金融英语口语 33.Bank Organization

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[00:00.00]New Words
[00:01.52]overview       n.
[00:02.82]division   n.
[00:04.10]audit    n.
[00:05.36]merger    n.
[00:06.90]takeover     n.
[00:08.54]acquisition    n.
[00:10.37]divestment    n.
[00:12.09]Phrases & Expressions
[00:14.52]Administration Division
[00:16.64]Corporate Finance Division
[00:19.04]Dealing Division
[00:20.79]Leasing Division
[00:22.54]legal services
[00:24.35]currency option
[00:26.15]correspondent banking
[00:28.53]cost centre services
[00:30.93]offshore funds
[00:33.18]T:We are happy to have Mr. David Long here with us today.
[00:37.98]Mr. Long is from a merchant bank in Britain. He will be talking about the organization of his bank.
[00:44.90]L:I feel honoured to be talking with you today. I'd like to begin with your questions.
[00:51.44]S:Where is your bank located?
[00:53.81]L:In London, the capital of Britain.
[00:56.74]S:Could you give us a brief overview of your bank's history?
[01:01.28]L:Yes, of course. We were established as long ago as 1869.
[01:07.87]Now, it is being operated as one of the major merchant banks in the City.
[01:12.62]S:How is your bank organized?
[01:15.13]L:Well, that is really a big question.
[01:18.05]S:Let me put it in this way. How many divisions are there in your bank?
[01:23.57]L:All together, there are six large divisions. They are Administration Division,
[01:29.76]Investment Management Division, Banking Division, Corporate Finance Division,
[01:35.48]Dealing Division and the last one, Leasing Division. Now, let me explain them one by one.
[01:43.50]First, Alministration Division. It looks after all administrative matters, such as planning,
[01:50.32]group financial control, accounting and audit, computer services, legal services and so on.
[01:58.07]S:Is that what we call cost centre services?
[02:01.31]L:Yes, you are right. That's cost centre services. And then, there's the Banking Division.
[02:08.31]This is easy to understand, right?
[02:10.74]S:You mean, as in China, the Banking Division in your bank deals with loans, overdrafs,
[02:17.64]documentary credits and correspondent banking?
[02:21.22]L:Just the same. Now, let's talk about Dealing Division. The activities of Dealing Division include foreign exchange,
[02:30.13]currency options, money market transactions, bonds, floating rate notes, Eurodollar CD,...
[02:37.20]S:Eurodollar CDs?
[02:38.88]L:CD stands for Certificate of Deposit, while Eurodollar means US dollar in a European bank.
[02:47.63]Eurodollar is used for trade within Europe.
[02:50.66]S:Oh, I see. Next, how about your Corporate Finance Division?
[02:56.09]L:They provide advice to most UK and international companies.
[03:00.87]In the past several years, our Corporate Finance Division has expanded quite rapidly.
[03:07.06]S:What kind of advice do they provide?
[03:09.60]L:They cover mergers, capital raising, takeovers, acquisitions and divestments, and of course stock market.
[03:17.67]S:Mum, I follow you now.
[03:19.92]L:There is also an Investment Management Division in our bank.
[03:24.23]It offers services to companies, like investment trusts, unit trusts,
[03:28.90]pension funds and offshore funds. Now, let's come to the last division, Leasing Division.
[03:35.69]Obviously, it organizes leasing packages for lessors and lessees.
[03:40.47]S:So, that's how you organize your merchant bank in London.
[03:44.08]L:Yes, that's what we do.
[03:46.14]T:Time is up. Mr. David Long, thank you very much for coming here to give us such an imformative lecture.
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