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  We must connect with your fear, the yoga teacher advises: ‘What are you afraid of?’Personally, at this precise moment, I’m afraid I’ll be left holding this uncomfortable position forever. I’m crouched over my yoga mat in a squatting position, with my arms out in front of me, parallel to the floor. It’s an excruciating stance to hold, and we’ve been in it for several minutes. Unusual keep-fit fad: Snake yoga,, is a new twist on the popular exercise class


  But there’s another reason to feel a little uncomfortable: in front of us, just a few feet away, is a basket full of snakes. Yes, you read that right. Very real boa constrictors, pythons and corn snakes are laying curled up together under a blanket, waiting for their cue to join in the class. Forget Bikram or power yoga. If you want to be ahead of the crowd, snake yoga is the newest — and most unusual — class in town. Officially called Kumara Serpent Healing, it’s an offshoot of Kundalini Yoga — a branch of the form which mixes adopting physical positions with a focus on breathing, meditating and chanting.


  It was devised by self-confessed ‘mad snake lady’ Kwali Kumara, who sits at the front of the class today dressed in flowing white robes and a spiky Medusa-inspired piece of headgear. The aim of the class is, according to Kwali, to ‘deepen our connection to the spirit and natural world,’ using her ‘friendly, healing snakes’ as our guides. Overcoming your natural aversion to the snakes will help ‘unblock your chakras’, allowing energy to flow freely throughout the body — which can apparently improve every area of your life. Well, so the story goes, anyway.


  The lights in the room are dimmed and the students sit in a crescent shape around Kwali. I notice she says nothing about a fear of snakes. Many in the room are terrified of them — I know because I saw them freaking out in the changing rooms. Even the tall Teutonic blond fellow who gave me an unsteady smile as I took the mat next to him is frightened — once I’d sat down, I could see he was shaking. So, why are these people here? ‘If people are scared of snakes, they are scared of their own spirituality,’ explains Kwali later. ‘Having the snakes involved connects people to what is going on inside.’


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