双语小说连载:《董贝父子》第六章 Part 10

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Mr. Clark stood rapt in amazement: observing under his breath, I never saw such a start on this wharf before. Walter picked up the shoe, and put it on the little foot as the Prince in the story might have fitted Cinderella's slipper on. He hung the rabbit-skin over his left arm; gave the right to Florence; and felt, not to say like Richard Whittington - that is a tame comparison - but like Saint George of England, with the dragon lying dead before him.
    'Don't cry, Miss Dombey,' said Walter, in a transport of enthusiasm.
'What a wonderful thing for me that I am here! You are as safe now as if you were guarded by a whole boat's crew of picked men from a man-of-war. Oh, don't cry.'
    'I won't cry anymore,' said Florence. 'I am only crying for joy.'
    “我不再哭了,”弗洛伦斯 说道,“我现在是因为快乐才哭的。”
    'Crying for joy!' thought Walter, 'and I'm the cause of it! Come along, Miss Dombey. There's the other shoe off now! Take mine, Miss Dombey.'
    “因为快乐才哭的!”沃尔特想道,“而我是她快乐的原因!”“我们 走吧,董贝小姐。现在您的另一只鞋子掉了!您就穿我的鞋子吧,董贝小姐。”
    'No, no, no,' said Florence, checking him in the act of impetuously pulling off his own. 'These do better. These do very well.'
    'Why, to be sure,' said Walter, glancing at her foot, 'mine are a mile too large. What am I thinking about! You never could walk in mine! Come along, Miss Dombey. Let me see the villain who will dare molest you now.'
    “唔,那倒是真的,”沃尔特向她的脚望了一眼,说道,“我的鞋子太长了,长 出一英里。我刚才怎么没想到这一点呢!您穿了?我?的鞋子就根本没法走路了!我们走吧,董贝小姐,让我看有哪个坏蛋敢来欺负您!”
    So Walter, looking immensely fierce, led off Florence, looking very happy; and they went arm-in-arm along the streets,perfectly indifferent to any astonishment that their appearance might or did excite by the way.
    It was growing dark and foggy, and beginning to rain too; but they cared nothing for this: being both wholly absorbed in the late adventures of Florence, which she related with the innocent good faith and confidence of her years, while Walter listened as if, far from the mud and grease of Thames Street, they were rambling alone among the broad leaves and tall trees of some desert island in the tropics - as he very likely fancied, for the time, they were.
    'Have we far to go?' asked Florence at last, lilting up her eyes to her companion's face.
    'Ah! By-the-bye,' said Walter, stopping, 'let me see; where are we? Oh! I know. But the offices are shut up now, Miss Dombey. There's nobody there. Mr. Dombey has gone home long ago. I suppose we must go home too? or, stay. Suppose I take you to my Uncle's, where I live - it's very near here - and go to your house in a coach to tell them you are safe, and bring you back some clothes. Won't that be best?'
    “啊!顺便说说,”沃尔特停下脚步,说道,“让我看看,我们在哪里了?哦,我知道了。不过办公室都关闭了,董贝小姐。那里没有任何人了。董贝先生好久以前就回家去了。我 想我们是不是也应该回家了?要不就留在这里过夜。要是我把您领到我舅舅的家里去——他家离这里不远,我就住在那里——,然后我乘马车到您家里,告诉他们您安然无恙,再给您带回一些衣服;那样是不是最好?”
    'I think so,' answered Florence. 'Don't you? What do you think?'

①这是欧洲著名的童话。有一位美丽的姑娘为后母及异母姐姐 虐待,终日与煤渣为伴,所以被称为灰姑娘。有一天她在仙灵的帮助下,化装前去参加舞会,被王子爱上了;她在匆忙回家途中掉了一只鞋子;王子为了寻找她,就拿着这只鞋子去让许多姑娘试穿;她试穿正合适,最后与王子结了婚。
②圣徒乔治(Saint George):英格兰的保护圣徒,活动时期约在三世纪;据传说,他曾与一条恶龙搏斗,杀死了它,并从它的脚爪下救出一位女郎。

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