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      Silicon Valley's newest status symbol is a humble piece of furniture.

      A growing number of workers at Google Inc., Facebook Inc. and other employers are trading in their sit-down desks for standing ones, saying they feel more comfortable and energized. They also are motivated by medical reports saying that sitting for too long leads to increased health risks.
      谷歌公司(Google Inc.)、Facebook Inc.以及其它公司越来越多的员工将他们的坐式办公桌换成了立式。这些员工说站着办公令他们感到更加舒适,精力也更加充沛。宣称久坐不动会增加健康风险的医学报告也是促使他们这么做的一个原因。

      A standing desk sits high off the floor so a worker can either stand at it or sit on a high stool to use it. Officials at Palo Alto-based Facebook say a number of employees asked about standing desks after news articles were published about the health risks of sitting all day.

      The stories cited medical studies that tied excessive sitting to increased obesity and other health problems because of factors including a drop in physical activity. A 2010 study by the American Cancer Society found that women who sat more than six hours a day were 37% more likely to die prematurely than women who sat for less than three hours, while the early-death rate for men was 18% higher. The American College of Cardiology released a study in January that found increased mortality among people who sat longer at home than those who didn't.
      Jim Carlton/The Wall Street JournalFacebook员工霍伊(Greg Hoy)相关新闻报道援引多份医学研究,将久坐不动和日益增多的肥胖及其它健康问题联系在一起,包括体力活动减少在内的多种因素是造成这些问题的原因。美国癌症协会(American Cancer Society)2010年的一项研究发现,每天坐的时间超过6小时的妇女,其过早死亡的概率比坐的时间不到3小时的妇女高出37%,而男性这一概率则高出18%。今年1月,美国心脏病学会(American College of Cardiology)发布的一份研究发现,坐在家里时间较长的人,其死亡率比时间较短的人要高。

      No one seems to compile statistics on the standing-desk trend. But anecdotal reports suggest Silicon Valley is embracing the movement.

      Facebook officials say they have seen an upsurge in requests for standing desks to five to eight a week with a total of between 200 and 250 deployed at the company of more than 2,000 employees. Facebook also is trying out a treadmill station—where a worker can walk or run on a treadmill while tapping at a computer.

      Google spokesman Jordan Newman said that many employees at Google opt for standing desks, and we offer them as part of our wellness program' though he said he didn't know the exact number.
      谷歌公司发言人纽曼(Jordan Newman)说,谷歌许多员工选择立式办公桌,我们提供这种选择,并以此作为我们健康计划的组成部分。但纽曼说他并不清楚确切数字。

      Greg Hoy, 39 years old, asked for a standing desk shortly after joining Facebook seven months ago as a design recruiter. "I don't get the 3 o'clock slump anymore," he said, "I feel active all day long."
      39岁的霍伊(Greg Hoy)七个月前作为设计团队的招聘人员进入Facebook,不久他就要求一张立式办公桌。霍伊说,我再也没有下午3点精神萎靡的状况,我一整天都感到活力充沛。

      Tiffani Jones Brown, 29, said she also requested a standing desk when she joined Facebook two months ago as a content strategist, in part to keep her energy level high. "I get really tired when I sit all day", Ms. Jones Brown said.
      29岁的琼斯布朗(Tiffani Jones Brown)说,两个月前当她以内容策略师的身份加入Facebook的时候,她也要求了一张立式办公桌,此举部分原因是为了保持其精力的充沛。琼斯布朗说,当我整天坐着的时候我真的累坏了。

      There is a learning curve to using standing desks, however. Ms. Jones Brown said that at first it was hard for her to concentrate on writing tasks because she was focused on things like maintaining correct posture. Other stand-up workers use tricks to not be bothered by being on their feet most of the day. "I kind of move my legs around, no real position", said Kirk Everett, one of two standing workers in the 21-employee offices of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group in San Jose, a tech industry trade association.
      但立式办公桌的使用也存在学习曲线效应。琼斯布朗说,起初她很难集中精力于写作任务上,因为她必须关注保持正确姿势等问题。其他站着办公的员工也用各种技巧来避免一天中多数时候要双脚站立的辛苦。圣何塞的科技行业协会Silicon Valley Leadership Group有21名员工,两名站立办公的员工之一埃弗里特(Kirk Everett)说,我会动一动双脚,没有固定的姿势。

      Mr. Everett is a pioneer in standing desks, having gotten one seven years ago to help recover from a back injury. He said he could never go back. "It is so much better", said Mr. Everett, vice president of government relations for the trade group. "Staying seated all day is your enemy."

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