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[00:00.00]When king Meets prince
[00:02.84]LARRY KING .HOST:Tonight,he's rocked, he's shocked,
[00:06.01]he's been telling us to party like it's 1999 for 17 years, the artist formerly known as Prince is our guest,
[00:14.47]a music world original, next on LARRY KING LIVE.
[00:18.90]It's a great pleasure to have with us tonight the artist formerly known as Prince.
[00:24.12]His first album in three years has just been released.
[00:27.54]It's called "Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic."There you see the cover of the CD.
[00:31.14]名为《Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic》。这里我们可以看到这张CD的封套。
[00:34.74]And for the artist, the obvious first question is why three years?
[00:41.11]PRINCE:Well, there're three things I wanted to get out of my system,mainly "The Crystal Ball Project,"
[00:47.66]which was a reissue of a lot of the bootlegs that have been coming out all over the world.
[00:52.60]I am probably one of the most bootlegged artists out there.
[00:56.59]I wanted to clean that up and get the real good mixes out,
[01:00.62]let people hear what they're really supposed to sound like if ever given the chance to complete them.
[01:06.85]KING:So that's the reason for this space of time?
[01:10.56]THE ARTIST:Yes .We did a couple of other projects.
[01:13.62]I was working with Chaka Khan. I did an album with her, and with Larry Graham.
[01:16.75]我和Chaka Khan合作。我和Larry Graham一起做了一张唱片。
[01:19.88]KING: She's terrific.
[01:21.68]THE ARTIST: Yes , she is.
[01:23.88]KING: What can an artist do about bootlegging?
[01:27.08]THE ARTIST: What the best thing you can do is go back and get those mixes again and fix them up the way you always saw them completed ,
[01:36.12]adn then ,you know ,reissue them.
[01:38.78]KING:Does the listener know if they buy one of these in Germany that this isn't what you intended?
[01:44.44]THE ARTIS: A lot of my so-called fans do, and they actually thrive off the fact that it's stolen property, you know.
[01:51.96]KING:You are--you would admit to being an unusual personality?
[01:57.90]THE ARTIST: It depends.
[01:59.84]KING:Well, let's say you're different.
[02:02.40]THE ARTIST: As compared to what?
[02:04.74]KING: As compared to most people in , let's say,show business, you're an unusual person.
[02:10.25]Most people don't get famous with one name and then change it,right,would you say?
[02:15.68]What's the story on that ,by the way?
[02:18.85]THE ARTIST: Well, I had to search deep within my heart and spirit,
[02:22.56]and I wanted to make a change and move to a new plateau in my life.
[02:27.13]And one of the ways in which I did that was to change my name.
[02:31.67]It sort of divorced me from the past and all the hangups that go along with it.
[02:36.71]I was as it's been well chronicled in deep dispute with my record label....
[02:42.94]KING: Which is Warner Bros..right?
[02:45.02]THE ARTIST: Yes.
[02:46.50]KING: Which owns this network, I might add, just to throw...
[02:50.21]THE ARTIST: Oh ,they do?
[02:52.26]KING: Yes.
[02:54.35]THE ARTIST: They --we had some issues that were basically about ownership of the music and how often I was supposed to record and things like that .
[03:04.07]We got along otherwise.
[03:06.34]We just had come to  ahead in those types of ..
[03:10.30]KING: So there was no clash over what you would record or what kind of music you were singing ,et cetera?
[03:16.34]None of that ?
[03:17.46]THE ARTIST: No ,no creative issues whatsoever.
[03:20.59]And they were gracious enough to allow me a very wide palate to , you know ,put colors onto.
[03:27.25]KING: About the highest risk one would think someone who gets famous would take is to drop the name that got them famous.
[03:35.60]THE ARTIST: Well,that was one of the things that I dealt with , is that I really searched deep within to find out the answer
[03:42.95]to whether fame was most important to me or my spiritual well being,and I chose the latter.
[03:49.10]KING: Was it difficult to not be what you had become known as ?
[03:53.57]THE ARTIST: You mean...
[03:55.26]KING: I think --well, let's say--the only other famous person I know who did this was Cassius Clay.
[03:58.77]金:我想……我所知道的另一个也是唯一一个这么做的名人是Cassius Clay.
[04:02.28]He's a dear friend, and he changed his name to Muhammad Ali as heavy weight champion of the world.
[04:08.36]That was incredible to change your name.
[04:10.81]That was due to a faith belief.
[04:13.37]But he wasn't selling records.
[04:15.71]He was in the ring as long as he won ,it sold.
[04:19.49]You ,though ,a person in show business, is almost dependent on recognition.
[04:25.36]You stopped being Prince.
[04:27.98]THE ARTIST: Well, I --that's a good point.
[04:31.15]I pretty much wanted to be dependent upon God.
[04:34.86]And when you get the inner calling to do something and you know that you're being inspired by God,
[04:40.51]you pretty much know you'd better answer that call or suffer the consequences.
[04:45.95]KING: Do you think this was God inspired as well?
[04:49.12]THE ARTIST: I do believe, yes.
[04:51.20]KING: Ok,next question,hmm,..
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