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[00:00.00]Unit 21 Postal Service
[00:11.69]第二十一单元 邮局
[00:23.38]Sentence Patterns
[00:31.01]201 What time does the post office open?
[01:00.19]202 Excuse me Could you please find
[01:02.11]对不起 你能帮忙查一下
[01:04.03]the zip codes for all these letters?
[01:23.54]203 Where should I buy envelopes and writing paper?
[01:50.39]204 How much is an airmail letter to the United States?
[02:42.95]205 I want a sixty-cent stamp
[03:17.90]206 I'd like to send the letter Special Delivery
[03:59.26]207 I'm afraid the letter is overweight
[04:33.11]208 Please keep the postal receipt You might need it later
[05:16.76]209 Could you tell me how long this letter will take to get to Shanghai?
[05:45.26]210 I'd like to have this money order cashed
[06:20.94]Situational Dialogue
[06:29.59]1 A:How much is the postage for this postcard to China?
[06:38.05]B:How would you like to send it?
[06:40.51]A:By airmail
[06:44.48]B:Sixty cents please
[06:48.32]A:Here you are
[06:51.19]B:Please write down the zip code in the mailing address
[06:56.94]A:Oh one more thing I want to send the card by registered mail too
[07:02.82]B:OK please give me twenty cents
[07:09.30]A:Here it is and thank you very much
[07:11.18]给你 非常谢谢你。
[07:13.06]B:You're welcome
[07:15.30]2 A:Could you tell me how much to send this parcel to Japan
[07:24.55]Let me check Do you need anything else?
[07:26.77]请让我查一下 你还要其它什么吗
[07:28.99]Yes two one-dollar stamps please
[07:31.23]对 请给我两张一美元的邮票
[07:33.46]OK That'll be twenty-four dollars in all
[07:36.99]好的 总共是二十四美元
[07:40.51]Here you are
[07:43.62]Can I help you?
[07:47.75]B:Yes I need two stamps and three envelopes
[07:51.72]A:OK four dollars please
[07:54.06]好的 四块钱。
[07:56.40]B:Here you are
[07:59.22]4 A:Is fax service available here?
[08:05.98]B:Yes you can fax at the next window
[08:08.61]是的 你可以在下一个窗口发传真
[08:11.23]A:Thank you very much
[08:13.87]B:Don't mention it
[08:17.40]5 A:Good morning Can I help you?
[08:20.49]早上好 我能帮你做点儿什么吗?
[08:23.59]B:Yes I want to send this letter to America
[08:25.16]是的 我想把这封信寄到美国去
[08:26.72]What kind of letter do you want to send?
[08:31.76]I want to have it registered mail please
[08:36.81]A:All right Anything else?
[08:37.98]好的 还需要其它的吗?
[08:39.16]B:No thanks
[08:40.39]不 谢谢。
[08:41.61]A:Three dollars and a half please
[08:45.87]B:Here's a five dollar bill
[08:48.90]Here is your change
[08:51.33]B:Thank you
[08:53.26]6 A:I want to send a telegram to New York
[09:00.92]B:Here is the telegram form Please write your message on it
[09:06.98]A:Here it is
[09:09.04]B:Four and a half dollars in all please
[09:13.59]A Thank you very much
[09:16.64]substitution Drills
[09:24.11]1 I want to send these books to Chicago by express(mail)
[09:31.85]I want to send these books to Chicago by special delivery
[09:37.91]I want to send these books to Chicago by surface mail
[10:14.16]2 Is fax service available here?
[10:18.24]Is telex service service available here?
[10:22.05]Is parcel post service available here?
[10:26.81]Is telegraphic transfer service available here?
[10:54.08]3 How much is the postage for this registered letter to France?
[11:10.01]How much is the postage for this postcard to France?
[11:16.47]How much is the postage for this printed matter to France?
[11:23.57]How much is the postage for this parcel to France?
[12:13.62]4 I need some stamps
[12:19.89]5 What kind of stamps do you want?
[12:24.75]6 I'd like to send…to…
[12:29.09]7 Would you give me
[12:37.73]8 How much is…to
[12:47.29]9 I want to mail…by
[12:53.67]10 How long does it take for+(n)to+
[15:15.51]over weight
[16:32.19]New York

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