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[00:00.00]84   Talking About Eating
[00:07.50]Have you made a reservation?
[00:14.05]A:Have you made a reservation,sir?
[00:18.70]B:Yes,I reserved a table for six people.
[00:23.56]A:Your name,please?
[00:26.83]B:Michael donsin.
[00:29.99]I see.We had a table reserved for you.This way,please.
[00:36.65]Which restaurant do you prefer?
[00:42.89]A:Which restaurant do you prefer?
[00:47.15]B:I'd like to taste Mexican food.
[00:51.41]A:How about the one on Baker Street?
[00:55.56]B:Oh,I've never seen a better Mexican restaurant.
[01:00.84]I like authentic Chinese food.
[01:08.70]A:Say,how about having Chinese food for a change?
[01:14.58]B:Great idea!I like authentic Chinese food.
[01:20.22]A:Let's see what we'll take.
[01:24.30]B:Pork steamed with rice flour,jelly fish and egg soup.
[01:30.64]A:That's it!
[01:34.20]What's special for today?
[01:40.96]A:What's special for today?
[01:44.83]B:Sweet and sour prok chops,Madam.
[01:49.27]A:We'll have it for two people.
[01:53.24]B:In a minute,Madam.
[01:57.08]Let's have...for a change.
[02:05.34]Let's have seafood for a change.How about oyster and lobster?
[02:12.28]B:I couldn't agree more!
[02:16.15]A:Anything else you want to add?
[02:20.09]B:Oh,yeah,two beers.
[02:24.67]I think I'll take...
[02:29.52]A:May I have your order,gentlemen?
[02:33.89]B:I think I'll take braised chicken.
[02:38.43]C:I'd prefer prawn salad.
[02:43.47]D:And sea cucumber,a typical Cantonese dish.
[02:50.24]A:Right away,gentlemen.
[02:54.21]I'm very fond of...
[03:00.45]A:What kind of Chinese food do you serve?
[03:05.31]B:Authentic Cantonese cuisine.
[03:09.86]A:I'm very fond of white stewed fish.
[03:14.51]C:So am I.Two white stewed fish,please.
[03:20.18]B:They will soon be ready.
[03:24.12]Would you like it rare,medium or well-done?
[03:34.39]A:I'd like to have steak and a beer.
[03:39.06]B:Would you like it rare,medium or well-done?
[03:47.66]I'm used to having...
[03:52.93]A:May I serve your dishes now?
[03:57.09]B:No,I'm used to having tea first.
[04:01.63]A:With sugar?
[04:04.79]B:No sugar,please.
[04:08.27]How delicious!Tender and crisp!
[04:16.13]A:How delicious!Tender and crisp!
[04:21.49]B:This is the specialty of our restaurant,sir.
[04:26.53]A:Yes,it's really savory.
[04:30.39]B:Thank you for appreciating it.
[04:35.04]It's nice,indeed.
[04:40.71]A:It's nice,indeed.
[04:44.16]B:Yes,I've never tasted anything better.
[04:49.12]C:Thank you,gentlemen.
[04:52.78]It's appetizing and tasty.
[05:00.33]A:This fish tastes as good as it looks.
[05:05.40]B:It's appetizing and tasty.
[05:09.76]C:Happy to see you enjoy it.
[05:15.40]I've never tasted better.
[05:21.18]A:This is the best dinner I've ever had.
[05:25.93]B:How about the soup?
[05:29.27]A:I've never tasted anything better.
[05:33.71]B:How nice of you to say so.
[05:37.55]I smells good.
[05:43.12]A:Let's try this shrimps with egg white.
[05:47.87]B:Mm,it smells good.
[05:52.31]A:Could you pass me a loaf of bread?
[05:56.47]I'd like to have the shrimp with it.
[06:00.62]The dinner is really rich.
[06:07.78]A:The dinner is really rich.
[06:11.62]B:Which dish do you like most?
[06:15.69]A:I like the soy sauce chicken.
[06:19.64]Actually,it's the dish recommended by this restaurant specially.
[06:25.88] Anything is all right with me.
[06:32.23]A:Which do you prefer,sour peppery soup or four-jewel soup?
[06:39.10]B:Anything's all right with me.I'm not particular about soups.
[06:45.34]A:Then we'll have four-jewel soup.
[06:50.20]I'm afraid I don't like...
[06:56.97]A:I'm afraid I don't like bread with potato ketchup.
[07:02.64]B:Then let's try strawberry ketchup.
[07:07.18]A:It sounds better.
[07:11.15]...is badly cooked.
[07:16.72]A:I'm sorry to say the lobster is badly cooked.
[07:22.36]B:Sorry to hear that,would you like to have it changed?
[07:27.71]A:Oh,no.I can do with it.
[07:32.28]B:Thank you for your kindness.
[07:34.31]B: 太谢谢您了。
[07:36.33]The service is too slow.
[07:42.26]A:Can you tell me what's wrong,sir?
[07:46.83]B:The service is too slow and the dishes are served cold.
[07:52.79]I see.I'll report to the manager and now I'll get them warmed for you.
[07:59.95] There's too much salt in...
[08:05.80]A:The dish is too hot.
[08:10.06]And I also think there's too much also think there's too much salt in the meat.
[08:14.81]C:I'll change it for you.Sorry to keep you waiting.

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