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[00:00.00]Situation 61
[00:04.00]For the time being.
[00:08.07]A:What did you do before you came to this country?
[00:21.63]B:I was an accountant.
[00:28.00]A:What do you do now?
[00:34.77]B:For the time being I'm working at a bank as a janitor.
[00:45.92]A:I'm sure you'll be very successful in the future.
[00:57.08]B:Thank you.I hope so.Once I learn the language.
[01:09.22]A:Why are you riding the bus?
[01:19.20]B:My car's in the garage again.
[01:27.14]A:I thought you were going to buy a new car.
[01:35.90]B:I was ,but I can't afford one right now.
[01:45.93]A:What are you going to do for transportation?
[01:55.30]B:For the time being I'll have to ride the bus.
[02:03.25]A:Has Jack found a job yet?
[02:13.80]B:No.He's still looking.
[02:21.24]A:He's been out of work for a long time.
[02:30.07]B:Yes.He's getting discouraged.
[02:38.72]A:Where's he living now?
[02:46.09]B:For the time being he's staying with his parents.
[02:55.15]Situation 62
[02:59.23]I'm calling about the apartment you advertised.
[03:04.19]A:Hello.I'm calling about the apartment you advertised.
[03:20.36]B:Yes.Can I help you?
[03:28.01]A:I'm interested in a two bedroom apartment.Is it available?
[03:42.07]B:Yes,it is.
[03:48.55]A:What's the rent?
[03:54.61]B:It's $400 a month.
[04:01.55]A:Is this apartment furnished or unfurnished?
[04:13.62]B:It's unfurnished.
[04:19.58]A:How many bedrooms does it have?
[04:27.62]B:Three bedrooms.
[04:33.19]A:Who pays the utilities?
[04:41.05]B:You have to pay.
[04:46.69]A:I'm calling about the room you advertised.Is it still available?
[05:03.75]B:Yes,it is.What would you like to know about it?
[05:14.59]A:Does it have a private entrance?
[05:23.34]B:Yes,it does.You also have kitchen privileges with the room.
[05:37.40]A:Is there a place to park my car?
[05:46.15]B:Yes.Why don't you come by and look at the room?
[05:56.31]Situation 63
[06:00.67]I'd like to have telephone service.
[06:05.64]A:Operator 307.May I help you?
[06:11.97]307 号接线生。我能帮你忙吗?
[06:18.31]B:Yes,I'd like to have telephone service.
[06:28.05]A:Do you presently have service?
[06:35.18]B:No.This is new service.
[06:44.74]A:All right.I'll connect you with our main business office.
[06:55.22]B:Thank you.
[07:00.55]A:Janet Smith.May I help you?
[07:10.08]B:Yes,I'd like to have some information about having a phone installed.
[07:23.56]A:At what address?
[07:29.20]B:3725 W.Lawrence?
[07:39.18]A:Have you had service before?
[07:47.04]B:No,We're new to the city.
[07:55.79]A:We'd like a red,table model,touch phone.
[08:09.14]B:All right.When do you want service installed?
[08:19.41]A:Next Thursday,if possible.
[08:28.66]B:What's your name and address?
[08:35.60]A:4526N.Broadway.The name is Chen,C-H-E-N.
[08:53.97]B:The installer will be there sometime between 8 a.m.and 6 p.m.
[09:09.83]Situation 64
[09:13.59]How do you like America?
[09:17.43]A:How do you like America?
[09:27.09]B:I like it bere very much.
[09:34.04]A:What do you like most?
[09:40.70]B:I like the vastness and the beautiful scenery.
[09:52.74]A:What was one of your first impressions of this country?
[10:03.90]B:The orderly fashion in which the American people conduct themselves.
[10:15.97]A:How do you like Taiwan?
[10:25.03]B:So far,I'm enjoying it.
[10:32.97]A:Is this your first time to visit the island?
[10:43.32]B:Yes,it is.
[10:48.28]A:Have your had the opportunity to travel around here?
[10:58.83]B:Yes.We've been to Mt.Jade and found it absolutely breath-taking.
[11:14.12]A:How long have you been in Taiwan?
[11:22.66]B:Almost two years now.
[11:29.11]A:How do you like Taipei?
[11:36.06]B:I think it's very exciting.There's so much to do and see.
[11:48.52]A:How much longer do you plan to stay?
[11:57.66]B:I think I'll be going back home in the middle of next year.
[12:07.33]Situation 65
[12:12.47]Good bless you!
[12:16.31]A:(a sneeze)Excuse me.
[12:21.96]B:God bless you!
[12:24.83]A:Thank you.
[12:27.47]B:It sounds like you're coming down with a cold.
[12:31.54]A:I'm afraid so.
[12:34.78]B:You'd better take care.There're a lot of colds going around.
[12:39.85]A:(a sneeze)Excuse me.
[12:46.62]B:God bless you!
[12:52.34]B:You've been sneezing a lot lately,are you all right?
[12:57.09]A:Oh,I've got a terrible cold.
[13:00.85]B:I'm sorry to hear that.
[13:04.33]A:(a sneeze) Pardon me.
[13:14.15]A:Thank you.
[13:17.02]B:Are you coming down with something?
[13:20.57]A:No,I have allergies this time of the year.
[13:25.54]B:Well,do take care.
[13:28.99]Situation 66
[13:33.53]How large is your party?
[13:37.50]A:Good evening,sir.May I help you?
[13:42.23]B:Yes.What kind of rooms do your have?
[13:46.28]A:How large is your party?
[13:49.52]B:Three.Two adults and one child.
[13:54.25]A:Let's see.We have a room with two double beds.How many nights?
[14:00.41]B:Only overnight.
[14:03.57]A:May I help you,sir?
[14:14.52]B:I'd like to reserve a table for dinner.
[14:18.67]A:Certainly,sir.How large is your party?
[14:22.93]B:Six couples.
[14:26.09]A:Would you like to reserve a private dining room?
[14:30.24]B:That sounds like a good idea.
[14:34.00]A:I'd like to reserve some seats for the opera.
[14:40.35]B:How many are in your group,sir?
[14:46.54]B:I have ten seats together in the orchestra section.
[14:51.51]A:Good.I'll take those.
[14:55.27]B:Here you are.That'll be $70.00.

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