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[00:00.00]恒星英语学习网(hxen.com)macro--manipulate A majestic opportunity
[00:05.69]No one manipulated Scott in any way,
[00:12.64]he just wanted to step out of the mainstream and do something courageous.
[00:18.31]He knew the majority of people in the mall thought he was a fool,
[00:24.16]obviously struck by some mania for recognition.
[00:29.13]Ever since
[00:32.97]the opportunity for a volunteer to do the stunt had manifested itself,however,
[00:39.42]Scott knew that he would do it.
[00:43.05]He maneuvered through the crowd anyway to make his way forward
[00:49.29]to the makeshift tower.
[00:52.64]When he got there a group of mainstream lawyers mandated
[00:59.72]that he fill out several forms required by managerial staff.
[01:05.46]This was mandatory for them as it was all that protected them
[01:11.50]if Scott got hurt and came at them with malice later with a lawsuit.
[01:17.56]When he had finished signing Scott greeted the maintenance staff standing nearby.
[01:23.62]They had built the thing and he hoped they had done it well.
[01:28.16]Then he started climbing.
[01:31.82]"When he got to the top Scott looked around
[01:37.38]and yelled that the view was magnificent!
[01:41.46]It was great seeing the mall from a macro view.
[01:45.90]The crowd laughed nervously.
[01:50.47]Then Scott jumped. He floated through the air,
[01:56.72]fell through three burning hoops
[02:00.56]and landed on a large cushion in the middle of the mall!
[02:05.28]As he stood up,okay, the crowd thought he looked majestic and roared in approval.
[02:13.75]They could not maintain silence any longer;Scott was a hero.
[02:19.62]The next part of the performance,a magic show,
[02:26.18]continued as he walked back into the crowd
[02:30.83]Scott immediately noticed
[02:35.87]the manifestation of a number of pretty girls at his side.
[02:41.02]They had noticed the magnitude of Scott's bravery
[02:45.59]and were fighting for his attention.
[02:49.67]That had really been his goal all along.
[02:54.81]manor--mattress The massacre's manuscript
[03:03.28]"This room was the site of the massacre. "
[03:07.95]"The guide said as he entered the largest room in the mansion.
[03:13.20]"If you will all look over there on the mantle,
[03:18.45]you will be able to see the manuscript about the event.
[03:23.02]It was just found last year in a mattress.
[03:27.15]Now some people believe that the tale was manufactured,
[03:32.30]but several key events have been confirmed in other places;
[03:37.44]various neighboring manors mentioned still exist,
[03:42.69]maritime records confirm the storm and city records confirm
[03:48.75]the all-city masquerade ball that followed a marathon.
[03:54.03]So we believe that it is authentic."
[03:57.87]"I read in a travel manual"
[04:02.02]that the author of the manuscript was the maternal
[04:06.70]uncle of the Captain's first mate."
[04:10.96]Said a massive woman standing next to a beautiful marble statue.
[04:16.71]"He was only one of a few survivors."
[04:20.86]"Yes,there were some notes written in the margins"
[04:25.61]that led researchers to believe that.
[04:29.56]But the level of mastery of English
[04:34.29]leads others to believe that someone else wrote this masterpiece.
[04:39.85]They think that the notes about the first mate were written by someone else."
[04:45.49]"What is this area marked over here?"
[04:49.44]Asked a young woman
[04:52.39]who was actually related to the heirs of the mansion through matrimony.
[04:57.95]"That is an investigators research matrix."
[05:02.42]He thinks that there are bloodstains there and he is meticulously taking samples.
[05:08.95]Now,if you will all follow me
[05:12.89]I will show you to the basement where the remains of 56 people have been found."
[05:19.37]mature--memorandum A new medium
[05:28.80]When Barry ceased to be melancholy people began to wonder.
[05:37.35]Then he started whistling a melody that sounded medieval.
[05:42.67]He had always seemed mediocre to women in the office,but something had changed;
[05:49.44]Barry seemed more mature.
[05:52.78]Several secret memorandums even passed between a few,
[05:57.83]challenging someone to pursue Barry.
[06:01.95]Cathy was the first one brave enough to venture into the maze of his laboratory.
[06:07.91]She had decided to use any means possible to get a date with Barry,
[06:13.79]even if it meant walking into the lab that stunk so much
[06:19.85]from all the materials that were being melted there.
[06:24.29]What he was melting she didn't know,
[06:29.15]but she heard his melodious whistle and walked around a wall to find him.
[06:35.62]Suddenly she found herself standing in a beautiful meadow.
