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[00:00.00]Lesson 34
[00:06.56]Antique shops exert a peculiar fascination on a great many people.
[00:13.53]He kept his library there,his antiques,
[00:19.17]and his collection of newspaper clippings and reviews.
[00:24.32]The furniture was old and comfortable-leather couches,
[00:30.25]newspaper racks,priceless antique tables.
[00:38.97]His fascination for sociology remains.
[00:47.10]The more expensive kind of antique shop
[00:51.85]where rare objects are beautifully displayed in glass cases to keep them from dust
[00:59.30]is usually a forbidding place.
[01:03.66]A man of rather forbidding countenance
[01:08.34]drew a revolver and thrust the weapon into his face.
[01:13.98]For nearly a decade the team had been building a road
[01:20.04]through the forbidding mountains and jungles.
[01:27.28]But on one has to muster up courage to enter a less pretentious antique shop.
[01:34.35]'What seems to be the matter?'inquired Vic,
[01:39.63]with all the calmness and self-possession he could muster.
[01:45.09]He also can muster courage and resist.
[01:53.61]He is a talented but pretentious writer.
[01:58.33]pretentious literary style does not prevail today.
[02:07.43]There is always hope that in its labyrinth of musty,dark,disordered rooms
[02:14.37]a real rarity will be found amongst the piles of assorted junk that litter the floors.
[02:22.32]The human mind is a labyrinth.
[02:26.76]We need an expert to guide us through the labyrinth
[02:32.01]of rules and regulations on this subject.
[02:39.84]The shelves are loaded with old musty books whose pages have become yellowish.
[02:46.92]When the door was open,a musty smell came from the room.
[02:56.43]That painting is real rarity;the painter seldom painted landscapes.
[03:06.59]Rocks of assorted sizes and shapes are embedded in the bottom of a glacier.
[03:13.36]The bowl contains assorted hard sweets.
[03:21.56]His writing is all junk.
[03:25.51]When are you going to stop bringing home this junk?
[03:32.90]The desks were littered with fruits which the students had been sketching.
[03:39.35]He lit a candle and slowly went into the garden had which was littered with petals.
[03:50.27]A truly dedicated bargain-hunter must have patience,
[03:55.94]and above all,the ability to recognize the worth of something when he sees it.
[04:03.30]She is a dedicated athlet who practices everyday.
[04:09.05]He is currently a dedicated student,but how long will that dedication last?
[04:16.99]bargain hunter
[04:20.15]Who would not like to be a bargain hunter?
[04:24.59]But one has got to have the leisure and the money.
[04:29.95]It is a barain hunter who discovered the priceless violin.
[04:38.33]To do this,he must be at least as knowledgeable as the dealer.
[04:44.40]The dealers hadn't had anything to get excited about in years.
[04:50.74]You will see a dealer sitting at his door who gossips with a neighbor.
[05:01.06]Like a scientist bent making a discovery,
[05:06.05]he must cherish the hope that one day the will be amply rewarded.
[05:12.71]He cherished the idea of rretiring to Switzerland some day.
[05:18.77]Don't cherish the illusion that he will pay your debts.
[05:27.99]Measurements in the laboratory have amply confirmed our prediction.
[05:34.45]He apologized amply for his error.
[05:42.65]He has often described to me how he picked up a masterpiece for a mere $50.
[05:50.80]A good critic is one who narrates the adventures of his mind among masterpieces.
[06:01.20]His inspection was concluded in a mere glance.
[06:06.45]The empire lasted a mere dozen years.
[06:14.47]Frank begged him to do so and the dealer reluctantly prised it open.
[06:21.52]The thief prised the casket in less than a second.
[06:27.58]They prised the box open with a lever.
[06:35.70]Apart from an interesting-looking carved dagger,
[06:41.45]the box was full of crockery,much of it broken.
[06:46.91]He carved his initials on the inside of a ring.
[06:52.08]The statue is carved out of marble.
[06:59.16]Baleno thrust a dagger into the bear's heart.
[07:07.60]Frank gently lifted the crockery out of the box
[07:12.56]and suddenly noticed a miniature painting at the bottom of the packing case.
[07:19.43]An inventor in Tokyo recently came out with a miniature telephone.
[07:25.88]We may well call ant's wars miniature.
[07:34.50]As its composition and line reminded him of an Italian painting he knew well,
[07:41.04]he decided to buy it.
[07:45.01]He is always looking for composition in predecessors.
[07:50.65]Well,the composition is not bad,but the line and color are terrible.


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