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Beyond that, though, employers realize that trying to stamp out office romance is like standing in front of a speeding train. 'The office keeps coming up as No. 1' in surveys as the best place to meet a mate, leading bosses to conclude that they 'have to be cool about it,' says Janet Lever, a professor of sociology at California State University, Los Angeles, and a longtime researcher on office romance.
To Stacie Taylor, who has been dating a co-worker for 3 1/2 years, finding a significant other at the office seems logical. 'People spend so much of their time working that it's unavoidable,' says Ms. Taylor, 37, a professional development coordinator at Zoot Enterprises, a Bozeman, Mont., technical-services provider. Her boyfriend, Cary Costello, 29, a project manager, adds, 'If you're around a bunch of like-minded people who have similar interests, it's bound to happen.'
对于一直约会同事长达三年半的斯塔兹•泰勒来说,在办公室找到合适的另一半似乎是合情合理的。作为蒙大拿州Bozeman的技术服务提供商Zoot Enterprises的职业发展协调员,今年37岁的泰勒女士说,人们每天在工作中的时间这么长,办公室恋情是无法避免的。泰勒女士的男朋友、29岁的项目经理卡里•科斯特洛补充说,如果你周围都是一些想法相似、兴趣相同的朋友,办公室恋情是最自然不过的了。
Some employers, especially those with a lot of young workers, are taking a more neutral stance on office romance. Cisco's dating policy, for example, 'does not encourage or discourage consensual relationships in the workplace.' Relationships between supervisors and subordinates, however, are 'frowned upon' and may result in a transfer or reassignment, the policy says.
This leaves young couples who are peers to navigate the office fishbowl on their own. When co-workers Michelle Walters and Ryan Scholz started dating, Mr. Scholz, a production manager for GMR Marketing, New Berlin, Wis., tried at first to act in meetings as if their relationship didn't exist. But he has since relaxed and become more casual about it, and both have gotten used to kidding from co-workers, says Ms. Walters, a project manager.
这样的政策使处于同级的年轻情侣只能自己随机应变。当威斯康星州新柏林GMR Marketing的同事的米歇尔•沃尔特斯和瑞安•肖尔茨开始约会的时候,制作经理肖尔茨先生开始试图在工作会议中当作两人毫无关系来对待。但是,项目经理沃尔特斯女士说,自那以后他便更加放松,也更加随便,两人已经习惯于其他同事的玩笑。
GMR Chief Executive Gary Reynolds says the event-marketing company doesn't have a written dating policy because its 500 employees handle it fine without one. He says, 'Why try to mandate behavior and develop policy when you don't need it?'
GMR的首席执行长加里•雷诺兹表示,这家公共活动市场营销公司并没有一个成文的约会政策,原因是即便没有这样的政策,其500名员工自己对办公室恋情也已经处理得很好了。 雷诺兹先生说,“为什么要在人们不需要的时候,试着强制个人行为,制定政策呢?
The biggest pitfall of office romance may be its potential for messy breakups; 67% of 493 employers surveyed in 2006 by the Society for Human Resource Management cited as a significant problem the possibility of retaliation by spurned or disappointed lovers, up from 12% in 2001.The best vaccination against a bad ending is 'a long corporate courtship,' says GMR's Mr. Scholz. He adds, 'Keep it light and fun at first,' getting to know each other at lunch or group outings, a strategy that enabled him and Ms. Walters to learn a lot about each other before they started dating. Then if it doesn't work out, 'you have basically just broken up with your lunch buddy.'
Indeed, many young office daters are taking things slowly -- reverting to painstaking relationship-building because they know their livelihoods are at risk. 'People have this notion that these relationships are scuzzy meetings in the supply closet, or Christmas-party affairs. In fact, it's just the opposite,' the author Ms. Olen says. 'The office has become the last bastion of old-fashioned courting.'
确实,许多年轻的办公室情侣都在试着慢工出细活,转向费时费力地发展长期关系,原因是他们都知道自己的生计面临风险。上述《办公室恋情》一书的作者奥伦女士说,大家都认为办公室恋情是在衣柜里衣冠不整的相会,或是圣诞节派对的短暂情事。实际上,恰恰相反。 “办公室已经成为老式求爱的最后堡垒。”
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