双语小说连载:《董贝父子》第8章 Part 5

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'Ay! But that's at night,' said Mr Dombey, drawing his own chair closer to his son's, and laying his hand gently on his back; 'little people should be tired at night, for then they sleep well.'
'Oh, it's not at night, Papa,' returned the child, 'it's in the day; and I lie down in Florence's lap, and she sings to me. At night I dream about such cu-ri-ous things!'
“哦,这不是在夜里,爸爸,”孩子回答道,“这是在白天。我躺在弗洛伦斯的膝盖上,她唱歌 给我 听。夜里我梦见这些希奇——古怪的事情!”
And he went on, warming his hands again, and thinking about them, like an old man or a young goblin.
Mr Dombey was so astonished, and so uncomfortable, and so perfectly at a loss how to pursue the conversation, that he could only sit looking at his son by the light of the fire, with his hand resting on his back, as if it were detained there by some magnetic attraction. Once he advanced his other hand, and turned the contemplative face towards his own for a moment. But it sought the fire again as soon as he released it; and remained, addressed towards the flickering blaze, until the nurse appeared, to summon him to bed.
董贝先生十分惊异,十分不安,完全不知道该怎么把谈话进行下去;他就只好借着火光看着他的儿子,一只手仍搁在他的背上不动,仿佛有什么魔术的吸引力把它阻留在那里似的。有一次他伸出另一只手,把那沉思的脸转向他一会儿,可是他手一放松,它又 转回去对着壁炉,眼睛一动不动地 看着闪烁的火焰,直到保姆前 来召唤他去睡觉为止。
'I want Florence to come for me,' said Paul.
'Won't you come with your poor Nurse Wickam, Master Paul?' inquired that attendant, with great pathos.
'No, I won't,' replied Paul, composing himself in his arm-chair again, like the master of the house.
Invoking a blessing upon his innocence, Mrs Wickam withdrew, and presently Florence appeared in her stead. The child immediately started up with sudden readiness and animation, and raised towards his father in bidding him good-night, a countenance so much brighter, so much younger, and so much more child-like altogether, that Mr Dombey, while he felt greatly reassured by the change, was quite amazed at it.
After they had left the room together, he thought he heard a soft voice singing; and remembering that Paul had said his sister sung to him, he had the curiosity to open the door and listen, and look after them. She was toiling up the great, wide, vacant staircase, with him in her arms; his head was lying on her shoulder, one of his arms thrown negligently round her neck. So they went, toiling up; she singing all the way, and Paul sometimes crooning out a feeble accompaniment. Mr Dombey looked after them until they reached the top of the staircase - not without halting to rest by the way - and passed out of his sight; and then he still stood gazing upwards, until the dull rays of the moon, glimmering in a melancholy manner through the dim skylight, sent him back to his room.
他们一起离开房间以后,他觉得他听到了一个温柔的声音在唱歌;他记起保罗曾对他说过他姐姐给他唱歌的事,就怀着好奇心开了门,听着并目送着他们。她抱着他,沿着那宽阔的、没有人的大楼梯,辛苦地走上去;他的头靠在她的肩膀上,一只胳膊随便地挽着她的脖子。他们就这样吃力地走上去;她一路唱着歌,保罗有时有气无力地低声伴唱着。董贝先生目送着他们,直到他们到达楼梯顶上——他们在中间也曾停下 来休息过——,离开了他的视野;可是这时候他仍站在那里向上凝视着,直到后来淡弱的月光凄凉地、忽隐忽视地穿过幽暗的天窗,照着他回到他自己的房间。
Mrs Chick and Miss Tox were convoked in council at dinner next day; and when the cloth was removed, Mr Dombey opened the proceedings by requiring to be informed, without any gloss or reservation, whether there was anything the matter with Paul, and what Mr Pilkins said about him.
'For the child is hardly,' said Mr Dombey, 'as stout as I could wish.'

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