soon as I get the records together?
[03:06.28]Will you be in your room this afternoon?
[03:10.25]G:I'll be in and out this afternoon.But never mind,just keep trying,okay?
[03:16.70]C:All right.(Later...)
[03:25.27]C:This is the Finance Department.
[03:29.03]We have the meter reading for the phone call in question.
[03:33.79]Would you like to come down and see it?
[03:37.55]G:Okay.I'm a little busy right now.I'll be down in about an hour,okay?
[03:44.10]C:That's fine.See you then.
[03:50.82]Here's the meter reading for the phone calls made on March 12.
[03:56.38]This is your call to Japan.
[04:00.14]This is the starting time and the time you hung up the phone.
[04:05.32]This is the number you called.
[04:09.08]G:But this is impossible.I talked only a few minutes,really.
[04:17.12]I don't know why,but this is wrong.
[04:21.28]C:It's possible you didn't hang up your phone properly.
[04:26.24]If the receiver was ajar,the line would not have been disconnected.
[04:33.50]G:(silent a moment)Well,I don't know what to say,
[04:37.66]but it doesn't seem right to have to pay for a phone call I didn't make.
[04:44.73]C:I'm sorry,sir.I understand.
[04:49.18]But the fact is the records show you did make this call,
[04:54.64]so I'm afraid you are responsible to pay for it.
[04:59.39]G:Hmm...I'm sorry.I just can't agree.I believe your records are wrong.
[05:08.53]I refuse to pay for this call.
[05:12.50]I mean I'll pay for how long I talked,which was ten minutes.
[05:18.46]I'll even pay for fifteen minutes and give you the benefit of the doubt,
[05:26.01]although I didn't talk for fifteen minutes.
[05:30.16]I distinctly remember timing the call,
[05:34.92]and it was exactly nine minutes.But I will not pay for an hour.
[05:42.47]I never in my life made an overseas call for an hour.
[05:48.32]So the mistake is your mistake and I'm afraid
[05:53.07]I'm just not willing to pay for your mistake
[05:57.75]C:In that case,I think perhaps you'd better talk to our manager about this.
[06:05.11]I don't have the authority to remove the charge without her approval.
[06:11.07]G:That's fine.
[06:15.12]C:Just a moment,please.I'll get her.
[06:19.06]G:Mr.Cruthers,this is Mary Ma,the assistant manager of the Finance Department...
[06:22.75]旅客:Cruthers先生,这是Mary Ma,是财务部的经理助理......
[06:26.43]Lesson Three
[06:51.59]Explaining Charge for Call that Never Went through
[06:56.55]G:There seems to be a mistake here on my phone bill.
[07:01.02]I did try to make a phone call to Malaysia on this date,but I never got through.
[07:07.96]I was charged for one minute,but I never talked to anyone.
[07:13.74]C:Yes,I see.I can explain that.
[07:18.49]I'm afraid there is a charge just for using the overseas line
[07:24.42]even if you don't get through/even if the call doesn't go through.
[07:31.06]If you use the line for more than six seconds,the minimum charge is one minute.
[07:38.61]G:Wow.All right.I guess I'll have to pay it then.
[07:44.48]Explaining wiring Fee to the Guest
[08:33.65]G:I receive a letter
[08:36.88]about a handling charge for the transfer of funds for my rent.
[08:43.05]C:Yes.When your rental is wired from overseas,
[08:48.82]the requested amount will usually be decreased by the wiring charge.
[08:54.99]This charge is deducted by the bank in your country that wired the money.
[09:01.05]So I'm afraid we didn't receive your rent payment in full.
[09:06.32]G:I see.Well,I'll ask my company to include this wiring fee next time.
[09:15.28]C:(smiling )That's a good idea.
[09:19.05]In the meantime,how would you like to handle this charge?

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