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A group of rafters have emerged from a 25-day trip in the Grand Canyon to learn the coronavirusoutbreak has turned into a global pandemic.
Californiaman Zach Edler, 27, Mason Thomas, 29, and SarahKnaack, are some of a group that were blissfully unaware of how COVID-19 haschanged the way of life in America and other parts of the world, while theystayed off the grid from February 19 to March 14.
27岁的加州男子Zach Edler,29岁的Mason Thomas和Sarah Knaack就在这群人之中,从2月19日到3月14日他们都“置身事外”,幸运地没有意识到COVID-19是如何改变了美国和世界其他地方的生活方式。
Whilethe friends are concerned for loved ones and the devastation going on in theworld, in some ways they wish they could go back to blissful ignorance.
They only learned about the panicshopping and business closures from another guide upon completion of thejourney in Arizona.
'He gave us a look, sighed,and then launched into it,' Elder explained. 'Half of us thought he was joking.It's like, here's an old river guide pulling our leg. I mean, I've heard somepretty big tales out on the river.'
Knaack,who is a nurse, described a feeling of 'disbelief' but says the women on thetrip recognized that it was not a prank, sooner than the men.
Stillthey didn't realize the extent to which the pandemic had affected their usuallives.
'Ithink the girls believed it right away,' Knaack told the Times. 'He said it inthis real ominous way but then he just walked away to see about lunch and wewere left nervously joking with ourselves totally unsure what was going on.'
Bulkbuying consumers have been urged by President Trump not to buy so many productsthat it leaves those in need without. Leaders all over the globe have reassurednations there's enough to go around and that retailers are working hard torestock at the rate of demand as people prepare to bunker down for some weeks.
Sportsgames and other events have been canceled as states ban public gatherings oflarge groups.
Thomassaid the moment he realized the pandemic level was when they first receivedcell phone service outside of the canyon and a text came through from his mother.
'Thefirst one was from my mom,' Thomas said. 'It was like, "You need to textme the second you get this. The world is going crazy."' She'simmunocompromised so I was definitely worried.'
Headded: 'We're sitting here trying to piece the world together. What does atoilet paper shortage mean? Why are they out of toilet paper?'
Thereality was evident when the friends stopped off at a hotel for the nightand  staff were being protective of tissue rolls that have been scarce insome supermarkets around the world.
'Thelady at the hotel was like, "We have toilet paper; just don't stealit." And the TV was showing some sports game from the '80s or somethingand it was this reminder that, "Oh, everything's canceled",' Ms.Knaack said.
'It's like, "How'd we go from paradise to hoarding rice and beans?" Shesaid [en]that after another rafter accessed Amazon.com on their phone to search fortoilet roll and it wasn't available: 'That was a moment where it felt prettyreal.'
Take-outand drive-thru restaurant use is being encouraged to prevent the spread ofcoronavirus and restrictions as tightening by the day.
It'sa similar experience to Jared Leto, who has been left stunned afteremerging from a 12-day desert retreat to discover the spread of coronavirus hasnow become a global pandemic.
The48-year-old Oscar winner was shocked to learn that much of the world was takingextreme measures to fight COVID-19, with countless people self-isolating athome.
TheHollywood star shared his thoughts on social media shortly after being reunitedwith his smartphone.
'Wow.12 days ago I began a silent meditation in the desert. We were totallyisolated. No phone, no communication etc. We had no idea what was happeningoutside the facility,' he began.
'Walkedout yesterday into a very different world. One that's been changed forever.Mind blowing - to say the least. I'm getting messages from friends and familyall around the globe and catching up on what's going on.
Leto's 4.3 million Twitter followers wouldn't have known that he was incommunicado, as he had multiple tweets scheduled to post while he was silently meditating.

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