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[12:40.32]Lesson 42
[12:45.34]modern caveman
[12:48.57]The bones of caveman were discovered in this very cave.
[12:54.43]Boxing can only be discussed in the context of a caveman's sport.
[13:03.73]Cave exploration,or pot-holing,as it has come to be known,is a relatively new sport.
[13:11.77]He recently took an interest in pot-holing.
[13:16.53]If you have any difficulty,go to my friends in the pot-holing club.
[13:25.83]Perhaps it is the desire for solitude
[13:30.29]or the chance of making an unexpected discovery
[13:35.33]that lures people down to the depths of the earth.
[13:40.61]I often have the curious feeling of solitude and multitudel.
[13:47.06]The solitude of the sea made him keenly sensitive to every sight.sound and touch.
[13:58.79]Perter was lured into playing billiards with a fellow soldier.
[14:04.36]The thief lured him to the doorway and his accomplice hit him on the head.
[14:13.47]It is impossible to give a satifactory explanation for a pot-holer's motives.
[14:21.34]Do you happen to know any first-class pot-holers?
[14:26.38]Curiosity alone cannot make a pot-holer.
[14:34.79]Exploring really deep caves is not a task for the sunday afternoon rambler.
[14:41.74]Few people can afford to be ramblers.
[14:46.57]Yoyo loves ramblers,himself being one of the chiefest.
[14:55.79]Such undertakings require the precise planning and foresight of military operations.
[15:03.24]Myrtle is not one to waste time in any undertaking.
[15:09.01]This is a difficult but glorious undertaking.
[15:17.21]Fortunately we had the foresight to bring some canned food.
[15:22.98]Bright is always boasting about his foresight.There he goes again!
[15:35.37]Precautions of this sort are necessary,
[15:39.94]for it is impossible to foretell the exact nature of the difficulties
[15:47.67]which will confront the pot-holer.
[15:51.51]The religious leader foretold the arrival of an age of peace.
[15:57.68]Is life still worth living if everything can be foretold?
[16:06.45]The deepest known cave in the world is the Gouffre Berger near Grenoble.
[16:16.27]This immense chasm has been formed by an underground stream
[16:22.62]which has tunneled a course through a flaw in the rocks.
[16:27.66]A great chasm appeared on the ground after the earthquake.
[16:33.31]The couple failed to bridge the chasm between them.
[16:35.58]这对夫妇未能跨越他们之 间的鸿沟。
[16:40.62]There was a flaw in his argument.
[16:44.77]This type of success was almost without flaw,as he saw it.
[16:53.89]The cave might never have been discovered
[16:58.44]had not the entrance been spotted by the distinguished French potholer,Berger.
[17:05.88]These distinguished individuals came and went,singly as a rule.
[17:15.55]Since its discovery,it has become a sort of pot-holer's Everest(Qomolangma).
[17:21.58]Qomolangma,whose European name is Everest,is the highest point on the earth.
[17:29.23]Qomolangma,(Everest) was first conquered in 1953.
[17:32.51]1953年人类首次登上了珠穆朗玛峰 。
[17:38.95]They had to edge their way along this,
[17:43.52]sometimes wading across the shallow streams,or swimming across deep pools.
[17:50.58]I'm not going to wade in such weather.
[17:54.94]The dusk fell before we waded ashore.
[18:02.33]Suddenly they came to a waterfall
[18:06.77]which dropped into an underground lake at the bottom of the cave.
[18:12.41]Niagara Falls is a huge waterfall that lies on the Niagara River.
[18:21.82]They plunged into the lake,
[18:25.48]and after loading their gear on an inflatable rubber dinghy,
[18:31.04]let the current carry them to the other side.
[18:36.00]The camers kept all their gear in footlockers.
[18:41.78]They loaded their gear into the  van.
[18:49.09]inflatable raft
[18:52.54]inflatable life-jacket
[18:59.64]At the end of the lake,they came to huge piles of rubble
[19:05.60]which had been washed up by the water.
[19:10.28]The little statue was made of rubble.
[19:14.53]The city had been turned into rubble in the raid.
[19:23.13]In this part of the cave,they could hear an insistent booming sound
[19:29.79]which they found was caused by a small waterspout
[19:34.94]shooting down into a pool from the roof of the cave.
[19:40.29]The inssistent flowing of the fountain seemed to be the symbol of the passing of time.
[19:47.55]The baby's insistent cries almost broke his heart.
[19:56.30]The thunder boomed.
[20:03.02]The word"waterspout' often refers to the tornado that occurs over a water surface.
[20:11.06]A colorful waterspout shot from the mouth of the elcetronic dragon
[20:17.31]and the children clapped.
[20:24.62]Squeezing through a cleft in the rocks,
[20:29.09]the pot-holers arrived at an enormoous cavern,the size of a huge concert hall.
[20:36.22]In the cleft of a great oak-tree he saw the piece of white gold that he was seeking.
[20:46.64]We stood i the cavern and shined a flashlinght on its high ceiling.
[20:56.65]After switching on powerful arc lights,
[21:01.61]they saw great stalagmites-some of them over forty feet high-
[21:08.09]rising up like tree-trunks to meet the stalactites suspended from the roof.
[21:15.17]A stalagmite appears like an inverted stalactite,
[21:20.63]rising from the floor of a carvern.
[21:29.01]Not every stalatite has a complementary stalagmite.
[21:38.57]Round about,piles of limestone glistened in all the colors of the rainbow.
[21:45.94]There are four principal types of limestones.
[21:53.93]After a moment she looked up with a slow smile,her eyes glistening with tears.
[22:04.72]In the eerie silence of the cavern,the only sound that could be heard
[22:10.76]was made by water whcih dripped continuously from the high dome above them.
[22:17.89]That old house is an eerie place even in the day.
[22:26.51]The dome on the concert hall is painted golden.

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