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  1. 缺乏,缺少
  lack of(be lack of 常在句中充当表语成分)
  The failure of many marriages has its roots in the lack of sincere communication and mutual trust.
  2. (生活等)的节奏
  the pace of (life等)
  As long as we make unceasing efforts to learn new things and move ahead, we will keep up with the pace of the times.
  3. 时间的流逝或消失
  the passage of time
  The mark his hometown left upon his mind does not fade away with the passage of time.
  4. ••••••的根源
  the root of ...
  A great dam has been built up so as to eliminate the root of flood, which used to endanger the people along the river.
  5. 最大限度地; 最大容量地
  (one’s) capacity
  As long as every Chinese works to his capacity in the construction of China’s economy, the rise of Chinese nation is just round the corner.
  a few doors down the square
  (即 “距离”+down+ “地点” 表示 “距…之遥”)
  Twenty kilometers down east of Xi’an, there stands the well-known Museum of Qin Dynasty Terracotta Warriors and Horses.
  7. ••••••的动机
  the motive( for sth. or doing sth. )
  To obtain a diploma and degree is not at all the only motive that drives them to pursue their postgraduate studies.
  estimates /a research / a report / a poll are / is that …
  A report by the Department of Education is that in the countryside, the school dropout is seven times the national average, which leads to their unemployment rate twice the national average.
  1. 处于压力之下
  under pressure
  Under proper pressure, people are highly motivated; but, under excessive pressure, people feel frustrated and even end up in failure.
  2. 超出了法律所允许的范围
  beyond the limits legally allowed
  Any act that goes beyond the limits legally allowed is bound to receive the punishment from the law.
  3. 不得当地,不得体地
  beyond a certain appropriate point
  Love adds health to the growth of children, but the love beyond a certain appropriate point will make them spoiled or even ruined.
  4. 在如此轻松的环境里
  in such relaxed surroundings / In such a cozy environment
  In such a cozy environment, these homeless children really enjoyed the warmth of family life.
  5. 和,连同
  together with
  Poverty, together with lack of knowledge, made a terrible dream of the life in past. But today, prosperity, along with the progress of science, brings people the hope for new life.
  6. 指望••••••
  in the expectation that…
  许多学生从大学毕业时, 就指望不久能找到称心的工作;但常常是事与愿违。
  Many students graduate from college in the expectation that they can soon land jobs after their own hearts; but in most cases things go contrary to their wishes.
  7. 在表面上来源:www.hxen.com
  on the surface
  She seems rather shy on the surface, but that is not the case when you get to know her.
  8. 乍一看,最初看到时
  at first glance
  At first glance, you may believe he goes mad. But if you stand there watching him for a while, a feeling of awe will arise from the bottom of your heart.
  9. 万一,如果••••••发生
  in the event of
  In the event of the boss putting them to trouble or even punishing them, some people never express different views on the firm’s business.
  10. 轮换,依次
  in turn
  The essence of China’s tax policy lies in the fact that the taxes are taken from the people and in turn used for the good of the people.
  11. 从古至今
  throughout history
  Throughout history, being filial and respectful to the elders has been a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.
  12. 表面上
  on the exterior
  On the exterior, this building is grand and magnificent, reflecting the typical styles of European architecture arts.
  13. 本质上,内在地
  on the interior
  On the exterior, she is timid and weak-willed; but on the interior, she has a rather strong mind and never yields to any difficulties.
  14. 在路上
  on one’s trail
  So long as you go ahead steadily and proceed step by step on your trail to the pyramid of success, you are bound to reach its peak.
  under his sole authority / control
  This region is placed under the sole control of the Peace Troops of UN.
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