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With Yao Ming's nine years in NBA, watching Houston Rockets matches has become a ritual for many Chinese basketball fans as well as attracting a whole host of other supporters. In what is known as the 'Yao Ming Effect' the NBA also has more and more influence with the Chinese Basketball Association, known as the CBA. Paul Crowe has more on this story.
姚明在NBA打球的九年里,观看火箭队的比赛已经成为许多中国篮球迷的惯例,同时,也吸引了一大群其它的支持者。在被称为“姚明效应”的影响下,NBA对中国篮球协会(CBA)也有着越来越大的影响。Paul Crowe有更多关于这个新闻的报道。

The southern American city of Houston is not one of great renown, yet it is one of the most famous in China because Yao Ming has made his home there with NBA team, the Rockets.

The Toyota Center, which can hold 18,000 fans, is the court basketball watchers in China has become most familiar with having seen it almost daily on television. It's obviously one of the most well known of all 30 NBA homegrounds. What's unique about the inside of the Toyota Centre is that aside from the NBA logo, there's barely an English advertisement visible.

"Chinese enterprises are mostly in a development stage, and they need a good carrier for their message. Yao Ming is not only a good image within the NBA but he provides a good platform for companies to promote themselves."

In October 2002, Houston welcomed Yao Ming with a poster: "Let's be part of something big."

After a slow start, where Yao only averaged 3 points in his first six games, he started playing better and better with extra coaching and fitness work to adapt to his new environment. His improvement and his personality made him a sponsor's dream.

The Yao Ming Effect is also influencing the CBA, which actually has no professional connection with the NBA.

In the 2007/8 season, Guangdong Dongguan introduced Mike Harris. The former Houston Rockets' bench player helped Dongguan into the CBA playoffs that season, and Harris won the CBA Slam Dunk Competition in 2008.

Yao Ming's other Rockets teammate Kirk Snyder worked with Zhejiang Wanma, another CBA team. His average ranks him 2nd this season.

And Benzi Well's joining Shanxi Zhongyu also attracted Chinese fans to watch the former Rockets player play.
Benzi Well加入山西中宇也吸引着中国粉丝前来观看这位前火箭队球员的比赛。

In 2009, Yao Ming invested in his former team, the Shanghai Sharks, the CBA team from his hometown. He also does a lot of work for charity.

I think it's quite good for professional sports especially the CBA clubs development since he has set a good example. And also, I think it benefits the development of other professional sports and leagues in China.

As a giant in the game, Yao will continue to carry influence in the sports industry well beyond his playing days.


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