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Christmas is upon us, but have you celebrated it yet? Though not a public holiday in China, it being marked with a dazzling display of festive lights and activities in Beijing. Let's take a look at the decorations there, and elsewhere.

With glitzy Christmas trees and lights, as well as 'Jingle Bells' blaring over the speakers on streets, the merry spirit of Christmas can be felt everywhere in Beijing. Stores are already crowded as shoppers look for gifts and discounts.
耀眼的圣诞树和彩灯,还有街上扬声器里播放的“Jingle Bells”,北京到处都可以感受到欢乐的圣诞气氛。商店里已经挤满了前来寻找礼物和折扣的顾客。

For the young generation in China, Christmas is more like a holiday, not a holy day.

Miss Sun, a 25-year-old college student, said she was enjoying the Christmas atmosphere, which she believes is growing each year.

Miss Sun said, "I can feel Christmas is just around the corner, and the atmosphere is getting stronger, with trees on the main streets decorated with ornaments and lights, and Christmas trees put up at the entrances to malls, Santa Claus and other decorations. So I think the Christmas atmosphere is pretty strong."

Some of the younger generation have also adopted the age-old Western traditions of putting up Christmas trees at home, complete with a Christmas dinner.

Miss Li, teacher, said, "I think for Christmas I'll celebrate with loved ones, and definitely have a delicious meal. We'll decorate the house a little, with a small Christmas tree, and make some greeting cards for friends."

In India, people have also geared up for Christmas.

In Allahabad city, many march with the aim of sharing love and harmony.

M Darn, marcher, said, "We take part in this candle march to convey the message of peace. In the past, on the birthday of Jesus Christ we took part in this candle march to celebrate it and for the nation at the same time. Jesus did not only come for the Christians but for everybody and for peace. We march and we pray for everybody that they remain happy."
妈妈M Darn称:“我们参加这个蜡烛游行是为了传递和平信息。过去,我们参加这种蜡烛游行来庆祝耶稣基督的诞辰,同时也为了我们国家。耶稣不仅为基督教徒而来,他也为了每个人,为了和平。我们游行,我们祈祷每个人都能保持快乐。”

Children in India also got dressed up as Santa Claus and took part in a fashion show. The tiny toddlers walked the ramp, and later they distributed sweets and gifts.

Deepak said, "Today we have celebrated the Christmas day, we inflated balloons and we also decorated the Christmas tree."

Meanwhile, Mexicans are celebrating the holiday with a traditional pageant.

Locally known as "Pastorelas," it originated during the colonial period when Catholic missionaries tried to evangelise the indigenous communities by performing theatrical representations of the birth of Jesus.

Since its beginning, the show's central theme has been to promote devotion to Christ whilst merging deeply-rooted Mexican traditions in art, music, food and drink.

Tito Dreinhoffer, director & writer, said, "Artisans are producing little objects of popular Mexican art to create a consciousness amongst the public that we have valuable things in our hands."
导演兼作家Tito Dreinhoffer表示:“工匠正在生产受欢迎的墨西哥艺术小物品,为的是在公众中间创造一种我们手上有珍贵的东西的意识。”

Complete with comic situations based on traditional Mexican rooster- and bull-fighting, the pageant is a not-to-be-missed holiday event for families in Mexico.


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