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[16:11.49]Lesson 12
[16:17.71]Most of us have formed an unrealistic picture of life on a desret island.
[16:24.87]If you are to live on a desert island for the rest of your life,
[16:31.32]what would you take with you?
[16:35.27]This desert island is a beautiful land of silence and space.
[16:45.85]My uncle lived on an island that was connected to the coast by bridge.
[16:52.30]Two days later,on the island of St.Catherina,we unveiled the new car model.
[17:03.11]The characterization in this novel is highly unrealistic;
[17:09.77]not a single character is convincing.
[17:14.45]Don't you form unrealistic picture of campus life.
[17:23.25]Life on a desert island is wretched.
[17:28.61]I cannot picture myself in a more wretched condition.
[17:34.98]If a wretched man has a vice,it shows itself in the lines of his mouth,
[17:42.71]and droop of his eyelids,the moulding of his hands even.
[17:53.24]You either starve to death or live like Robinson Crusoe,
[17:59.30]waiting for a boat which never comes.
[18:03.66]Is the dinner ready?I am starving.
[18:08.52]The miners had starved with cold and hunger on that island for nearly a week.
[18:19.62]Perhaps there is an element of truth in both these pictures,
[18:25.40]but few of us have had the opportunity to find out.
[18:31.14]The most negative element of the project is its high cost.
[18:37.07]There is a strong element of creativeness in such changes.
[18:46.11]Opportunity has hair in front but is bald behind.
[18:52.88]An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity.
[19:02.83]Two men who recently spent five days on a coral island
[19:09.36]wished they had stayed there longer.
[19:13.72]Most living corals are yellowish,brownish,or olive.
[19:20.28]The box contained some souvenir coral rocks.
[19:26.21]Virgin Islands
[19:29.74]They were taking a badly damaged boat from the Virgin Islands to Miami
[19:36.50]to have it repaired.
[19:46.61]They quickly loaded a small rubber dinghy with food,matches,and cans of beer.
[19:53.46]The captain used the dinghy to go from the ship to the shore.
[19:59.70]Every ship is equipped with at least one dinghy.
[20:08.50]They rowed for a few miles across the Caribbean
[20:13.36]until they arrived at a tiny coral island.
[20:15.95]到了一座小小的珊瑚岛上 。
[20:18.53]spear gun
[20:21.59]As they had brought a spear gun with them they had plenty to eat.
[20:28.36]The sailor put his spear gun away since he returned from sea.
[20:35.02]Spear-gun like pines sentinelled the shores on either side.
[20:46.64]They caught lobster and fish everyday,and,as one of them put it'ate like kings'.
[20:54.71]One gang walked into a fish market and took all the lobsters.
[21:00.88]The nurse scarified the bald man so hard that his head was as red as a lobster.
[21:12.50]When a passing tanker rescued them five days later,
[21:18.07]both men were genuinely sorry that they had to leave.
[21:23.94]Oil tankers sail from the Middle East to Japan and Europe.
[21:30.42]They are also seeking ways to build stronger fuel tanks for the tanker.
[21:40.85]We are genuinely concerned about their whereabouts.
[21:46.20]Can't you let lad go just for this once?He is genuinely remorseful.
[21:53.25]Robinson Crusoe
[21:56.91]You either starve to death or live like Robinson Crusoe,
[22:03.39]waiting for a ship which never comes.
[22:08.43]He dreamed of becoming a second Robinson Crusoe when he was a boy.
[22:15.09]I took a copy of Robinson Crusoe from my friend's shelf and forgot to put it back.

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