金融英语口语 20.A Real Estate

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[00:00.00]New Words
[00:01.75]California    n.
[00:03.34]inspect         v.
[00:04.91]adequate      adj.
[00:06.37]Seattle    n.
[00:07.84]unimproved    adj.
[00:09.40]access     n.
[00:11.02]extend     v.
[00:12.43]originally     adv.
[00:13.82]approval      n.
[00:15.20]counterbid        v.
[00:16.54]regarding    adj.
[00:18.02]proceeds    n.
[00:19.70]finance        v.
[00:21.42]Phrases & Expressions
[00:23.35]check out
[00:25.00]put in
[00:26.23]be on the way to
[00:27.27]在... 的路上
[00:28.32]buy up
[00:29.83]Jenny:We were surprised by your recommendation, George.
[00:33.04]We felt there should have been at least one facility we could buy or lease,
[00:37.36]rather than our having to build a new plant.
[00:40.44]George:Jenny, I inspected every facility in the area, and not one of them was adequate.
[00:46.63]The real estate broker I've been working with agrees that it's highly unlikely we'll find one suited to our needs.
[00:53.71]J:All right, then why don't you bring me up-to-date on this piece of property you wanted me to check out?
[00:59.74]G:O.K. It's 18 acres in the northern part of the state, near Seattle. It's unimproved land,
[01:07.16]but the location is perfect-with excellent access to main roads as well as to a railroad line that extends the full length of one side of the property.
[01:16.88]At $200 000, it's by far our best buy.
[01:21.66]J:$200 000 for unimproved land? That's a little high, Georger. And 18 acres?
[01:28.97]That's almost double what we originally had mind.
[01:32.24]We'll never get the Board's approval on it.
[01:34.64]G:Well, I think it's worth it, even at that price. But I did contact the owner,
[01:40.31]and he may be willing to lower his price to $180 000... maybe less.
[01:46.27]J:Hmm... Let's put in a bid of $150 000. The owner may counterbid and we may be able to settle for something between $160 and $170 000.
[01:52.52]J:嗯... 我们把要价定在15万吧!那块土地的主人也许会还价,这样的话,我们或许能把价格最后定在16至17万之间。
[01:58.78]G:I'll leave everything regarding bids and counterbids up to you.
[02:03.74]But there's another important factor to keep in mind.
[02:07.03]In order to attract new industry, California issues industrial revenue bonds.
[02:13.02]The proceeds from the bonds would be made available to us at a very low interest rate to help finance the construction.
[02:20.80]J:Let's be sure to include that in our report to our president, Peter.
[02:25.21]Who knows, George? If this property is as good as you say,
[02:29.13]we may be on the way to a real estate purchase.
[02:31.82]G:I'm sure of it, Jenny, but we've got to move fast.
[02:35.64]A lot of private investors are buying up land around here.
[02:39.56]In fact, that's how I lost my first choice. An investor must have heard I was interested,
[02:45.67]and before I could even contact you and Peter, he had already signed a deal with the owner.
[02:51.68]J:Well, in that case, let's go and inspect the property - ... all 18 acres of it...
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