[06:41.27]A medium-sized dog bounced up to her and knocked her down.
[06:46.94]"Oh, sorry.I' m sure he didn't mean to do that."
[06:52.08]"Barry said when he saw her with a smile.
[06:56.05]"I was wondering when someone would discover my new secret."
[07:00.78]"Where are we?" Cathy asked.
[07:04.54]"Welcome to
[07:07.10]the first mechanism that uses media to alter the mechanics of perception.
[07:13.55]You are actually still in my office,
[07:17.39]but when you walked through a new medium I developed in my lab
[07:22.44]you were quickly measured and added to this alternate reality.
[07:28.31]I added the dog for maximum effect.
[07:32.26]Did it feel like you really fell down?
[07:36.12]"Yes, you mean I didn't?"
[07:39.65]"Nope,you are actually still standing in one place."
[07:44.69]The insides of this new world are enormous but your body never moves. "
[07:50.65]menace--microcosm A mercenary microbe
[08:01.41]A quiet meteorologist first noticed the microbe menace.
[08:07.26]He was doing research on a new bizarre weather pattern hitting the metropolis
[08:13.53]when he noticed something strange about the used to measure temperature.
[08:20.38]It was changing colors.
[08:24.32]He called his mentor in and began a messy experiment
[08:30.77]that eventually showed a micro mercenary bacterium.
[08:36.34]They quickly set up a microcosm of the surrounding environment
[08:42.00]to see the effect of the microbe on animals and plants.It was devastating.
[08:50.26]They immediately sent a message to the local officials.
[08:55.12]The officials brought in scientists to conduct more meticulous tests.
[09:00.79]They examined the metabolism of the microbe,
[09:05.04]searched for some methodology to destroy it
[09:09.41]and applied all of their mental capacities to finding a cure.
[09:14.66]They found nothing other than incredibly fast metabolic defense mechanisms.
[09:21.42]One city official asked what this microbe could do to the metropolitan area.
[09:28.69]The most renowned scientist answered in a metaphorical fashion
[09:34.64]that it could merit the end of the world.
[09:38.77]Not wanting to upset the mentality of the public,however,
[09:44.10]the officials and experts decided to call for
[09:48.85]a merger of all research fields to conduct more tests.
[09:54.31]"That won't be necessary." The meteorologist said.
[09:58.67]"Look at this chart."
[10:01.55]The microbe came with this weather pattern that I had never seen before.
[10:07.11]That pattern is almost over.
[10:10.87]I would bet my life that this microbe disappears when it is gone."
[10:16.05]He was right.
[10:19.21]And the microbe and weather pattern were never seen again,at least not so far.
[10:25.97]middling--mission A milestone for missiles
[10:31.33]The mission was doomed from the start.
[10:36.29]But the,millannium was approaching
[10:40.55]and the majority of scientists
[10:44.41]said that a milestone had been passed in the development of middling  missiles;
[10:50.66]tests should begin immediately.
[10:54.73]After a former minefield had been cleared
[10:58.78]and made to resemble a miniature city,
[11:02.65]all participants gathered at the test site.
[11:07.09]It was a mild day with only a minimal threat for rain,
[11:12.05]but it was perfect for testing.
[11:16.13]After a flock of migrating birds had flown by,
[11:21.69]the controller said "T minus 10 counting, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, ignition!"
[11:36.55]The missile took off.
[11:39.40]As it soared through the air everyone held his or her breath.
[11:44.68]It landed and a huge explosion shook the earth.
[11:49.96]After several minutes had passed the experts stepped out to see what had happened.
[11:56.30]It was a miracle!
[11:59.18]The bomb had hit only the building that had been targeted
[12:04.22]and there was no debris anywhere! It had been vaporized!
[12:09.89]But they had misjudged the situation.
[12:14.54]Suddenly all of the surrounding structures that mimicked a city
[12:20.49]collapsed into basic minerals.
[12:24.15]Luckily there were no mishaps and everyone was safe.
[12:29.71]But the scientists moaned in misery; it had failed!
[12:34.47]The minority,who had always held that it wouldn't work,
[12:40.84]were arrested and taken away. Several days later they were released
[12:47.29]"You misapprehended us!Why?" They asked.
[12:51.97]"We had to make sure that no miscellaneous information would get out to the press."
[12:58.53]The majority replied.
[13:01.69]"This was only a minor failure."
[13:05.45]We'll try again next year
[13:09.21]and we didn't want your complaints to jeopardize our funding!
[13:14.28]If you say anything in the future
[13:17.94]we will miniaturize your stature and end your careers!

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