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  Did you know that eating just one extra cookie every day during the holiday season could cause you to gain one pound? That may not sound like much, but 10 years from now you would weigh ten pounds more than you do right now -- that is, if you keep the rest of your diet the same, and that is asking a lot during the holiday season. Many people gain four to five pounds this time of year because of the temptation of delicious treats and extravagant dinners。

  你知道吗?假日每天多吃一块饼干会使你的体重至少增加一磅!这也许 听上去不多,但是想想十年后你将比现在重十磅。而这也是在你不增加其他食物的前提下,这在假日期间是很难做到的。所以大部分人因为抵制不住美食的诱惑, 每年这个时候体重会增加4到5磅。

  The holiday season is a time filled with parties, family gatherings and lots of food, but with a little help, you can keep from eating too much during the holidays. If you continue to eat a healthy and nutritious diet, you will feel better and have more energy to enjoy the season。


  1、Don't Skip Meals

  Many people believe that if they skip breakfast or lunch, they can save up all of those calories for the holiday party that night. That sounds like a good idea, but skipping meals can make you crabby, tired and maybe even leave you with a headache that just might ruin your evening festivities. Plus, when you are really hungry and surrounded by high-calorie holiday treats, you may very easily turn into a raving eating-machine and consume many more calories than the ones you skipped earlier in the day。

  Don't skip meals; just eat sensibly. A bowl of whole grain cereal and low-fat milk for breakfast, a mid-morning snack of raisins and nuts, followed by a healthy lunch with a big salad or a sandwich made with whole grain bread will keep your body and your brain fueled throughout the day。




  2、Eat High-Fiber Foods Before the Party

  When you have a party to attend, snack on some fiber-filled foods just before you go. Fiber helps you to feel full, and if you aren't feeling so hungry, you might not eat so much at the party. Choose foods like low-calorie vegetables, a small salad, a piece of fresh fruit, or a small bowl of oatmeal。



  3、Eat Small Amounts of the Foods You Love

  No one wants to feel deprived, so go ahead and take a small piece of pie or one cookie -- but not both. Look over the buffet or the serving table, and pick out one thing that you really would love to enjoy. The rest of your plate can be filled with healthy vegetables and fruits, whole grain crackers, cheese and lean meats。



  4、Don't Hang Around the Buffet

  It isn't easy to resist the delicious foods you find on a buffet at a party, so get away from the table. Choose your foods and your drink and move to a different part of the room. As they say, out of sight, out of mind. At the very least you will have to think about what you are doing before filling your plate again and again。



  5、Pace Yourself

  When friends and family gather at a meal, the food is usually piled high on most everyone's plate. You wolf down the first plate and pick out more of your favorites to gobble down as second helpings。

  Slow down. It takes a few minutes for your brain to realize your stomach is getting full, and you can eat a lot of extra food in those few minutes. You don't need a giant mound of food, so place small portions on your plate. Set your fork down between bites and sip some water. Relax and enjoy the flavor of each mouthful. Chew each bite thoroughly before you swallow. Savor each moment with your friends, your family and this wonderful food, but remember it is a meal, not a race to see who can eat the fastest。



  慢 点吃,因为人的脑子要过好几分钟才能从胃部得到“吃饱了”的信号,那几分钟足够你多吃好多食物。你的盘子里面不要放太多的食物,放一小盘就好。时不时的停 下喝些水,放松一下,细细品味每一口。吞咽之前记得要好好咀嚼。好好品味与家人朋友的聚会,记住这只是一顿饭而已,并不是在比赛谁吃得快。

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