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Sex and the City has been extremely successful at opening men’s eyes to the private world of women. And now, a new Chinese TV show Men is providing an honest, no-holds-barred window into the thoughts men wouldn’t dare say out loud to women.

Men revolves around the lives of three men in search of the perfect relationship: Gu Xiaobai, a freelance writer who writes everything fromscreenplays to horoscopes; Luo Shuquan, a software engineer who works hard to buy an apartment; and Zuo Yongbang, a PR account director who doesn’t believe love will happen to him。

You probably won’t like these guys, but there are things women can learn from them about the male gender:

1. Men are show-offs.

Men love “chatty talk among friends” as much as women do. The three men in the show spend a lot of time together talking about things like troubled relationships and new women they meet.

But what’s interesting about their talk is that they do the “humble brag”. They appear to be complaining about something, but are actually boasting.

For example, one says: “I’m in trouble. I think she is falling in love with me.”

“She thinks I am too rich for her. So what can I do? Get a smaller apartment for myself?”

“It’s really difficult for me to choose between two women.”

2. A beautiful woman’s face is like chocolate or cocaine to a man’s brain.
2. 对于男人的大脑而言,漂亮女人的脸蛋就好比巧克力或可卡因一样。

Gu Xiaobai has to make a choice between two women – the pretty but not-so-smart actress Xiaoqin and the plain-looking but knowledgeable Xiaolan he meets at a bookstore.

He shares interests with the latter and enjoys talking to her. But still, he chooses the former who often fails to understand what he’s talking about.

He explains that “beauty is the best gift for women and the most effective weapon of women against men”.

3. Men love money, too.
3. 男人也爱钱。

Men may hate women loving money, but they feel weird if women don’t. The show says just about all of us have some degree of affection for money.

Gu feels it’s unreasonable that his new girlfriend hates his money. And he jokes that he even thinks about dating Zuo Yongbang because he gives his girlfriends a supplementary card.

4. Men don’t really hate Valentine’s Day. They just don’t care much about it.
4. 男人不是真的讨厌情人节。他们只是不太在乎它。

Valentine’s Day is nothing more than “the big day for restaurants and flower stores” in men’s eyes, or at least in the eyes of Zuo Yongbang.

The only reason men celebrate it is that they know women love it, although they don’t get why women take this day so seriously.

And if, however, they forget to make romantic gestures for the special day, the best excuse, in Gu’s words, is that “they say every day with your true love is Valentine’s Day”.

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