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[00:00.00]Even we have passed Microsoft and become number one,
[00:02.70]we won't be happy unless we are doing our best,
[00:05.83]unless we're innovating at a rate that we'really proud of.
[00:11.63]That must a creating technology,delivering value to customers,
[00:15.41]to live in high quality services to customers is the best we can do.
[00:19.87]We all create a little tests for ourselves,this yaknow to discover our own limits,the limits to our ability.
[00:28.04]And what a little of limits of work on?
[00:29.84]I mean can we become number one.
[00:31.28]Okay,we'll never win Microsoft,can we be larger than IBM,yaknow,I don't know.
[00:38.41]But we are gonna try.We're curious,and the whole journey is exciting.
[00:44.06]If one day you've achieved your goal,
[00:46.22]beaten Microsoft and surpassed IBM,and become number one.
[00:49.43]What your motivation then?
[00:51.59]Oh,there's great thing about life as you never run out of challenges,
[00:56.63]and I want to be in Oracle for my entire life and I think.
[01:00.55]I owned a cancer research company that's partially in United States and partially in Israel,
[01:07.46]and I am chairman of that company,I am planning a second career.
[01:12.11]I got two jobs right now.
[01:13.62]I am working,I got a day job in Oracle,and I am getting an extra kind of job,a quack biotechnology,
[01:19.96]and I intend to go to around that market biology and cancer research company myself.
[01:25.93]So some points you gonna change careers,that get happens,
[01:29.96]yaknow even you are at my advanced age you can change careers and going into biotech.
[01:35.83]While we are communicating with our audience,some questions also have been collected by via Eastnet.
[01:43.03]Now the questions are ready.It seems that most people have much interest in the relationship between you and Bill Gates.
[01:48.90]One question goes to you as "Bill Gates enjoys general popularity in China,
[01:53.00]which not only depends on his legendary history of carving out business,
[01:55.81]his world richest position,but also his charitable deeds."
[01:59.52]How do you measure his behavior on philanthropy?
[02:03.30]If in terms of charity or philanthropy and how to measure,charity and how to measure philanthropy,
[02:11.18]I'd rather speak of this topic.
[02:13.85]All too often,every time someone writes a check for charity,
[02:18.60]they also issue a press release to take credit for the fact they wrote a check.
[02:23.28]How big is the gift,and in fact the size of the gift is not.
[02:28.68]What's important,what's important is what did they accomplish,what were the result.
[02:34.19]If you spend one billion dollars trying to cure cancers but failed,and helped nobody.
[02:41.60]All you've done is wasted one billion dollars.
[02:45.49]If you spend one million dollars trying to cure a cancer,
[02:49.20]and you did cure a cancer,you have accomplished a great deal more.
[02:54.31]And now who is the bigger philanthropist?
[02:56.47]The person has spent one billion and accomplished nothing,
[02:59.86]or the person has spent one million and cured a cancer?
[03:03.02]I've got a medical foundation we are not going a lot of detail,
[03:06.16]twenty fifteen million dollars into the medical foundation,and we do a number of things such as sexual diseases,cancer research,etc.
[03:13.10]But I don't spend a lot of time issuing press releases,saying,talking about how much I have contributed.
[03:20.77]I am much more interested in issuing press releases in saying how.
[03:24.08]What diseases we've cured,what problems we've solved,not how much money we've spent.
[03:31.10]We all know that in the process to achieve number one,
[03:34.70]Microsoft did buy and annex many companies of others,and destroy many companies.
[03:39.35]It's obvious that it's very hard to be number one in a certain industry.
[03:42.26]One of the netizen wants to ask you that you don't agree on the deeds of monopolizing,
[03:47.59]destroying others' companies adopted by Microsoft.
[03:49.64]Now does your company set out to destroy others' companies to be number one?
[03:54.68]We do not set out to destroy a company.
[03:57.13]We don't say,I am really gonna..and the focus is really destroy this company.
[04:01.02]However,if we've built a product that is much better than another company's product,
[04:05.77]and that company cease to be competitive,that company can disappear.
[04:10.88]So also in our history we've been competing with companies like Sybase and Informix and a company called Ingrace which was disappeared.
[04:15.10]因此,在我们公司的历史中,我们曾经跟Sybase公司和Informix 公司竞争过,结果他们都消失了。
[04:19.31]The companies that we've beat in the marketplace sometimes ceases to exist.
[04:25.36]And that's the natural process of competition.
[04:29.32]I think that's one as long as you don't break the law,doing it.
[04:32.77]If you do break...set out to just lower your prices which was Microsoft did destroying Netscape,
[04:41.99]then you breaking the law,then you've done things that you are not allowed to do,and you need to be punished.
[04:48.94]You think that any measures of competition could be adopted as long as they are legal,don't you?
[04:55.85]I also think you should be ethical in your competition.
[05:00.02]Again you shouldn't...I mean try to deceive anybody.
[05:05.64]So we are really focus on the way we can compete and the way is not to say:boy,we want to destroy this company,
[05:12.55]let's build the best possible product we can build,
[05:15.97]let's go to the best possible service we can deliver,and the market will take care of itself.
[05:23.96]Oh,I think we had absolutely.
[05:26.59]It's a little bit..I am not very good at T-shirt design.
[05:37.18]I try started my shark looking of like an arrow.
[05:40.38]So we had to get some who's better artist than I was.
[05:43.98]But what our engineers really do to beat Informix is not well T-shirts.
[05:48.73]What our engineers do that is to build better products,delivering better service and the T-shirts were just fun.
[05:54.82]I try to make sure that no one was on a position to bit my oxygen.
[05:59.42]Yaknow I try to be the shark.
[06:04.18]Well,I can't imagine anyone.I'd rather give up the number one's slot to the gentleman that's right in front of them.
[06:09.86]I think you're matching the shark.
[06:11.84]I believe,life,you have to constantly move forward in life.
[06:15.91]So I think we constantly setting goals,and achieving those goals and we reset these goals and keep moving forward.
[06:24.44]And that's all,yaknow work was the number two in the world and the only goal we can set is to be the number one,that's the only thing that's left.
[06:32.58]We are out of goals.
[06:34.20]But I agree that what's really important is to make progress everyday,to improve ourselves everyday,to test ourselves and see if we are capable everyday.
[06:46.01]And it really is a guide to a happy life and a happy and fulfilling life.
[06:51.88]It's a little that way.
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