美国文化口语秀(文本+MP3) 第358期:最容易被理解错的单词

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It's your call说的不是打电话,而是做决定。Company的意思除了公司,还有陪伴?今天的节目,我们说说日常最容易被理解错误的英语多义词。


Every language has words with many meanings: 各种语言都有多义词
Today, we're going to talk about English words with multiple meanings that seem entirely unrelated to each other: 今天我们要说的这些英语多义词,它们的多个意思相差特别远
These words have a primary meaning that is well known to all and at least one common but lesser known meaning: 这些词最主要的意思大家都知道,但它们另外还至少有一个常用的意思你可能不知道
Words with multiple meanings: 多义词 (比较常见的"多义词"在英语中的表达)
Many native speakers think of it as two different words: 很多英语是母语的人会把多义词看成几个不同的词
But for many English learners, they are the same word because the spelling and the pronunciation are the same: 但对很多学英语的人来说,它们拼法一样,念法也一样,明明就是一个词啊

1. name of a book, article and so forth: 书名、文章标题等
2. description of a position, rank, status: 职称、头衔
3. championship: 冠军
Job title: 工作职位、头衔
Title of a book or article: 书名或文章的题目
In the context of sports, title means championship: 在体育相关的文本中,title指的是总冠军
You can think of championship as something like a job title: 你也可以把总冠军看作一个像工作职位一样的头衔
A person can be the president of a company while a team can be the champion of a competition: 一个人可以是公司的老总;一个球队可以是比赛的冠军(两者都是头衔)
This year, Spain is defending their Euro Cup title: 今年西班牙是欧洲杯的卫冕球队

1. meeting: 会议、大会
2. an association of sports teams that play each other: 体育联合会、赛区,只有NBA和NHL(全美冰球联赛)等一些赛事才分conference
You can also see a conference as a meeting of teams : 你可以把体育赛事中的conference看作是一场球队的集会
Eastern and Western Conference: 东部赛区、西部赛区

1. good, great: 好、棒
2. money one has to pay as punishment: 罚款、罚金 (亦可作动词,表示对...处以罚款)
I always like talking about the word "fine", because so many of my Chinese friends say this word every day: 我觉得fine这个词很有意思,我的很多中国朋友常把它挂嘴边
It's one of the very first English words that people learn: Fine算是大家学英语最早接触的词之一了
One meaning of "fine" is "good": "Fine"的一个意思就是"好、不错"
Right now, in Shanghai, there're so many police on the street, stopping people on their motorcycles and scooters and giving them a fine: 现在上海路上警察不少,专拦那些违反交规的骑摩托车、骑电动车的人,然后开罚款
I got fined today: 我今天被罚款了
Singaporeans often say that Singapore is a very "fine" country: 新加坡人喜欢说自己的国家是一个很"fine"的国家,一语双关,一来说国家好,二来表示这个国家各种罚款很多
Spitting on the street could result in a 2000-Singapore-dollar fine: 随地吐痰可能就要罚2000新币

intent to convey or refer to: 表示…意思 (动词)
unkind: 不友好的、刻薄的、凶凶的 (形容词)
excellent: 出色的,口语中使用,形容技术、技巧高超, (形容词)
The word "mean" really confused the hell out of me: Mean这个词以前我真是怎么都搞不清
What does this word mean?: 这个词什么意思?
Mean Girls: 一部美国电影,讲的是一群很刻薄的高中女欺负其他同学
My mom makes a mean Lasagna: 我妈做的千层面特别好吃
He plays a mean guitar: 他吉他弹得特别棒
When talking about a person's skills, "mean" is a compliment that suggests he or she is high-skilled: 如果mean形容的是一个人的技巧、技能,那这个时候mean其实是说这个人做得特别好、特别棒
Maybe it's a slang. Maybe it's not. But people say it: 不管算不算是俚语,这个用法现在依然流行
Jenny records a mean podcast: Jenny的播客做的特别好
When referring to skills, "mean" is good; when referring to personalities, "mean" is bad: 讲一个人的技术、技能,用mean是褒义的;提到一个人本身或其性格,mean就是个贬义词了

1. clean and tidy: 干净整洁
2. very good, cool: 极好的
For a lot of you who have learned the word "neat", you might know it means "clean and tidy": 学过neat这个词的人都应该知道neat有干净整洁的意思
It's a really nice, simple word to use in everyday spoken English to mean "cool": 在日常英语口语中,用neat代替cool特别好用
That's neat: 好的,不错,真棒
You can also replace "good" with "neat": 想说good的时候也可以用neat来代替

1. (adj.) right: 正确的
2. (verb) put right; make right: 修正、纠正
I think about this word every time I use the bank machine: 我每次用ATM机的时候都会想到这个词
Especially when I need to pay the rent, I need to put in so many numbers: 付房租的时候我要往ATM机里输好长一串数字
landlord's bank account/bank card number: 房东的银行账号/银行卡号
Sometimes I make a mistake: 有时候不小心输错了
I look at the button on the side and it says "correct": 我看到旁边的一个按钮写着"correct"
But this word can have two different meanings: 但这个词有两个意思
That's correct: 没错 (表示信息正确)
If you made a mistake, then you need to correct it: 如果出错了就要将其改正
Have you figured it out?: 你最后搞清楚了吗?
I just use the Chinese. It's much easier: 我就直接看中文,反而比看英语轻松

1. a piece of paper with information written on it: 纸条
2. banknote, paper money: 纸币
to write someone a note: 给某人写纸条、留便条
Some students take notes in class while some pass notes to each other: 上课的时候,有些同学记笔记,有些同学互相传小纸条
banknote: 纸币
coins and notes: 硬币和纸币
In monetary terms, notes refer to paper money: 讲货币的时候,notes指的就是纸币
This machine can only provide five-dollar notes: 本机只提供面值5美元的纸币
*说到纸币,note在英式英语里更常用;而美国人更习惯用bill这个词。也是多义词,除了账单,还有一个意思是纸币。如: five-dollar bills五元纸币"

1. a firm or business: 公司
2. the state of being with someone: 他人的陪伴
I'm very lonely. I could use some company: 我好孤单,要有人陪陪我就好了
Adam, you are great company: Adam, 有你陪伴真好
to keep somebody company: 陪某人
You're the company you keep: 近朱者赤,近墨者黑

1. a social event: 派对
2. a group of people: 一群人,一个团体
As you go into restaurant, the waiter/waitress might ask you "How many people in your party?": 进餐厅的时候服务员会问你"请问几位?"
The bride, bridegroom, groomsmen and bridesmaids are collectively known as the wedding party: 新郎新娘伴郎伴娘一行人统称wedding party
The party after the wedding is actually called the wedding reception: 婚礼后的宴会不叫wedding party,叫做wedding reception

1. a telephone call or to make a telephone call: 电话、打电话
2. decision: 决定
You make the call/Your call: 你拿主意,由你决定
That's a good call/Good call: 好主意!
to make bad calls or wrong calls: 吹黑哨
Where are we going to dinner tonight?: 今晚去哪吃?
It's your call: 你来决定
We don't really say "Bad call" to our friends: 朋友之间不太会把call作贬义用
That was a terrible call: 这个球吹得太烂了 (在看足球、篮球赛的时候经常说)

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