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A McDonald's franchise in downtown Beijing has been found selling out-of-date food and using dirty beef in its meals. CCTV reporter Wang Yizhi spoke to the head of the China association of quality promotion on the problems found at the fast food chain.
北京商业区的一间麦当劳特许经营店被发现售卖过期食品、食物中使用脏牛肉。央视记者Wang Yizhi与中国质量促进协会的领导人谈论在该快餐连锁店发现的问题。

It's regarded as a favorite spot for children’s birthday parties.

But parents may have to think twice before bringing their kids into a local Mcdonald’s for a meal.

An undercover reporter recorded this video inside McDonald’s restaurant in Sanlitun, downtown Beijing. One employee was caught on tape changing the expiration date on packages, while another switched new packages for duly expired food.

McDonald’s employee said, "We should throw expired food away according to standards, but it’s impossible. No restaurant will do that."

When timers went off to alert expiration dates, workers opened and closed the fridge door to reset the clock, leaving the food inside.

Even worse, food dropped on floor was picked up for reuse.

Every restaurant has a food quality brochure detailing strict food preservation regulations. But one McDonald’s employee disclosed that throwing away food racks up operation costs. He said employee’s incomes and profits are related, so chucking expired food means less money in their pay checks.

The Ronald McDonald company responded through a post on its’ micro-blog just hours after the state media’s annual 315 Evening Show exposed the scandal on Thursday, which marks the ’International Day for Protecting Consumers’ Rights.’

However, Chen Chuanyi, head of an association under the state administration of Quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine, doesn’t agree. His association’s survey of 30 McDonald’s restaurants in major cities like Tianjin and Shijiazhuang show many golden arch restaurants in China have similar problems.
然而,国家质量监督检验检疫总局管辖下的一个协会的领导人Chen Chuanyi并不同意。他所在的协会对天津、石家庄这样的主要城市的30间麦当劳餐厅进行的调查显示,中国许多麦当劳餐厅有类似问题。

7 of the stores don’t have adequate employee health certificates and 5 of them are located near dump sites and public toilets. Both of these violate China’s restaurant regulations.

Chen Chuanyi said, "We also found that their food storage facility is not meeting standards. Moreover, we are concerned that their paper cups and wrappings are not on regular safety checks. There’s no such thing as a minor problem when food safety is concerned."
Chen Chuanyi表示:“我们还发现,他们的食物储藏设配不达标。此外,我们还担心他们的纸杯和包装没有定期接受安全检查。关乎食品安全,没有什么是小事。”

He also said that the state council is drafting a new food safety regulation targeting the catering industry. This will be a first of its kind in China, specifically regulating the hygiene and food safety standards in restaurants.

Chen Chuanyi said, Apart from following regulation, such a multinational company should hold up the same principles in China or elsewhere. I think Mcdonald’s should guard their morality, responsibility and quality. After all, the primary blame for such an incident is the operator of the restaurant.
Chen Chuanyi称,除了遵守法规,在中国或其它任何地方,这样一间跨国公司还应该坚持某些原则。我觉得麦当劳应该捍卫其道德、责任和质量。毕竟,此类事件的首要责任人是餐厅的经营者。

Wang Yizhi, CCTV reporter, said, "When McDonalds opened its first restaurant in China in 1990, it’s not only viewed as a symbol of China’s opening up, but also a luxurious way of dining. But now when it has over 1500 restaurants all across China, a question is being asked. Is safety a luxury now? With a new regulation on the way, the world’s biggest food retailer might face tougher supervision. And it might be wiser for them to set up a good example first."
央视记者Wang Yizhi表示:“当麦当劳1990年在中国开第一间餐厅的时候,它不仅被视为是中国开放的象征,还是一种奢侈的消费方式。但是,现在,当全中国有1500多间麦当劳餐厅的时候,有一个问题会被问到。安全现在是一种奢侈品吗?随着新规的出台,这家全球最大的食品零售商店可能面临更严厉的监督。对他们而言,首先树立一个好榜样可能更加明智。”


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